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'Fear Factor' Mom

PISSED Over Last Night's Show --

My Son's No Oedipus!!!

12/15/2011 8:39 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Fear Factor" producers DIABOLICALLY edited Tuesday night's episode to falsely suggest the mother-son team have an incestuous relationship ... this according to the mom. 

Monica -- the ex-bodybuilder who teamed up with her son Matias on last night's premiere episode -- tells us, FF editors used a clip of her and her son hugging to make it look like they ... touch each other too much.

Joe Rogan even took a shot at the duo on the show ... joking, "I hug my mom every time I see her ... but then I let go."

Monica tells us, "Last night when the show aired, I was SHOCKED. I am appalled and disgusted at the comments of people on the show about Matias’ and my relationship and how it seems ‘inappropriate’ for a mother and son. Are you kidding me?"

Monica adds, "In no way, shape, or form am I inappropriate with my son ... I’m broken hearted. Joe Rogan ... shame on YOU. You are a father. How dare you talk about my son that way?"

Monica says she's probably not gonna sue -- but she wants everyone to know she's pissed.

We've reached out to "Fear Factor" for comment -- so far, no word back.

Snooki's Amazing Beach Body


"Jersey Shore" star Snooki seriously slimmed down -- and she's ready to flaunt her amazing beach body!

It may be December, but Snooks stepped into a very revealing bikini yesterday for a photo shoot ... where she looked pretty incredible, especially when compared to a similar suit she wore in May 2010.

The 4'9" reality TV star recently told Wendy Williams that she weighs 103 lbs. -- and that her target weight is 98.

Is Snooki getting too skinny? Sound off below!

"My Girl" Star Hits the Red Carpet

Plus More Child Stars Now!

Anna Chlumsky
had everyone crying 20 years ago when "My Girl" came out in 1991 -- but earlier this week, she hit the red carpet looking red hot!

See what little Vada Sultenfuss looks like now -- plus more former child stars!

Getting That Hollywood Glow


While most celebrities like to have their day in the sun ... not all of them should. Check out these stars and tell us if you prefer them Snooki orange or Pattinson pale.

"American Horror Story" House

On the Market for $4.5mil!


Want to own one of TV's most haunted houses? For $4.5 million, you can!

The L.A. home featured in "American Horror Story" is back on the market, according to a new listing with realtor Joe Babajian.

While the nearly 30,000 square-foot property doesn't actually come with a sexy ghost maid, the spirit of the Black Dahlia, bodies buried in the backyard or a man in a rubber suit (we hope!), it does boast six bedrooms, 5 baths, Tiffany stained-glass windows and a recording studio.

The listing calls it a "One-of-a-kind residence" and a "once in a generation opportunity."

Celebrity Scramble

Guess Who!


This poor man-mug got a pretty crazy scramblin' -- can you tell whose famous face is behind all the liquid layer?

Lindsay Lohan

Bikini Beach Party

AFTER Thief Strikes

Lindsay Lohan in a bikini in HawaiiHere it is ... PROOF Lindsay Lohan can still act ... because the actress hit the beach like she didn't have a care in the world Sunday ... hours after someone jacked $10k out of her purse.

With her Playboy spread officially released online, Lohan showed off her physique in a tiny bikini ... that couldn't quite tame her breasts.

TMZ broke the story ... Lohan freaked out Saturday night when her purse went missing at a house party ... a purse which contained her ID, passport and $10k in cash.

The purse was eventually returned ... minus the money.  Would you be smiling?

What's The Big Frigin'



This awesome celeb picture has some hidden gems waiting to be discovered -- are you good enough to find the differences?

**HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above photograph!**


No Avatar


Don't worry mom and son, next month you'll have your own TV show....

1007 days ago


J/K Hi son, is that a banana in your pocket or are you happy to see me...

1007 days ago


Yes, his mother is pregnant by him with triplets.

1007 days ago

elvira walker    

That's just NASTY, that FF would even post something like that, even if it were true, which I do not believe is. Wow, the media can certainly make or break someone. I hope they get theirs.I absolutely saw nothing inappropriate. As soon as someone express love, which seems overly, they are called a freak.

1007 days ago


Incest if fun.....the whole family can join in.....

1007 days ago


WTF was Lindsay doig carrying 10K in cash to the beach? BOGUS!

1007 days ago


That is one mom that needs some boundaries with her young son. I watched the show, and regardless of the editing, the physical contact between them appeared more boyfriend/girlfriend than mother/son. Heaven help any girl that has to try to compete with that relationship.

1007 days ago


To be honest with everyone if there were more mothers loving there child like she loves her child then just maybe there would be less child abuse and hatred....Would you prefer seeing her calling him names and hitting him? Don't be an ass if it looked like it was to lovey then its the show that made it look indecent its just a mother that loves her child....

1007 days ago


No one would ever starve eating your T--ts

1007 days ago


You guys are sick!

1007 days ago


WOW...interesting how so many people are so stupid and have no life but criticizing others!!!!! Ha ha ha.......they are the ones that doing those immorality things!!!!!

That makes me sick!!!!

1007 days ago

Steven Traylor    

Mom go for it and sue I have never been so apalled by comments like this especially from a shows host to add disparaging comments that were totally inapropriate. The sad part is that the comments and clip make it sound believable and all for a few rating points.

1007 days ago


Their is no need to talk smack about these people. You writer's must be very bored to put to print such trash talk that nobody cares about. No I didn't read the article but I did see the Fear Factor show. So what Mom and Son are close, stop making a mountain out of nothing. I was hoping that they would win and not the trash talking sis/bro team.

1007 days ago


As the democrats remind us, "Consenting adults" should be left alone to do abnormal things.

1007 days ago


Typical media slants..they paint average Americans to look like sluts and criminals, while they beg us to be tolerant of.......sluts and criminals. I made my tv into a fishtank....more interesting content and no commercials.

1007 days ago
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