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Michael Jackson's Kids

Hit Up Cirque du Soleil Premiere

12/4/2011 2:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's three kids -- Paris, Prince and Blanket -- along with a few other family members, attended "Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour by Cirque du Soleil" in Las Vegas last night.

The show starts its tour in Vegas before making its across the U.S. in 2012



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Michael raised 3 happy and healthy kids, that's all that matters. Who cares who the biological mother/father is. Ever heard of adopted kids?

Blanket is a cutie!

1061 days ago


Yay! Blanket is smiling!

1061 days ago


The older those kids get, the closer they resemble their BIOLOGICAL father, Arnie Klein. The resemblance is really, really uncanny in the boys, but now the resemblance between Paris and Arnie Klein is stunning.

You MJ zealots need to get the bunch out of your panties. MJ did NOT biologically father those kids. MJ was a dark-skinned African American with a flat, wide nose and kinky hair. All his plastic surgeries, skin bleaching and hair treatments couldn't erase his TRUE DNA. Those kids don't have a drop of African American blood in them. MJ must have paid millions of $$ to the biological mothers, because it's shocking that none of them has come forward to reclaim them. We all know Debbie Rowe took a payoff, but what about "Blanket"? He was never adopted by MJ, and there's no evidence that a custody order ever existed. Who birthed him and sold him like a used car?

1061 days ago


Okay , am starting to see Micheal's face on Blanket ..Nice to see him smiling ..

1061 days ago


I still don't get why people keep being obsessed with genetics, they obviously know nothing about anyway....
When you look at their cousins you can see that they all have pretty light (black) skin tones. It is most obvious when you look at Prince's arm on Jermajesty's shoulder... and Jermajesty has a black father and I believe mixed-race mother.
Further, I thought it was a fact that Michaels grandfather Samuel was white and this is why Joe has green eyes, which are very similar to Paris'.
So doing basic maths here:
According to that, Michael was 3/4 black (or mixed since his mom has native American roots as well) and 1/4 white by genetics. Prince and Paris have a white mom, with blond hair and blue eyes which makes them 57.5% white in their genetics, am I right? So what is the big deal with. them not fully being black? As for Blanket, he is such a mini MJ, that it is not even necessary to discuss who his father is...
Jeez, I just wish some people here had paid more attention in school and gotten an education

1061 days ago


I saw the kids on the X-Factor show and I was really disappointed in them as I am sure Michael would have been to see them act so rude. Their manners were awful and here the show was dedicated to their father. There were close-ups after each performance and sometimes they didn't even clap and other times Prince just sat there with a bored look on his face twirling his mic! The last song performed was wonderful and brought their grandmother to tears yet the kids never stood up and clapped. Shame on all of them! Losing a father doesn't mean you have a free pass to be a brat! The word...spoiled...comes to mind!

1061 days ago


Either Paris will be a very intelligent / borderline genius, or shes going to be a complete pyscho.

Prince looks like Kleins son, straight up, and Blanket definitely has MJ's smile, and lower facial structure.. but who knows.

1061 days ago


Does TMZ you have to write an article every time Michael Jacksons adopted children leave the house?

1061 days ago


Let me offer a word of wisdom: Even if there came a big declaration TOMORROW about the children's DNA - it wouldn't change anything! Don't you see that? Either way, they would still be exactly the same persons they are today, they would look the same, have the same memories, and the same places in the Jackson clan. People seem to believe that if they get to know that the children either have or don't have Michael's DNA, something dramatic will happen. It wouldn't!

So just forget the whole thing! It's private anyway and has nothing to do with us. Stop speculating, because it won't lead anywhere. The kids are here and they are who they are, no matter what. And I know (from personal experience) that the person who brings you up, is your real parent. No one else.

1061 days ago


The one on the far left looks like Jermaine.

1061 days ago


I remember Michael Jackson at Blanket's age. No resemblance at all.

Do the DNA. Let them know the truth. They're still his (adoptive) kids, but don't encourage them to live in the same fairy-tale world as he did.

