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Lindsay Lohan

Kills It In Probation

Progress Hearing

12/14/2011 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1_ym4x0w90_1_9hkxdh2eThis is new ... Lindsay Lohan got high marks in court.

Lindsay appeared in court today for her probation progress report.  A very surprised Judge Stephanie Sautner began by saying, "Miss Lohan, you have actually done your work."

The judge noted Lindsay actually completed her 12 days of community service early.  And she went to an extra therapy session -- 5 instead of the required 4.  The judge also said the morgue was pleased by the work Lindsay has done there "at least as pleased as a morgue can be."

Judge Sautner said there was some confusion over whether Lindsay was allowed to go to Hawaii last week, but ultimately the Judge said it was ok, because she was celebrating her sister's birthday and she was allowed to go out of state for family events.

Lindsay is due back in court next month, but so far, so good.


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The 10k was from the paps. No big deal to her, apparently.

1041 days ago


Great news!

1041 days ago


She can't pay off $3900 in fines BUT she can pay for 3 to go to Hawaii (you know that was on Blohans dime AND go to NYC, for what, 2 weeks? Wouldn't it be cheaper to fly WO out to California, then flying Pootie, Ali, and herself to NY? TWIT!

1041 days ago


ILG said:
I wish the fans would be honest with her, for once. It would do her a world of good if they would...
I agree. Fans that say anything she does is OK and she looks great and her missing Ellen is OK because things happen are hurting her cause more than helping her. If people stopped with how beautiful she is and say to her that her missing Ellen is just totally unprofessional, rude and obnoxious not to mention showing she doesn't have her priorities straight at least she would hear something that could set her straight if it sunk in.
Julia, I think she looked like she was going to cry at times too. Are you joking about Sautner liking Lindsay? I don't find that at all. If Sautner is like most professional women her age Lindsay is a mere lost child that she hopes can get it together. There's banter and levity in court rooms, which is all that I saw.

1041 days ago

Oh well    

Oh for cripes sakes judge, shes suppose to be an adult, did you also pat her head and say "good little girl"?

Maybe offer her a treat?

1041 days ago


If Lindsay wasn’t mentally challenged she could be posting a college degree rather than a probation report

1041 days ago


Scary Skinny Ali Lohan 'Looks Like A Death Camp Survivor' Says Weight Loss Expert

As Lindsay Lohan spent yet another week flaking on work obligations, frolicking on the beach and appearing in court, her little sister Ali has sparked concern again by losing even more weight, and has photos of her downward spiral.

The teenage model appeared to be literally wasting away when she attended the Jay-Z concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles with the troubled Mean Girls star on Tuesday night, and experts worry that she is putting her health at serious risk.

"She looks like a death camp survivor," nutritionist Majid Ali (who has not treated the star) told in an exclusive interview. "It appears as if she is wasting away as her body chews up muscle looking for fuel."

At 5'8 1/2", Majid thinks that Ali is severely malnourished and estimates her weight to be 90 lbs at the most.

"It seems more like a starvation diet than binging and purging," he explained.

The younger Lohan turns 18 on December 22, but her gaunt face, sunken cheeks and ashy complexion make her look much older than her years.

"Malnutrition will prematurely age her," the nutritionist revealed. "It tears down tissue collagen and leads to wrinkles, poor skin, limp hair and bad nail quality."

As previously reported, the sister***** the beach in Hawaii last week to attend the Pipeline Masters surfing competition, and while Lindsay showed off her ample curves in a bikini, Ali's baggy shorts barely clung to her bony hips.

1041 days ago


Judge was please with Lohan's work at the playboy's mansion therefore she is cleared and free to go! lmao....

1041 days ago

captain obvs    

that extra therapy session was just so Lindsay Lohan can ask for more Adderall.

1041 days ago


Hey ***max, I'm still laughing at the bicuit joke! They threw flour on the guy and he's a biscuit. What happened at school today? Fetch momma her slippers boy. And by the way stupid ass, there are 2 jeffs on here and you go after him thinking it's me. I love it. Go take your magmax penis enlargement pills and show momma the results.

1041 days ago


Her hands are still black & blue & bloody:

She looks worse than the ghost of Christmas waaaaaaaay past.

1041 days ago


I hear she's 'turning it around' by constantly clutching a Heinz dill pickle between her knees while wearing a halter top made from Big Mac wrappers.

1041 days ago



Delmar, I wasn't talkin about Fashion Week, go back and reread the post. Oy!

1041 days ago


Go for it, TMZ... you keep deleting, I'll keep reposting. I don't care if you like it or not... only now I won't bother to explain why I feel this way... most know already.

Fvck you, NICOLE, you ignorant cnut. I fvcking hate you, and I don't hate anybody. You're are a world-class hypocrite and a total liar. Have fun in the asylum after Linds gets sent to prison. That WILL happen at some point. You know, I know it... DUIna knows it.

1041 days ago


ilove gossip----I can not get over her true fans saying she fine."NO WAY IS SHE FINE"and it makes me want to VOMIT,READING EMPTY HEADED BABY BOYS.MAKING FILTHY CRACKS,she is doing probation for a reason,and the next time,someone may lose there life,YOU DO NOT tell a drug USER and someone who likes to drink,GO PARTY DOWN, AS LONG AS YOU DO YOUR COMMUNITY SERVICE first.This Dr is another Dr Conrad Murray,GIVE THE PT WHAT SHE WANTS AND IF SOMETHING HAPPENS ,CLAIM IT IS HER FAULT

1041 days ago
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