TMZ Live Is Tim Tebow Saving Religion?

12/12/2011 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live -- Is Tim Tebow Saving Religion?

Tim Tebow's string of amazing comebacks has made him more than just a football star ... he's a bonafide religious icon. But does he have Pope-esque potential? Another religious sports star -- NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip joins our debate.

Plus, Alec Baldwin tried to get the last laugh on American Airlines with his SNL skit -- and, surprisingly, some people think he did. And ... Lindsay Lohan's idea of walking around money is $10,000 ... CASH?? Something's not adding up here. 

(2:10) Harvey has 60 seconds to prove that Tim Tebow has the potential to be more influential than the Pope.
(4:15) Evan explains why people think a higher power is helping Tebow ... he's not an NFL caliber quarterback.
(14:00) Religious NASCAR legend Michael Waltrip calls in -- he explains how Tebow's faith helps him perform.
(20:10) Alec Baldwin mocks his airplane incident on SNL -- and Brian rips Harvey and Charles for whining about it.
(22:00) Harvey thinks Alec's biggest mistake was...
(30:10) Breaking news! Heisman winner Robert Griffin III visited Ground Zero after winning the award. Great story.
(32:05) Lindsay Lohan's purse -- which had $10k in it -- gets stolen ... but Harvey's not buying the story.
(35:30) Lamar Odom's shock trade to Dallas -- how's it going to effect the Kardashian reality show train?
(40:00) Charles can't figure out why the Lakers sold Lamar.
(46:45) Jennifer Aniston is the hottest woman in history. Really?