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Jerry Sandusky

8 Alleged Victims to Testify

... According to Report

12/6/2011 8:49 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jerry Sandusky
All 8 alleged victims mentioned in the explosive Jerry Sandusky grand jury report will testify against the former Penn State defensive coach at a preliminary hearing next week ... this according to ABC News.

Sandusky's lawyer had previously stated that his legal team had contacted the person who was allegedly raped in the Penn State locker room ... and that person insisted nothing ever happened.

But according to ABC, that person -- and all of the rest -- will say they WERE abused when they take the stand.

The prelim is set to begin on Dec. 13. Jerry is currently facing 40 counts of child sex abuse.

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Different Rules Apply    

May he rot in prison for the rest of his life then may he rot in hell. Disgusting example of a human.

1050 days ago


They played an interview with this bozo on an L.A. talk radio station yesterday and it was so weird. He talks like a little boy and giggling, it's very bizarre. (don't know if tmz allow me to tell you what station) It's worth a listen. creeeeepy

1050 days ago


I hate this snoopy-nosed bastard. He looks so damn stupid, but he evil as the devil. Sick of seeing his picture, pure human waste

1050 days ago


I wonder if the Catholic church will hire him ? he seems qualified

1050 days ago


An L.A. radio station host has the best stuff on Sandusky and the KarTrashians.

move your cursor to "listen" BUT DO NOT CLICK LISTEN, just move your cursor there
click "KFI on demand"
scroll down to "Conway on demand"
click "view all" and you'll see the Sandusky interviews but even better.....listen to the KarTrashian stuff. It's priceless!

1050 days ago


Oh Jerry you're gonna be pretty popular in the pokey, and NOT in a good way! Hey boys the human pinata is on it's way for your entertainment!!

1050 days ago


If Jerry Sandusky has one decent cell in his body, if these charges are true, he will admit guilt and save the victims from having to relive their abuse by having to testify. he will also save his innocent wife from living out her days penniless, after he uses all of their money for his defense. Innocent until proven guilty, but it appears the writing is on the wall. This many people don't admit that they have been abused for attention...

1050 days ago


I want to know why this idiot is still free and not in jail? Isn't there someone who could do something about the judges ruling that allowed this, since she clearly was involved in his charity?

1050 days ago


I'd keep him talking because every time he begins with those lame-assed excuses, he is cueing the cavalry to come to his rescue. He's denying in a way that everyone knows is a not a real denial. In exchange, all those who think like he does, that his crimes were not really crimes, are supposed to come to his aid again-- as they have done in the past. That's an indictment of his entire community as enablers of his psychiatric condition, and as co-defendants in the sex abuse.

1050 days ago


That means nothing to me. This sick freak created this "charity" to collect victims. Children. I am sure that this man they found is not the rape victim. It has been over 10 years. I am betting he raped and molested at least a hundred boys. WHo know where that person is. Poor child probably comitted suicide. I dont believe anything him or his lying POS lawyer says. Every adult who knew of this at Penn state and did not go straight to the POLCIE should be tarred and feathered. Reporting it to other members at the school just so they can cover it up doesnt cut it. Taking away that POS shower privileges? Seriously? You think that is gonna stop a pedophile?

1050 days ago


The jury better convict this guy.

1050 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

Harv, et al, when are you guys going to start publishing stories about the rampant child sexual abuse going on in Hollywad? It's all over the internet.

1050 days ago


KUDOS TO ALL THE VICTIMS WHO ARE WILLING TO TESTIFY! You are helping to get a monster off the streets. Bye, bye, Jerry!! You're going to prison for a long time!!!! Turn in your keys to the men's locker room!!!!

1050 days ago


Eight witnesses willing to testify shows how very out of touch he is with reality. He truly doesn't understand the horror he has inflicted on these victims and their families. Why would these men want to relive this in court if they didn't experience some kind of molestation? He still thinks that some part of what he did was okay, or that because he "helped" these boys that it somehow cancels out the abuse. Get a clue Jerry, no one believes your crappy lies, and it's your turn to suffer the consequences of your actions.

1050 days ago


Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. You can DENY, DENY, DENY all you want. The proof is that you raped numerous little boys and you are no longer able to delude the public, and yourself.

Look at the bright side, Jerry-you will spend the rest of your life in prison. There are lots of men looking for gay sex there, and even if you don't find a boyfriend, the gangs in prison who HATE child rapists will single you out. I know you'll be getting raped on a weekly basis, if not dying due to a gang rape.

You were the judge, jury and executioner for so many little boys---you ruined their lives you piece of sh*t. I cannot wait until I know you are safely behind bars, and getting your ass kicked, and being raped daily by the other inmates. You are just about to get what you deserve. That's my Christmas present Jerry! :O)

1050 days ago
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