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Brooke Mueller

First Night Out After Arrest

12/10/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller out in Hollywood after her arrest
It was a successful evening for Brooke Mueller last night -- she didn't get arrested!

Mueller was spotted with a friend on Sunset Boulevard around 11:00 PM. It's unclear where they went, but based on the video we posted last weekend ... we're going to guess they went dancing.

Sources close to Brooke say she is just trying to live a normal life and is trying stay positive after her arrest.

Mueller was bustedd in Aspen last Friday night for drug possession. She maintains she's innocent.


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Here's a novel idea - how about you not go out every night?

Hey, we all like to have fun but most of us grow up and find ways to have fun that don't involve getting trashed and arrested.

I'll even give you an idea for a fun, sober evening - get a couple of really bad movies, or even a good ones, invite your best friend over and MST3K the thing. Wouldn't laughing you ass off all evening be considered 'fun'?

1047 days ago


HEY HO..STAY HOME AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR TWINS INSTEAD OF GOING OUT YOU JERK...I hate bitches who have adorable children and don't give two craps about them when there are women struggling every day to have just one precious baby..moron.

1047 days ago

Patrick Henry    

So here's another one whose fame is from marrying a celebrity and being in the nes amidts drug and domestic abuse between stoned partners. An dhere we have Sheen defending here: she gets 50, 000 a month in child support so why would she sell drugs? Argh 50, 000 and the kids should be in a top rate private school with french tutors teaching them 7 languages. She used the twins to pose for magazine money but you never see her with them in public.

She is spoiled coming from a rich family who does nothing but jet set. try getting a degree or try acting , do something with your time so that you are not bored and wanting drugs.

Why was she at Sheen's roast on tv? Are the two really over or are they still drug mates?

People use cocaine for the sexual she that loose at her age and with kids?

Why are their two standards when it comes to drug crimes? a mom of two will go to jail for years for having a little marijuana as well as lose her children, and yet these stars are busted over and over and walk away scott free.

So Brooke is out partying and Lilo is in Hawaii...and the average american is losing their job and home.

1047 days ago


She has no purpose to her life.

1046 days ago


Why doesn't she trying staying home and being a mother to those poor kids for a change? Those kids are going to be so messed up. Brook as your mom and Charlie Sheen as your dad? No chance for normal.

1046 days ago


Her eyes are so dilated in all her pictures, it makes me uncomfortable. Someone needs to get her help! Those boys deserve much better, papa Charlie is just as bad for not stepping up.

1046 days ago


Is that Rocky the flying squirrel?

1046 days ago


Hmm, she looks like she's already loaded in this pic. Let's face it, she's a loser. I know, it's sad to say, but she's on a fast track to a very bad ending. I don't understand how she can still have primary custody of the kids...she's unfit to be a mom...seems like all she wants to do is party.

1046 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

ridiculous, if this was a none celebrity they would have taken her children away. She's an unfit parent

1046 days ago


So let me get this straight..Bitch was arrested at the club last week, and now she's already out at the club again a week later? Here's an idea Brooke..KEEP YOUR ASS AT HOME WITH YOUR KIDS. You're not some 21 year old party girl anymore. You're a mother. Act like one.

1046 days ago


LA is such BS. Filled with so many phony people and cliches. All the shallow so called 'celebrities' with their cliche Bentleys / Range Rovers (the photos in this story) etc desperately trying to impress people. Her stupid head band trying to emulate her phony friend Pari******on. Isn't the only thing this airhead ever did was bang Charlie Sheen? Has she ever done anything?

1046 days ago


Typical. The frat boys on TMZ can't manage to get out a small blurb of a story without a typo! BUSTEDD, rather than BUSTED.

The weekend staff sucks. Harvey - hire me and I will make sure your website doesn't look idiotic with the spelling and grammar errors. Seems like a Junior in high school should be able to do the job, but obviously not.

1046 days ago


She belongs in a padded room.

1046 days ago


She's in her 30s. Has twins at home. She needs to sit her ass at home. If she's not going to be a product part of society and get a job, then she needs to be paying attention to the two children that she's getting paid $55k/month to watch.

I wonder if Brooke's kids call her mother and nannies----who is the one who mothers them and takes care of them---- "mama".

Those poor little innocent souls are lost in a dark cloud of debauchery, selfishness, entitlement and bratty behavior.

Both Charlie and Brooke are complete filth.

1046 days ago


Thank God her parents are there to take care of the kids. Why would she want to be seen partying ? Brooke, you have 2 precious kids at home. Instead of being out at that time of the night, why don't you go and hug your kids, tell them a bedtime story and also tell them you love them ? You can get better with help. Your kids should come first. Thank God the grand-parents are there for these kids. As for the other people that are taking her out and enabling her bad behavior, shame on you.

1046 days ago
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