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Charlie & Denise

I Wish I Knew

How to Quit You!

12/24/2011 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards are vacationing together in MexicoAfter a nuclear divorce and post-marriage tirades too numerous to count, Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards are vacationing together in Mexico.

The former couple -- who have 2 kids together -- are staying at a hotel, though we don't know the living arrangements.  The kids are there, too.

Brooke Mueller was no where in sight.  The whole cocaine possession thing -- allegedly -- tends to put a crimp in XMAS vacation plans.

It's great for Charlie -- when things go wrong with one baby mama ... 


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Holy Kow.. Charlie w/out UNDIES ! LOLOLOL

1037 days ago


AND WoWsers... 1st time being 1st ! ! !
I better go buy a lotto for Saturday.. ya think?

1037 days ago


I hope they get back together. He "seems" to want to WIN in a real sense and get off the drugs.

Now if he could just get back on 2-1/2 Men he save the show!

1037 days ago


Some women never learn

1037 days ago


whats his secret??

1037 days ago


Chicks dig bad boys.

1037 days ago


I'd do Charlie Sheen if I liked men. To bad I don't though. Sucks that Denise get to enjoy his **** going inside of her! :'[

1037 days ago


I have to give up to mr charlie, dude whats your secret? Not too shabby to go thru all that, hit bottom, then fall back on a vacation with denise richards. sheen I salute you.

1037 days ago


Didn't she allege that he looked up child porn during their marriage and also push her when she was pregnant? I didn't believe her at first, then Charlie started acting out... and I thought she was truthful.. now I am back to thinking that she was full of it. Why would she hang with someone who looked up child porn? I know they have children, but that's a DEAL breaker. Period. End of story.

1037 days ago


Charlie said: "In Mexico, on the beach, the guys walking around selling silver jewelry are actually cocaine dealers. Buy some jewelry, and tell them how much coke you want. They'll be back in a few minutes with your order."

Thanks, Charlie, that explains a lot.

1037 days ago


One day at a time Charlie. Great to see you healthy and with your family. 2012 will be a great year for you.

1037 days ago


They had a horrible divorce where he threaten her, called Denise the c-word on his tours and before that had her and the children at the same table eating dinner with hookers before he had a crack meltdown and yet she goes on vacation with him take the kids like they are one big happy family.

Do you think Denise would be hanging out with the old crackhead if he didn't have money. Hell no.

She's as crazy as he is. As long as he pay his child support and came to visit his kids....fine.... but I definitely wouldn't be going on vacation with him and taking the kids. No telling when he will snap again. All that crack has screwed up his mind.

1037 days ago


That's nice holiday pic, Denise feeding her little baby and Charlie looking like a supportive family guy. Ive never made it thru a full episode of awful show/last tv job
(writing is so contrived and lame, characters one dimensional), don't care about him much, especially after the story TMZ told that he killed their dog because of appalling neglect, but cool Denise seems like his best choice of ladies thus far. She can/will do better, but he must be a good guy with her, seems like she wouldn't have anyone who wasn't.

1037 days ago


"vacationing together in Mexico"

Hope They Have Bodyguards.

1037 days ago


I would give almost anything to trade lives with Charlie Sheen for 1 week.

1037 days ago
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