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Katt Williams

Wins Back Custody of Daughter:

Nanny Tried to Steal My Kid!

12/10/2011 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katt Williams just won back custody of his 8-year-old adopted daughter -- after the girl's nanny allegedly lied to a judge to take her away from him ... this according to new legal docs.

TMZ broke the story last month -- a woman named Crystal McGhee went to L.A. court, seeking sole custody of Katt's daughter ... claiming she was the child's mother.

Katt failed to show up to fight McGhee's claim -- so the judge granted her request by default ... on the assumption McGhee was legit.

But Katt just filed new legal docs in L.A. County Superior Court -- claiming McGhee's nothing but a shameless fraud ... a former nanny "with no parental rights," who hasn't worked with the family for years. The judge has since overturned the previous order.

It's unclear what motivated McGhee to seek custody -- but Katt's legal docs suggest it has to do with California State parenting perks ... i.e. collecting government benefits.

Calls to McGhee were not returned.


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Sounds like no one wants the kid . T.N.B. Spending half my life around Jigs,and half around Crackers.... I've SEEN in real life ,(Not the fake life on TV)...that white people care for their Animals more, and Better than bl acks care for their Children/offspring !!

Call me what you may , just my opinion based on many years of ACTUAL observation... Not some learned propaganda from the TV or in the school system. That's why many grow up with very little remorse, guilt , shame ,compassion etc.

1056 days ago

Patrick Henry    

I.m sorry but the nanny wants your kid and you DON'T show up to court? Really does not show that you know what's going on or that you really care about your kid. And why not go and physically remove them from the nanny. Only in California would a judge give a kid to someone who has no legal rights. But I'll California has the highest rates of nannies anyway.

1056 days ago


Surely there is way more to this. I'm wonder how old is the child? Does she know who her mother is? I'm sure the courts did not check it out. Most of them are incredibly lazy and half of them do not do their job, but your tax dollars help pay their salaries. As far as he goes, what a loser? How in the world do you not show up when some supposed random person is wanting custody of your kid? A lot of people say poor people should not have kids, but this website is evident that there are a lot of filthy rich people that should be sterilized.

1056 days ago


attempted kidnapping - not even a slap on the wrist. the *****pass has no bounds.

1056 days ago


Okay, I give up. Who is this guy? The only place I've seen or heard of him, or even heard his name is on TMZ. Is he just a local, notable street personality or what?

1056 days ago

mad max1602    

@Dude your a complete idiot if you really think that. Crappy parenting has nothing to do with race. I have many white friends that have come from crappy home with parents who did things to them no one can imagine. Would it be ok for me to say white men seem to turn out to be serial killers who kill poor little college girls more than men of color? I don't know what black people you have "observed," but the ones I know including myself have wonderful parents. You will find bad parenting exist in all cultures on this planet. Before you point fingers at one race, better take a good hard long look at your own first. Last time I check whites just like people of color commit horrible acts againist humanity as well. your comment alone shows just show great white people are. Yeah your so much better than blacks, mexicans, indians, asians, and what ever other races of people you think your people are so much better than.

1056 days ago

K S    

Who Cares!! Good God, Get a life.. You people in LA are fu**in idiots.. What you gonna do when you have to fend for yourself.. Can you feed your family without tv money? Can you hunt, fish, farm, create food to live on after Iran has blown up your shi*?

1056 days ago


What kind of judge is this, that some woman can walk into his court room and say "Yeah, your honor I wanna steal his kid, collect money from the state for it, and I want you to sign off on all of this!" Is this how the law works now-a-days?

1056 days ago


There is obviously more to this story because I find it hard to believe that a judge would just turn over a defenseless child to a random person. What if the person is an abuser or killer? Furthermore, so many Americans prefer to adopt from a foreign country because even if this person was the child's mother, she gave up her rights by putting her up for adoption and shouldn't be returned to her. Hence, random stranger or actual mother, this is Katt's child.

1056 days ago


In the book "Pimp Down: The Rise & Fall of Katt Williams", Crystal McGhee is referred to as Katt's cousin.

1055 days ago

Mixed Chick    

People are turned down to adopt for the most assanine and trivial reasons, had a friend turned down because she worked too much? And this clearly unstable man adopted 7? Something is wrong with our system, oh forgot, money talks, everything else walks...someone needs to step in and get him committed or off crack, he is a homicide or a suicide waiting to happen.

671 days ago
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