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Kobe Bryant and Vanessa

Attend School Function Together

The Day Divorce News Breaks

12/17/2011 9:39 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant attend a recital
Kobe Bryant and his soon-to-be ex-wife Vanessa attended a Christmas recital for their kids just hours before TMZ broke the news the couple was getting a divorce.

Kobe and Vanessa (above, smiling) were spotted together Friday morning at their daughter's school for a musical both of their children appeared in.

Our spy says Kobe and Vanessa next to each other during the show and left together in the same car, but their moods were totally opposite -- Vanessa was chatting with friends and having a good time, while Kobe spoke to no one and appeared "somber."

As TMZ first reported, Vanessa filed for divorce on Friday, citing "irreconcilable differences."

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Carol L    

Of course she cited "irreconcilable differences". Those are the only grounds for divorce in the state of California. Why do they always say this when people are getting divorce?

1005 days ago


don't looky here im invisible

1005 days ago

Carol L    

She's giddy from relief.

1005 days ago


I'd be happy if I were Vanessa too. She's got a crapload of money, her kids and doesn't have to put up with Kobe's BS anymore. F*ck Kobe, if he had kept his d*ck in his pants, his wife wouldn't have left him.

1005 days ago


This is such comedy. We all knew this day would come Kobe. You paid for some Hispanic p*SSy and you got what you deserved. Good for Vanessa, take it all.

1005 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Wow, a basketball player who I don't root for or care about and a woman who I never met in my life are getting divorced. STOP THE PRESSES, this is news that I just can't live without!!!! I need to know more TMZ, these five or six stories you've already dumped on your site is just not enough !!! What did they eat? Did Kobe take a crap, and if he did what color and shape was it? Did he flu***** or did you ask him if you could have it? If you have it, will it be the next big news item this weekend? WE NEED TO KNOW!!!

1005 days ago


She must have been a good girl because Santa is bringing her great gifts (freedom, lots of money and a big house) while he will be getting coal in his stocking for being a bad boy.

1005 days ago


Good for her!. . Kobe is a s***bag. . .Kobe makes Tiger Woods look like a good human being!

1005 days ago


Just another a hole NBA felon being fleeced by a gold digger with no moral character. Too bad, who cares...

1005 days ago


i feel very sorry for kobe but i guess she just wasn't the one that he thought she would be i mean yes he cheated on her but if it has anything to do with it why wait all this time just to file for divorce it doesn't make any sense whatsoever but oh well its time for hime to move on whether than focusing on trying to win her back because she's the one that filed for the divorce first so its obvious that she no longer wnats to be with him and he needs to realize that.theres plenty of other fish in the seas for him too look for its not the end of the world for him.

in my own personal opinion kobe is still the greatest basketball player behind Michael jordan and i wish him the best,God bless you kobe and just move and focus on the rest of the nba season ahead.

1005 days ago


Glad he dressed up - what a duche

1005 days ago


Oh my God! No! They actually went somewhere together ???

What does this mean, TMZ? lol (nothing)

1005 days ago

your own luck    

The phrase "If you play, you pay" was never more appropriate.

1005 days ago


Vanessa is still young and more beautiful than ever. She will find a real man who will genuinely cherish her and be faithful. Kobe will go on balling every BB Ho that comes his way until and STD gets the best of him. Just like Tiger, his future is written on the bathroom wall. You go Vanessa, you are gorgeous inside and out, Love You!

1005 days ago


...This b#tch Vanessa has the worst timing---the b#tch couldn't wait a few more days to go public with divorce until after Christmas???

I mean who does this especially when there are children to be considered---is this Latina she-c#nt Jewish???

You just don't see too many Latina Jewish she-c#nts these days--go figure....Artofwar

1005 days ago
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