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Nicole Scherzinger

Paula Told Me

to Vote Off Rachel Crow

12/12/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"X-Factor" judge Paula Abdul secretly instructed Nicole Scherzinger to vote off Rachel Crow last week ... just moments before the earth-shattering elimination -- and we have proof.

Paula's mic was down when Nicole was making her decision -- but with a little volume tinkering ... you can clearly hear Paula whisper to Nicole, "Just let it go to a deadlock."

Nicole did just that ... a decision that sent Rachel Crow packing -- and resulted in a torrent of death threats from angry fans everywhere.

Everyone's blaming Nicole, but the audio raises the question -- is Nicole really at fault for sending Rachel home? So we gotta ask ...


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am I missing something here? Isn't the AUDIENCE the one who voted this chick off?

1045 days ago


Nicole, if Paula told you to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge would you do that, too? Idiot.

1045 days ago

jUDY m    

Nicole has a mind of her own. She cannot blame it on Paula. Crow cannot handle the disappointment and pressure - don't you get that the way she reacted? What about the REAL STAGE AND AUDIENCE? She is too young - Xfactor's age should be changed to at least 16 - Crow could NEVER had handled the challenge of a live tour - Let her grow up - she has a BEAUTIFUL VOICE but she is not ready for the real world and the stage. (Not when she cries for MOMMY to help her get thru the disappointment of losing!) Stay faithful to the ones who are strong and committed and handle any disappointment with class!

1045 days ago


Nicole should be sent home and Rachel brought back (like Melanie was). Rachel's "save" song performance was so much better than Marcus's and everyone, who is honest in this world, knows it. There was no need to got to a deadlock because the performances were not even close to being equal. This is a matter of fairness. Period. And, what Nicole did was *not* fair. Americans believe in fairness. The message sent to our children, by Nicole, is that hard work and talent don't matter. That's why so many people are upset about this.


1045 days ago


Ijust loved listening to the singing of that child who had an adult voice. Some may jeer her and call her fat. That is pure jealousy. She is eloquent and intelligent. She was made to believe that she would go further in the contest.It, is ok for a 13 yyear old to be real and show her feelings, because she knew that she hads sung better than Marcus,and, although the contestants are warned of the possible outcomes, the way she was eliminated was cruel--just cruel, and spiteful, due to competition of adult judges. She paid with their indifference, even the MC was hard in giving the results.They know that she is a child,and they could have been gentle in the was she was eliminated. It was the way they spoke that caused her to cry, because during the past weeks,even Simon was making her feel that she was a star. And she is a star- although she is too young to see the different paths to her stardom.

1045 days ago


Rachel should have been voted off the first show. She wasn't as talented as the others. Yes she was cute and sweet but this is a singing contest. It wasn't Nicole or Paula's fault. If the public wanted Rachel to stay they should have voted for her, but they didn't. So when it came down to the votes...she was gone, because you people complaining didn't vote for her.

1045 days ago


What is she doing there if she cannot judge. They are all crazy anyway. Rachel Crowe should sue them for exploitation. Her and the other 15 year old who Simon gave lousy songs to them for them to sing just so they would lose. The show appears rigged. The X-factor is done and stupid cause of the sorry judges who are idiots.

1045 days ago


If the audio is to be believed Nicole was making such a scene about how difficult all of this was that Paula merely reminded her there was the deadlock option but Nicole didn't have to take it. This is nonsense, lest we forget Paula did her job and voted in favor of Rachel, why couldn't Nicole do that if she' so into imitating Paula and taking her advice?

1045 days ago


Phoney people, phoney show - like all reality shows.

1045 days ago


I believe it was the audience who made the decision to send Rachel home... Sure Nicole chose to send it to deadlock, but in the end it was all on the audience.

1045 days ago


Nicole is a frickin dingbat.. She should have NEVER EVER let it go to deadlock.. She should have sent Marcus home as he was in the bottom 2 a few times and Rachel never was. So YES it is ALL NICOLE'S Fault..HOPE SIMON FIRES HER...She has done it twice now.Once with Drew and now with Rach. But they will have the last laugh and come out of this WAY more popular then the winner.. Just like American Idol.

1045 days ago

Don Martin    

I have never seen to many people looking to hold a tar and feathering. For once a judge allows the American Public to make the decision, they do, and the brat looses and here everyone wants to shoot the judge for letting the votes count. God people get a life already! Don't you have some dishes to do or something besides wrapping your soul around a stupid tv show? Do the world a favor, stop watching and maybe Fox brass will sober up and cancel this joke called entertainment.

1045 days ago


Why didn't SHE (Paula) let it go to deadlock last week, instead of sending home Drew.

1045 days ago


She's paid to judge and failed to give her own opinion. It's her fault. What a totally loser.....

1045 days ago


Listen carefully she's saying let it go!! she was actually telling it right after a performance that the contestant should let it go like let it out!!! "I THINK"

1045 days ago
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