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'Beavis & Butt-Head' Rapper

Are You Threatening Me?!?!

12/3/2011 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The rapper whose song was mercilessly ridiculed by Beavis & Butt-Head last month now lives in fear for her life -- telling TMZ, ever since the episode aired ... she's been receiving horrifying racist threats.

Rapper T-Baby tells us, she's been getting more than a hundred text messages a day since her music video for "It's So Cold in the D" debuted on the MTV show -- but it doesn't stop with texts ... Baby says she also gets verbally accosted on the street.

According to the rapper, the shocking racist text threats include -- "Goodnight n*****, I wish all you f**kers would go back to Africa where you belong not here. Sleep by your window so I can get to you easier."

T-Baby says she doesn't want to involve the police because she's "no snitch" -- but that leaves her with few options ... like changing her phone number, or moving.

T-Baby tells us, "I feel in a lost situation because I have no one but my son ... but I refuse to stop. Only way I can show how I am here to stay is keep doing my thing."


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Good thing she didn't expect to become famous after she released that song or else she'd be used to this kinda **** already.

1063 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

why would people threaten her over a music video? Granted racism does not tend to make much sense but there is usually a twisted logic behind it. If anything why threaten someone over making something that many people got the chance to laugh at and make fun of. I guess there is no point asking why racist people do what they do. Especially when there is no point in hating a person for their ethnicity when all you have to do is talk to a person and you could probably find plenty of legitimate reasons to hate them.

1063 days ago

some guy    


1063 days ago


I been to other white countries, and I can say only white Americans act this pathetic,racist, and hypocritical. It's only white Americans who do this, they are the most racist people on this planet, if not covertly. Yes some whites in Germany say "Hey black" but you can tell it's not out of spite, but yet just unfamiliar with not seeing many blacks in Germany. Canadian whites are better than American whites, I can honestly say American whites are damaged, many of them are not well in the head, they carry this prejudice burden with them, they are too vindictive and such. Many American blacks are damage too, many of them make excuses to fail, but many of them had their buttons push by these American whites (not all but a good number of them).. If I can trade Canadian whites with American whites than everything will be gravy

1063 days ago


Change your number and get out of the D. At least do it for your son.

1063 days ago


It's wrong of anyone to threaten her like that. I can only guess that the neandrathals that are saying crap like that just don't have any other way to criticize her; they have to fall back on racist threats. Although, to be honest, that "rap" of hers was the lamest ever; she looked like she was just phoning it in, she looked like she didn't even want to be there, she wasn't even into her own "rap".

1063 days ago


She should really go to the police. Why would she care about "snitching" on some racists? That doesn't make sense. And where is the son's dad? He should be there to protect them.

1063 days ago


I love the video/clip and cant believe negativity would happen because of it. Shows you how low as people we are.

1063 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Wow so she puts some stupid street code above the safety of her and her child? And she'll snitch to TMZ, which is going to bring her more negative attention, and not to the police? Ok.

1063 days ago


Did they give out her phone number on air? I don't blame a rapper (no one has heard of) for trying to milk her single appearance (on a show no one watches) ... but there has to be a better way to go about it.

1063 days ago


Nobody is threatening her, she's exploiting this for all it's worth being on B&B was the best thing that ever happened for her career.

1063 days ago


i do believe she has been "accosted" on the street. but it was probably more like heckling. and i also believe that she has received threats. however, i do not think they are serious about it. she has to realize that in this day and age of TROLLING, losers will do it for sport and "for teh lulz". they probably just wet themselves knowing they were mentioned on tmz. i dont think she really has much to worry about, they are just empty threats

1063 days ago

Ms. Scarlet    

1. Just because someone says something racist to you doesn't make it true. Do you believe you're an n-word or that you should go back to Africa? If not, then ignore the person, or say, "thanks for entertaining me sir/madam, now kindly move along." this is better than telling the person to go **** themselves, because a non-violent response can help to de-escalate the situation. Ignoring them is still the best response.

2. Until rappers, actors and other Black people stop using the n-word, some people will refuse to acknowledge the hurtful history of this word. It's hypocritical for people to get mad at a White person saying it when some Black people use it all the time. Where is Al Sharpton when yet another rap song filled with the n-word is played on the radio or BET? Even if they bleep it out, you still no what they're saying.

3. This lady should get an unlisted number and cooperate with law enforcement for her and her son's sake. If she chooses to face danger because she doesn't want to be a snitch, then good luck to you and don't talk about it to TMZ.

4. Anyone who thinks that Black Americans should go back to Africa need only to put up or shut up. Why not lead by example and go back to where your great-great-great grandparents come from? Or petition your congressman or woman to pass a law that mandates ancestral DNA testing so that all Blacks will be returned to their area of origin. When you're done ethnically cleansed America, have fun fighting against each other, because someone who puts so much energy into hating people will either start to hate themselves even more, or will find reasons to hate the ones they once loved. (take a deep breath because I know this wisdom is TMTH.)

1063 days ago


Sounds like a crock to me.She is irrelevant nobody knows who she is.She is trying to keep her name in the press.Just two weeks ago she was happy her song got ripped and now she is being threatend.Whatever.

1063 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

She won't get the police involved because its all bull.

She's trying to rev up sales for her (c)rap.

1063 days ago
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