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Mel Gibson

Judge Gives Glowing Review

In Battery Case

12/1/2011 3:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1201_mel_g_exIf Mel Gibson got a grade for his probation, he'd score an A+.

Mel was in Judge Stephanie Sautner's court today for a progress report in his battery case -- remember Oksana Grigorieva?

Judge Sautner said she was more than impressed that Mel has completed twice the counseling requiring of him, and he was right on track on his 12-step program.

Mel pled no contest in March to misdemeanor battery.  He's currently on informal probation.


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Mephisto: 12 minutes ago

I'm curious why TMZ paints Mel as a saint who was hung out to dry while Oksana is portrayed as a cold-blooded gold-digger. None of us will ever know exactly what happened in that relationship except for the two of them, so I wonder why TMZ is so gung-ho on making Oksana look like a total villain. Publicist pay-off, no doubt.
Well.. HELLO!! No one painted a picture of Oksana being a cold- blooded gold-digger, but Oksana herself. I am sorry if you don't like seeing the truth before your eyes, but the woman is a low life gold digger. Oh, and about not knowing what went on in their relationship or lack of one. Mel Gibson said himself on those tapes she is a gold digger, and Mel knowing her better than we know her (saw the real woman for what she trully is), and how she acted towards him and his money. Mel should know. Don't ya think?

993 days ago


Mel is the best! A great actor, director, handsome and sexy (even wearing socks in sandals...)

993 days ago


But I am sure and certain that another judge on the custody case will have changed everything, absolutly everything, as horrowitz is a friend of Scott Gordon, and Scott Gordon is also a private friend of the DA!
So they all hold each others tail and kiss arses.

Hahah. Chestnut, that visual is perfect. Your detailing of the court-sanctioned extortion and the self-preservation and business preservation moves Mel had to make considering he has years of dealing with the LA system ahead of him are probably spot on.

993 days ago


Just popping on to give a quick shout out to Realist; Firefly; Azlee; Sam; Maj and Frieda...thanks for the kind words and thoughts! I hope you and everyone else reading here has a wonderful weekend and a delightful holiday season.


993 days ago


Mel went through this Oksana-ordeal with the a h-u-g-e integrity and honor!! Not many celebs would have been able to do the same. No backtalking, no blaming, no selling of "this-is-MY-version" to the tabloids. He endured, kept quiet, tackled it as a gentleman with a large portion of respect and dignity, focused on what he lovest most - his children! - and came out the other end with flying colours.

You deserve to be happy, Mel. Hope you´ll have a wonderful Xmas with the people that love and appreciate you.

Team Mel, Sweden

993 days ago


Hi everybody!
So pleased to read good news about Mel.Still thorough i know nothing new about his future macaabe movie. I already want to see it so much! :-)

993 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Leave it to ChestNuttiest to pull a post from an old thread to start more fighting. Then whent he fighting starts she pleds she is being harassed. Fool.

I don't blame Maj a BIT for not wanting to be addressed by ayou Sweets, aka Sweetheart, Chestnut, Sophie, Ocean, XAL, TrUTH, etc etc too many to keep track of...because there are a LOT of us that remember how hateful Sweets posted to Maj last year when her brother died. Not to mention the harassment she spews constantly and forevermore on anyone that doesn't agree with her.

So now she will trash and post lies about ME for giving my opinion. For instance, she thinks I've been banned like 17 times. (it's in her profile go hunt it up I'm sure she will say I lie about it....) I can only surmise she is going off of the fact that my link to my profile says 'sam-16' lol...sad sad logic. And she also thinks I am the ONLY one that ever posted under the moniker 'sam' *rolling eyes* and has attributed all 'sam' posts to Me. lol....more sad logic.

993 days ago


Thar she blows again, here to ruin the threads.

992 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Shout outs to all.

Kathleen still chuckling at your Night before Christmas poem. :)

yepper to Frieda: same spew, different year. *sigh*

992 days ago


Chestnut wrote: Sam is NOT A HE...I have pictures and a voice to prove she's NOT.

992 days ago


I thought this was interesting so I'll share (it's Gibson related). I have been intrigued by this movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo due to be released. (Not the 2009 version although that one had rave reviews and looks very interesting). I'm talking about the new one due out with Daniel Craig. I was watching the trailer and couldn't help but notice that the female star of the movie has makeup that looks striking similar to Gibson's Satan character in The Passion. Very freaky... gray... eybrowless... androgynous (similar to Ox :-). And now Lady Gaga is sporting that same look! I think they borrowed from Gibson.

Check it out:

Gibson's Satan:

Girl w/Dragon Tattoo:

Lady Gaga:

992 days ago


I thought Maj wrote that to sweets...ugggg. Confused again I think. On that line ..

I had posted something on the old thread that really read back badly. Maj, honest I was trying to say treat you all with some decency. I was tired of seeing a bunch of you ripped constantly.

I failed at that miserably. biggggg sorrryyyyyyyyyyy. (now going to the corner)

992 days ago


Good on you Mel, now ditch the young bimbo's, they are trouble. Proud of all the work you are doing on yourself.

992 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Chestnuttier--you have never showna shred of 'decency' for consideration for ANYONE other than yourself, even for your puppets they only get consideration when they lick your hinny. Sadly, a fool is born every minute, and you found a few.

By the way did NOT finish reading your crap. Will not finish reading your crap, scrolling on....

992 days ago


Chestnut: I left you some responses to your last post to me on the baby carousel thread, re the Gibson Dissolution filing. It's really a minor issue, perhaps not understanding the difference between signing something and filing it with the court. You might want to take a look.

992 days ago
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