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Adam Lambert

Back in the US of A

12/26/2011 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert and his Finnish reality star boyfriend Sauli Koskinen returned to the States in time for Christmas yesterday ... just a few days after the pair was arrested in Finland for fist-fighting each other outside a gay bar.

Lambert and Koskinen weren't chatty -- but the warm and cuddly Xmas pic they posted on Twitter yesterday seemed to suggest things were now just ducky.

The pair was arrested after the fight and blamed the incident on alcohol


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Happy New Year!    

Media made this "story" so much bigger than it really was. There was no fist-fighting and they were not charged with anything. They had a drunken argument and police took them to sober up. After they sobered up they were released. They both apologized for their behavior.

People make mistakes. Specially, when they are drunk and suffering from lack of sleep. We are all just human. :)

977 days ago


Adam is a disgrace to the human race. Disgustng person, selfish, arrogant, self satisfied and just a bad guy. I would like to not see another thing about him. He has no talent or he wouldnt feel the need to offend others to get publicity.

977 days ago


Enough! This is old news. Merry Christmas! It is about time you forget about hating and negative feelings. THIS IS CHRISTMAS TIME! It’s a about Adam, we love him more than you can imagine. If you can’t love him, at least leave him alone!

977 days ago


TMZ still spreading lies. Gay Harvey Levin must be so proud.

977 days ago


This guy is so over rated; a Kim Kardashian media whore wannabe.

977 days ago


Oh give it up, they weren't fighting, it was a simple too much to drink lover's quarrel, the same as we all have when we're in love unless you want us to believe every couple is perfect and never spat? No, punchs thrown, no injuries, no charges, what part of that doesn't anyone understand? Oh ya, you'd rather take Perez Hilton's lies over the truth, same old, same old! Perez is the biggest bully in America & I can't wait until karma kicks him in the a$$!
But Yayy, Adam is home and his new single #betterthaniknowmyself is pop heaven, can't wait to hear him sing it!

977 days ago


he should stay locked up and or of the US. A very poor example of an Idol...

977 days ago


They didn't fist-fight and you know it very well based on what the police said and Adam tweeted it as well. TMZ, you are dumbasses.

977 days ago


Adam postd about 5 comments below- such a shameless self promoter. Gays lie and steal. Oh and fight in bars and outside of bars and next door all night long. Gross. Hey gay people! Stop being so annoying. Just be private. No one wants to know...

977 days ago


Isn't there anyway we could have paid Finland to keep it?

977 days ago


Adam wants to be Don of the "Gay
Mafia" Gays plan to bully others into accepting their indecent, filthy, "lifestyle" Its not normal- Hollywood is pimping out Gay like its a new fad. Its not. Its a mental disorder. There I said it. Its not acceptable and needs to be removed from our society. Just go back into your closets and stop promoting your sick sex lives like its a fashion style that everyone should wear. Disgusting perverts. Oh and Adam - you arent fooling anyone using all of those fake names to post comments here defending your drunken brawl.

977 days ago


Okay. First, Adam blamed himself then jetlag, THEN alcohol. He took full responsibility for getting drunk - that is NOT "blaming alcohol". Second, THERE WAS NO VIOLENCE. I wonder how the Finnish police feel about you constantly implying they are liars.

977 days ago


There was no "fist fighting" between Adam and Sauli. The police said there was no violence, no punches or blows, just an argument. There were no grounds for charges to be brought. They were brought in to be questioned and to sober up. They are now reconciled and are fine.

977 days ago


2 flaming homos + alcohol = sore jaws and buttholes and scrotum. Go back to Finland ****.

977 days ago


What's the point of keep calling him "Finnish boy"....isn't he's name enough?

977 days ago
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