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LeAnn Rimes & Brandi Glanville

Go Cold Shoulder-to-Shoulder

12/12/2011 5:15 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

LeAnn Rimes & Brandi Glanville
Looking like twinsies, Eddie Cibrian's current wife LeAnn Rimes and his "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" ex-wife Brandi Glanville got within arm's length of each other at Eddie & Brandi's kid's soccer game in L.A. this weekend.

For once they were on the same team.


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LR is alot prettier than BG - brandi kinda always looks like she needs to wash her hair.(Which also means she needs to take a bath). She has a FILTHY mouth (alsoneeding soap and water)....She was off trying to be somebody while her husband found someone else, she has no one to blame but herself. It takes tow to make a marriage and two to make a divorce. A lot of people in Hollywood dont think near as badly about LR as they do BG since she has been showing her real side since the divorce.

1054 days ago


Why is LR staring at her twin like that???? That look is filled with so much envy, you can almost taste it thru the computer screen!!!! VERY OBVIOUS AND DESPERATE LEANN!!!

LeAnn is so obsessed with Brandi, that I predict a very cushy padded room, with matching strait-jacket, very soon in LR's future.

1054 days ago


I'll have to seems Eddie "does" have a type.
Nice boots...goin' ass-kicking after the game?

1054 days ago


I meant disgusting!!! Haha!! I guess she's discusting too!!! Lol!!

1054 days ago


My gosh they look alike!!!!!!!

1054 days ago


oh i see leanne is not into eddie, she is into his ex wife...i would be really creeped out if i were brandi...a made for tv drama...she morphs into the ex wife then knocks her off...geez leanne get some therapy for your obvious insecurities...btw...brandi is smokin' hot, eddie's is the real loser to make that trade down.

1054 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Leann Butterface looks tense & Brandi doesn't because she's moved on. Her attitude is "Good, you have to deal with his crap now. I'm done." Brandi really is a good person, though she gets off color sometimes, but she has a good heart.

1054 days ago


why does leann look so bitter, she is the husband stealer- maybe eddie wasn't that good of a prize

1054 days ago


He obviously goes for one type of woman... Skinny and Blonde...

1054 days ago


LeAnn Rimes looks like the older less attractive sister. I'm not being catty, just calling it as I see it. When the kid gets older he's going to resent not only his stepmother, but probably his dad as well. Why ?! Because dad and stepmom are using him to stick it to Brandi. Their behaviour is much too contrived and oh so very high school. What's LeAnn trying to prove, she has Eddie and now she want the kid. Selfish woman.

1054 days ago


omg they look a like!!!

1054 days ago

buzz kill    

What is the difference?

1054 days ago

the truth    

that Brandi girl is a bitch! i watched the BHHW and Taylor was practically going thru a break down and Brandi tells her she has to leave. she really is a bitch. Leann and Eddie do make a good couple. i could see why he fell out of love with his EX.

1054 days ago


I've been in a situation like this, though we were DIVORCED BEFORE dating other people. We were all civil to each other for the kids, and all parents supported the kids at their games, but we certainly weren't best friends. Why in the world are they sitting on each other's laps? You mean to tell me those were the only two places to sit? I would be trying to be civil for the sake of my kids-but if the skank had the nerve to sit so close to me I would have had to beat the crap out of her! I would have felt bad coz' my kids were there-but I'd have been fed up with her disrespecting me front of all the other parents, and making me look like a fool. At least Leeann had the decency to look miserable-and her husband is a pig for continuously trying to humiliate the mother of his children.

1054 days ago


Its amazing to me he left he gorgeous wife, for that butt ugly woman!

1054 days ago
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