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Demi Lovato

Disney Pulls Eating Disorder

Joke After Demi's Twitter Attack

12/24/2011 5:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Lovato went on a Twitter rampage last night against her former bosses at Disney over an eating disorder joke on one of their shows -- and guess what??? Disney folded and promised to pull the joke from the show. 

Lovato, who left the Disney show "Sonny With a Chance" to battle her own problems with food, took offense to a line from the show,"Shake It Up" -- "I could just eat you up, well if I ate."

Demi sent out a flurry of tweets, one of which read, "I find it really funny how a company can lose one of their actress' from the pressures of an EATING DISORDER and yet still make joke about that very disease..... #nice." 

Word got back to the Mouse House and they responded to Demi in a matter of hours from a PR Twitter account: "We hear you & are pulling both episodes as quickly as possible & reevaluating them ... It’s NEVER our intention to make light of eating disorders!" 

How 'bout that ... The mouse that roared caved to the mouth that roared. 


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It was a joke intended to get people to laugh. These oversensitive people needs to grow up.

Yes, eating disorders suck, but come on.

1036 days ago


So she got her appetite back but not her sense of humour.

1036 days ago


I suffered from an eating disorder for a bit and I'm a guy. I was in high school and playing sports. I thought the best way to get fit was to ignore my appetite and eat little. When one of my friends, whose dad was a doctor, told me he was surprised how under-nourished I looked and said it must be because I never eat, something clicked. It took me several months to change my way of thinking and get back to a regular diet.

That said, it was a joke. Too many people wear their issues as a badge and use it to impose some kind of law on what people can and cannot say. It also seems people have let this whole "disorder" thing go to their heads. It's not cancer, which can return on its own. The only way to suffer a relapse is to return to the old way of thinking.

Demi needs to get over herself. The eating disorder was her problem. Not Disney's.

1036 days ago


It's a JOKE! Jokes are funny for a combination of 3 things; Making light of the obvious, pointing out the absurd, and containing a seed of truth. If Disney, or and media company for that matter, cannot use those elements in their comedy for fear of upsetting some starlet, they may as well close up shop. There can be no more eating disorder jokes, fat jokes, skinny jokes, dumb (blonde) jokes, nerd/geek jokes, drug use/abuse jokes, crime jokes (might offend victims), young jokes, old jokes, mental disorder comments... the list jokes on. Every one of those types of jokes is in some round-a-bout way made at SOMEONES expense. When Demi gets further into her rehab/therapy, she'll see that life goes on and the world never revolved around her. Until the she can take of her own house before suggesting her outrage and shame should define the harmless actions of others

1036 days ago


she cant take a joke?!!

she acts like she is the only one with an AD..

and tries to gain attention by it.. even with DISNEY who made her famous btw!!!

sensitive ugly fat bitch

1036 days ago


she needs to get over herself

1036 days ago


Disney's lost talent to auto accidents, yet they still film car chases and crashes. The world's a tough place. Male or female - wear a cup.

1036 days ago


i dno..i dont think a disney show that kids watch should joke about that. i could understand the adult audience finding it funny just not really good for kids

1036 days ago


The young lady has mental problems and her eating disorder was just one of the problems that sprang up as a result.

Hypersensitive people are very annoying! I'm thinking if she was still employed by disney and didn't have her melt down, she would see it as just a joke. Only in wealthy countries is their a "disease" known as an eating disorder! lol

Merry christmas!

1036 days ago


Demi Lovato seriously took the episode out of content!! Like it was an joke and I never seen any signs of them talking an eating disorder!! She needs too stop being sensitive...It is really sad...Now people are making death threats too the lil boy. But he was not the one who said that in the beginning...She needs too grow up!

1036 days ago


you guys are idiots..if your kid is watching disney and sees tht therer fav star is smaller than them and prettier and they decide hey i wanna be lik tht and they take the lines from disney where they make fun of eating disorders on more than one occasion..and decide im not gonna eat today..i bet u wont tell them to get over themseleves..and how is this seen funny to kids under 15 and shake it up has adult jokes anyway..monitor ur freaking kids

1036 days ago


To the people who are saying, "It's a joke." It is a joke but NOT on NBC or TBS or whatever. It is on the DISNEY channel, a channel intended for children/teens who are very impressionable. Good for Demi. Smart young woman who can stand up for herself and others.

1036 days ago


I see a lot of people telling her that she needs to "get over herself" or "learn to take a joke." What if it was a joke about race? Rape? What if it was a joke belittling women, or people with certain disabilities? The thing is, certain things are not funny to people, and for some, eating disorders are incredibly serious, and are NOT something that people are ok with joking about, and I can guarantee you that there's other people who probably DIDN'T find it funny. Not only that, but it sends a very bad message to the children who are watching that show. "Oh that person is pretty, and doesn't eat. I shouldn't eat because that'll make me pretty." Believe it or not, stuff like this affects children, and this kind of stuff should not be taken lightly. Demi was right for calling them out, and you people are wrong for being the problem.

1036 days ago


I think you morons are forgetting young people watch these shows, and are influenced by them... so If anorexia Beliuma etc are seen as something of a joke they're more likely to end up suffering from it... along with all these images of skinny pretty people I'm a guy and I nearly died from anorexia, so I think you people need to be educated before you type things on here, it's a disorder a mental state it's like pointing and laughing at a disabled person they can't help how they're but you know what the difference is between disabled and people with EDs? the world causes Ed's unfortunate accidents or gene mutations cuase disabled people, and the people on here prove how ugly the world really is.

1036 days ago


Up UR's TMZ. The "How about that" comment isn't funny.
P.S. Have Kelly Bering ring me up. She's a Miss Hotty.

1036 days ago
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