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Jackson Family

Between Rock & Hard Place

Over MJ Handprints

12/3/2011 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1202_michael_jackson_hand_print_launch_EXMichael Jackson's family is on the hunt for an incredibly valuable piece of rock -- containing the King of Pop's hand and footprints -- but the guy who currently owns it ain't giving it up without a fight.

MJ left the impressions back in 1984 for a Vegas hotel -- which had commissioned the piece for a "Walk of Fame"-type exhibit in front of the property.

The exhibit never materialized, and the concrete slab ended up gathering dust in the hotel basement -- until it was auctioned off years later ... and a guy named Andy Wilson picked it up for a pretty penny.

Now, the Jackson family has caught wind of the relic -- and they want to reclaim it, insisting the slab is the rightful property of the MJ estate. We're told they're even willing to pay Mr. Wilson $25,000 plus a cut of any merchandising profits they make off the item.

But Andy ain't budging -- telling TMZ, $25,000 just won't do ... and he's willing to wait as long as it takes to get a better deal.


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So, this slab of concrete belonged to a hotel which didnt use the piece and sold it, but the Jackson Family is trying to say it's their property? WTF. Seriously? Delusional much.
Who comes up with this? The actual Jackson Fam or some s***my attorneys? Some things never cease to amaze me *sigh*

1053 days ago

check yourself    

Filthy greedy disgusting J Clan as usual, so nope... NO SURPRISE. Wonder just how much Prince and Paris are actually fully aware and agree with the J Clan "family" lessons of profiteering on their father, eclipsing MJ's PRICELESS lessons of love for them, and teachings BY EXAMPLE of how NOT to BE like them?

Scared to death for PRINCE II.


1053 days ago


I'm not surprised Michael turned out the way he did. Back in the 80's he was amazing, but lets face it, he moved away from home, a long way away. He seldom seen them, and the very home the mother lives in with the children, Michael paid for. This family really are a bunch of leaches. That was so proven when I read the Jermaine Jackson book with so many inconsistencies. I'm not surprised Michael suffered insomnia, having to worry about the property to keep the mother,and brothers kids and ex wives housed in. How many other kids in this world have to take care of their family from the time they are 6... RIP MJ U deserve that.

1052 days ago


Why is the "Jackson Family" being DEMONIZED as GREEDY VULTURES?

Michael Jackson's Estate Executors "John Branca and John McClain"... are the "ONLY ONES" that is really GREEDY and PROFITEERING from Michael Jackson's NAME and DEATH!! ("IMO")

After the MURDER of Michael,they became "Instant Multi- Milionaires"!!

1051 days ago


I am Andrew Wilson, Owner of the Broken Heart Stone, The Jackson's don't insist they are the rightful owners, per se. The attorney for the Jackson's "Captain Ego" feels I am suppossed to "donate it" for Mann's Chinese Theatre event coming up in January. If I had not intercepted it at the last moment, it was headed for the Middle East. I have no problem donating it, but I feel it is only right to share in a percentage of the royalties from the images of the stone. That is all I asked, and they refuse to budge one inch. That's okay, their chapter in my book will be very interesting and informative for the public to know why the "most famous handprints, footprints, and autograph in entertainment history" did not get placed outside the Mann's Chinese Thatre in Hollywood. Michael would have been more reasonable than the estate handelers I believe.

1042 days ago
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