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NFL Star Roddy White

Receiver of Paternity Suit

12/8/2011 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Roddy White
Atlanta Falcons
superstar Roddy White is being targeted by a female banker ... who claims the wide receiver made a special deposit in her womb last year ... and now she wants him to pay for it.

According to court documents filed in Georgia, a woman named Stacey Hott claims Roddy is the biological father of her 4-month old baby boy ... and she believes Roddy should provide child support ... lots and lots of child support.

In fact, Hott claims. "[White] is a professional athlete capable of providing generous support for the minor child commensurate with his earnings."

The "earnings" that Hott is referring to is a $50 million contract White signed in 2009.

She's also demanding Roddy take out a life insurance policy for himself ASAP ... for the "benefit of the minor child."

Roddy's agent had no comment on the situation.

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What You Really Want To See    

If they'd just put a maximum monthly amount in place we might find these money grubbers might have to go back to plan A... a job. Make it less attractive to hook a celebrity and the diggers go away.

1053 days ago


While I agree with the fact that if he is the father he should pay some child support, it makes me sick that some women see their child as a meal ticket. It does NOT cost 30k a month to raise a ******* child. I support two kids on my own - how? By busting my ass. If they need something that costs more than normal guess what? I go without for a little bit so I can get it for them. I pay private school tuition - oh no, I have to buy myself clothes from Target. The horror!!! Let's see...education for my child or seven jeans. That's SUCH a hard decision. Gag me.

1053 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

If I made that kind of jack, I'd be sure to have a vasectomy so this wouldn't happen to me. Then if I found a chick worthy of my money and penis I'd get it reversed. I hate women like her, they're nothing but money seeking whores who can't properly fund the decisions they make with THEIR bodies! Sit and spin on that, gotti roll!

1053 days ago


I liked him when he used to wrestle in the wwf

1053 days ago


Roddy has to watch where he puts Lil' Roddy.

1053 days ago


In regards to Roddy White, don't believe everything you read, people don't tell the whole story only what they want you to know. This is what people do when they can't get "their" way!

1053 days ago

Queen Karma    

These guys are so stupid. Put a cap on it. Simple. Take a minute, put a cap on it, and HE , these GUYS should flush the cap afterwards. Turkey basters aren't just for basting . HAHAH!
Yeah, he needs to pay for his kid. BUT he DOESN'T need to thousands of dollars a month for her life support and the money should go the lawyers to the child's school, med. insurance card to mother for child, no money for her to buy the life ins., etc.

1053 days ago

Rise Up!    

Just another money hungery whore. Roddy has bigger things to focus on right now. Even if Roddy is the father, she should have waited till the season was over to pull this garbage. Regardless, Atlanta loves our boy Roddy!

1053 days ago


WHEN will these men learn?! And I'm talking more about the men who make $50K because the millionaires can afford it.

1053 days ago

Florida Gator Killer    

What are the odds she didnt force him to wear protection.Yeah its his fault if its true,but women are so money hungry they will ruin there bodies for it.

1053 days ago

Who Knew    

These guys need to learn how to rap it up. There are many money grabbing whores out there and they are not all named Kardashian. Watch you baby batter and money guys.

1053 days ago


I'll bet when he bent her over...the first thing that went through his mind was; "I be havin' my own wide receiver!"

1053 days ago


"special deposit" haha
I guess he forgot to withdrawal...

1053 days ago

The Neko Nation    


1053 days ago


Christ that dude is ugly whats up with that thing (hair?) he wears on his head does he think its pretty?

1053 days ago
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