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Greyhound Bus Lines

Alec Baldwin's a Mean Bully!

12/7/2011 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Greyhound Bus Lines has no idea how they got caught in the crossfire between Alec Baldwin and American Airlines -- but they're not taking it sitting down ... telling TMZ, Alec is woefully ignorant when it comes to bus travel.

In case you haven't been keeping up -- Alec just wrote a diatribe online, blasting American Airlines for kicking him off one of their planes ... calling the whole ordeal a "Greyhound bus experience."

But a rep for the bus company tells us, the actor has no idea what he's talking about -- claiming, "I don’t know if he’s ever been on one of our buses (it doesn’t sound like it), but there are about 17.6 million people who travel with us every year who I’m sure wouldn’t share [his] feelings."

The rep adds, "I don’t know why he’s mentioning Greyhound, but we take pride in our safe and enjoyable service."


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She's baaaack    

If he tried to pull that LOOK AT ME I AM AN ENTITLED STAR!! crap on a Greyhound bus, the driver would be the least of his worries. He'd never make his destination with all of his bones intact.

995 days ago


TMZ is so hard up they had to call Greyhound to get a quote regarding the Alec Baldwin story, that I'm sure they knew nothing about! Pitiful!

995 days ago

Olive Barnes    

Seriously? Have the Greyhound reps ever been on a Greyhound bus? Last time I rode one the man behind me kept urinating in a bottle while a woman tried to peddle weed.

995 days ago


Whoever the spokesperson is for Greyhound clearly hasnt taken one before.

995 days ago


I know Greyhound. I ride Greyhound. And you, Alec Baldwin is 1000% correct, as Greyhound SUCKS!!!! I only ride Greyhound, with their low class clientele and drivers, because it's what I can afford right now.

995 days ago

Philip Lisatz    

All you (humans) who are bashing Alec are the lowest of lowlife. Alec is entitled to his own opinions without your diatribe. Grow up!!

995 days ago


He is a jerk,remember when he called his little girl a pig.

995 days ago


I love Alec and sorry Guys he can do no wrong...he wont take anything from anyone without a fight...he has a temper and having a temper and spilling it all out is healthier than taking it all in.He isnt like most of Hollywood PC correct its sickening...Team Baldwin all the way,always be yourself and dont take **** from no one

995 days ago


Everyone should know that the world evolves around Alec, if he is playing a game no one should interfere, how rude of American Airlines. All other passengers must abide by the rules, but Alec. He is very special, he's a movie star.

995 days ago


I guess Greyhound forgot all about the murder/beheading aboard a bus in 2008 in Canada.

995 days ago

don shook    

What a prima Donna you are Mr. Arrogant A**H*** Baldwin! Your family told us already what a profane,loud, bully you are. I don't care what you say about the airline, but leave my love Harvey Levin alone. I can stuff something in your big mouth.

995 days ago

Rachel Cunningham    

Umm, I've taken a Greyhound manytimes in the past, and they suck. I would definatley agree with Alec there. Obviously, the rep who made said they're enjoyable has never ridden on one.

995 days ago

Tom cox    

Sounds like a Capital One Moment to Me ?? I bet his Broke Ass Brothers don't share the same belief... Grayhound should SUE Him for Slander,loss of Income,Etc...

995 days ago


Alec Baldwin... Go suck a fat one you big ****en baby!

995 days ago


The reason he mentions Greyhound is because he's a moron and has to drag everyone into his fricken missery. He should just stay home nobody wants to see him anyway he's such a waste of skin.

995 days ago
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