1061 days ago


FIRST: I agree that the DNA has NOTHING to do with who their father is. We ALL know that Michael did not use his own sperm for PRINCE. Each and Every day, Each and Every photo shoot he resembles Arnold Klein to a Perfect 'T'. Paris, who knows, Blanket, who knows. Debbie Rowe and Arnold Klein were obviously paid generously, especially Rowe for what she has continued to say was a 'Gift' to MJ. Michael raised these kids from the second they were born, he Loved them, stayed up with them, taught and trained them why he was Alive to Respect others, Be Kind, and Never Forget they were Blessed. I recently read Frank Cascio's book, 'My Friend Michael' and Frank had the inside scoop as well as Michael's ear for close to 25 years. He specifically states that Debbie Rowe was never intended to be Anything but a Paid Surrogate, but Michael's plan was changed after she was already 6 Months Pregnant with Prince. The marriage was NEVER Consumated, Rowe LIES when she claims it was. She had an arrangement with Michael, there was definitely a Confidentiality Agreement which is why she has not written a book because she is Banned from doing so. Believe me, we all know money hungry Rowe would have been first in line had she been able too. She was Never meant to be anything but a 'Carrier', or Surrogate. Michael did not love her, he liked her, she was a so called 'Friend', one who worked for Klein and was there when Michael experienced pain from the Pepsi Burn, she assisted in treating MJ and he Trusted her at that time. He grew to Distrust her after filing for the inevitable Divorce, which was pre planned, it was all about timing after kid's birth, and MJ had planned another sibling for his kids with her. When she could no longer bare children, he gave her his consent to file for the Divorce, because the financial agreement had already been agreed upon. Frank says that Blanket was chosen from Pictures/Backgrounds that Michael secured from an Agency/lawyer. He said that the Bio mom of Blanket is Asian, a very pretty woman with whom MJ never met. Frank said that Michael learned his lesson via Debbie Rowe and had NO intentions of marrying in order to grow his family. I really don't care about the Jackson cousings being around or being 'roaches' as a previous comment noted. We All also know it is true, we would neaver see pictures of, or hear their names have it not be for the MJ3. Yes, the other grandchildren of Katherine are benefiting by all of the 'Deals' she is making. Let us remember, when she is gone, the money STOPS. She takes nothing from the estate except for her allowance and the perks that the estate has extended her, via household staff, a new auto, and the 6 Million dollar 'Loan' they recently paid her to take care of a Judgment that was interferring with the Estate giving her the allowance. We all know she is supporting Lazy Ass Joe Jackson, but she can support any of those she wants, it is money she has been legally left for her use anyway she decides. I wonder what will become of the Calabasas home she is renting and wants the estate to purchase when she is gone. Who will take care of the MJ3? I guess it depends on their ages and if they are Legally Emancipated. Another 5 or 6 years Prince and Paris will be, and they can certainly appeal to the courts to take care of their brother. Finally, Yes, I agree that Prince has 2 sides, one is what he wants his father's fans to see, the other is that of a ****y 14 year old teenager who is given anything he wants, which is quite different from how his father was raising him or his siblings. We all are aware that the Prince and Paris are on a whirlwind of loving celebrity, paparazzi, LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!!! So opposite of what their father wanted. We have Katherine, Joe and the siblings to Thank for all of it. Jackie, Jermaine, Tito, Marlon and LaToya have used these kids for their financial benefit. When is the last time prior to MJ's death did we hear of or see any of those named siblings... DUH!!! they have now found an income source and playing it for all it is worth. Finally, Poor little Blanket. Prince is always dressed so 'cool' and we always see Blanket in some baggy Kakis', active wear pants, not the plug in his ear, phone in his hand, necklaces and watches, etc. that we see Prince decked in... Funny, how Blanket looks like the Orphan of the entire bunch, including Jermaine's roaches. Sorry, this Long, but I had alot I wanted to get out!!!!

1061 days ago


Thanks, Phantom. Michael's film "Ghost" again showed us that there was no limit to his many talents. He gave us so many treasures to enjoy.

1061 days ago


Prayers and love for Michael's children and the Jackson family. Much love, prayers and hugs to all.

1061 days ago
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