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Lindsay Lohan

Kills It In Probation

Progress Hearing

12/14/2011 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1_ym4x0w90_1_9hkxdh2eThis is new ... Lindsay Lohan got high marks in court.

Lindsay appeared in court today for her probation progress report.  A very surprised Judge Stephanie Sautner began by saying, "Miss Lohan, you have actually done your work."

The judge noted Lindsay actually completed her 12 days of community service early.  And she went to an extra therapy session -- 5 instead of the required 4.  The judge also said the morgue was pleased by the work Lindsay has done there "at least as pleased as a morgue can be."

Judge Sautner said there was some confusion over whether Lindsay was allowed to go to Hawaii last week, but ultimately the Judge said it was ok, because she was celebrating her sister's birthday and she was allowed to go out of state for family events.

Lindsay is due back in court next month, but so far, so good.


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And Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh.... For ONCE she is adhering to RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh.....Crown the little brat already! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh. Idiot.

1047 days ago


congrats Lindsey those 300 tries at behaving within the law finally payed off

1047 days ago


Julia your crotch must hurt like hell.......
riding that fence so much....

You can make up all the what for or what ifs about her you want's like makeing up excuses and reasons by the guy broken in your window and raped you and sorry before he left...cause he had a broken childhood or said he was sorry don't cange the facts that that guy just raped you...!!!

1047 days ago

Chopin's Romance    

Someone just said the brain heals and changes slowly and you can't control the past. This is very true. Very true. Maybe she changes a little wee bit and also stays the same too. Changes a wee bit for court but then stays the same for skipping important responsibilities. So I will give her +1 for the court and -1 for the skipping of duties. Or maybe -2, since she messed up two people.

And the past is the past. All she can do is try to change in the now.

1047 days ago


She is completely uninteresting when she stays out of trouble.

1047 days ago


I guess we will agree to disagree but shes had 6 years of people exampling reason why she should be excused or given second chances and do overs and treated special , she is not more special then you or I , and I know dam well we would not have been excused , or given twenty chances or treated special we would have had to serve our sentence and never have been allowed to use the court system as our own special media stage...Enough is enough..
She is a Mean any language...

1047 days ago


Ketjo are you mad at me? I posed a 'cute' question to you on page 7 and to Julia's comment on page 9 with the 5 comments and you're not getting back to me, did I offend you somehow?

1047 days ago

AGENT smith    

Lindsay did a great job in court. Dressed conservatively, nodded her head at least a hundred times and looked Linnocent.

1047 days ago


I thought last time the judge made it very easy for Lindsay Lohan to succeed but didn't know why because this woman gets so many second chances. But TMZ explained that her lawyer did some major butt kissing and got the job done. Now the judge claims because she did 12 whole days before her court date she's ahead of schedule, you've got to be kidding. She did what she had to do in the allowed time frame, if she had done more then I would believe she was ahead of schedule. As far as going to one extra therapy session, it's easy breezy talking about yourself so what's to get excited about, she goes to Hawaii loses $10,000 and blows off an Ellen interview, that says it all about her killing it TMZ.

1047 days ago


Just leave her alone haters. She's doing what she's gotta do - good for her.

1047 days ago

AGENT smith    

Ketjo, I haven't heard anything from the Hawaii police about investigating Lindsay for have her purse stolen. Didn't you say that you have many cops in the family that said they would being investigating Lindsay for having her purse stolen. I guess tomorrow the police in Hawaii will hold a press conference announcing that they are sending detectives to LA to question Lindsay as to why she had her purse stolen. I guess in the hillbilly woods if you have property stolen they charge you with being an inbred.

1047 days ago


Come on, people. She finally did something right, let's wait until she messes up again before snarking...
Actually, I figured her probation officer would never have okayed the Hawaii jaunt if Lindsay hadn't already met the goal set for this hearing, so it's not really a surprise. Nice that she really did get a good report from the morgue rather than it all being more of Dina's wishful thinking. The girl might actually make it this time, thanks to the judge putting her on a strict schedule. Hope she can keep it up after January without the holiday visits dangled in front of her as the carrot.

1047 days ago


Wow, she gets praise like a little kid for finally doing something right. Well photo shop magic has wore off because she back to looking like an worn out alcoholic in the face.

1047 days ago


Good! I'm glad to hear that. Keep it up, Lindsay!

1047 days ago


It's never too late to change. I'm glad to see that she's starting to get herself together.

1047 days ago
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