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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Vegas, Babies, Vegas!!!

12/18/2011 5:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and all of their various children hit up "Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour" in Las Vegas last night.

Perhaps the tix were a birthday gift ... Brad turns 48 today.


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A large family is fun, but parents must spend more time to raise all children

1008 days ago


Ugh. Who takes kids that young to that kind of show??? Anything for publicity for those two self involved twits. Bet the others in the audience were thrilled to see the circus arrive - the scarecrow and her purse puppy and the parade of kids.

1008 days ago


She is such a fake - and he is on his phone !! It's just a publicity stunt. I am sure the nannies are right behind them!

1008 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...this is one fasinating family too watch....they are great parents and the kids sure how one wicked lifestyle and are so lucky too have all the adventure in their young lives...good for all of them...I'm sure Brad and Angelina are thinking way down the road...and are raising them with the values necessary to carry them into tweenhood and adulthood..and be happy and when they get that massive fortune one day..they will do the right thing..just like mom and dad..its awesome!

1008 days ago

george fudge!    

Wonder why the 4 seats in front of the screaming kids are empty!

1008 days ago


Pitt is so disgusting. Using the gays as a justification for not marrying a woman he has ten kids with...sorry but that's not a noble cause in my opinion. plus he favors his blond kids over the little black girl, I don't think I've ever seen that kid smiling.

1008 days ago


I'm still waiting to hear what their excuse is for giving their daughter Shiloh a dog's name and dress her in boy's clothing. Does she have an extra chromosome or what?

Their other biological ones seem a little 'off' as well. Maybe it's because they thought it would be such a novel idea to inseminate her with girl and boy 'twins' for publicity and something went wrong.

She's setting a bad example for them with her anorexia and gypsy lifestyle. It doesn't appear that they have a happy marriage. They put on a good face for the cameras but they seem to be competing with one other. Brad was never considered an actor with any 'gravitas' esp. being married to that dip**** Jennifer Aniston. So he let Angie, who was desperate for a husband and father for her kids rope him in, thinking she would up his image. It worked to some degree but he got saddled with a litter of kids in the process. Moneyball was the first movie I could stand his acting in and she's way overrated as an actress.

1008 days ago


The photo-op manson family Anghoulina needs to get off the crack.

1008 days ago


angelina dresses shilo like a hobo because she resents her -she will end up sleeping with one of shilo's boy pals-just like she did to her own mother.

1008 days ago


They probably bought the seats in front of them so that the photographers could get really good shots of them lol.

We all know that they weren't there all alone with the children. Their nannies weren't far away that's for sure.

1008 days ago


I can see why Jennifer Aniston was voted the most beautiful and Angelina #10. Angelina doesn't look healthy at all. She is a bag of bones with veins showing through her skin. Her hands alone are that of a 60+ yo woman. Aniston looks healthy and beautiful.

1008 days ago

Feel Sorry For Her    

I don't want to sound mean but for a couple that is suppose to be "good looking" They did not reproduce good looking kids. I feel sorry for the kids. They look weird, Poor kids. Maybe they'll grow out of it. They drag these kids around like sacks of potatoes. She is a loser and he is one also.

1008 days ago


It's strange that she cares much about her older adopted son than the young ones. Look Brad is the only one in the middle of the kids and probably sweating. Angie she is a narcissistic betcha.

1008 days ago


I think it's CREEPY how ANGELINA is sitting "seperate" from the rest of the family with her arm around a dapper PAX... and the other 4 kids are huddling TOWARDS BRAD... I swear that man USE TO BE halfway attractive... then hooked up with her and ended up suffering the same fate as BBT... she has a way of sucking the LIFE outta her men... I find this pic to be disturbing and speaking a thousand words....

1008 days ago


She needs to have ear protection on those babies. It's obviously too loud for them. :(

1008 days ago
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