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Tareq Salahi Legal Docs

She Lived Beyond Her Means ...

And She was a Slut!

12/25/2011 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tareq Salahi has fired off legal docs in his nasty divorce from Michaele Salahi, claiming she lived waaay beyond her means ... and, oh yeah, she was banging another dude.

In Tareq's response to MIchaele's divorce petition, he claims she was a compulsive liar.  The examples he gave ... she SWORE she was a Washington Redskins Cheerleader and a Victoria's Secret Model.

Tareq also says Michaele lived beyond her means, routinely spending thousands of bucks on hair extensions and beauty treatments and throwing lavish parties for him -- in one case $16k.

And the whole banging thing ... Tareq quotes Journey guitarist Neal Schon, who boasts he had sex with Michaele in his dressing room after a concert while she was still with Tareq.  Schon says, "I have tennis shoes on and she's, like, nine feet tall over me.  And she looks down at me like she's standing on stilts and says, 'I love you.  And that's never gonna change.'  And when that happened I said, 'Get over her!  This has taken 15 years.'"

It's a shame.  They seem so ... right for each other.


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The one person who should really be angry is President Obama for inviting both of theese loosers not only to the White House but to the White House for a State Dinner what a great way to represent your country. Whats next President Obama hiring Journey to use thier song Don't stop believing on the campaign tour.

1031 days ago


merryX- masTMZ readers.Mybe he well tell us what realy happed that night they crashed the white house party.
He seems to want to spill everything else. He seems lonely.
I never liked either of them I think they ran all thier scams toghter and both are equaly pyshco pathical liares.
Neal was married when she went after him. I think she is a home wrecker to break up neals family. This couple wont last. Seh even lied about havign MS.If Tareq wants to try and redemm himslef he neds to start telling the truth and
also stop ripping people off and py his bills. No woman well touch him with a 10 ft pole as long as he is known for being the scammer that he is. Crashing the white house was beyond crazy. He is sorta out of his mind and noone is realy intrested in anything he has to say. thats what happens when you lie and cheat Tareq! own your own mistakes and stop blamming everyone else. michels bad karma for brekaing up neals family and lieing about ms . al bad karma that well come back on her in a matter of time.
The onl thing you can do is wrte a tell all book. your reality show is not intresting your not realy famous or anythign and its a shame what you did to your familyus winery. all the hard work your family did to bulid it you destroyed it to live beyone your means. I think mor epeole have grudes agaisnt you than you do thtme so suck it up and move on!

1031 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Whats new with the Rich , Famous Celebs Hollywood Trash?? Thats all they do is Bang Each Others wives , friends , partners,=, Then call each other Whores and Pigs when they break up-- They live in the GUTTERS and act like decent people-- Then behind closed They cheat and fool; around with anyone they find--0- They are the Trash of Humanity,,and Guess what--They are IDOLIZED by the sick young people of the material world today-- They even try to imitate them and act like pigs to for attention--

1031 days ago


He is a broken hearted fool and he should shut up. She is a Major Skank/publicity whore and she no doubt lived beyond her means. But Neal Schon could do better than her without so much as an effort.

1031 days ago


Persians. Always keeping it classy.

1031 days ago


Michaele, a SLUT! NO S##@T!

1031 days ago

Metta Worldhate    

Screw you, publicists. We don't care about these people.

1031 days ago


A cheerleader and a Victoria's Secret Model? bahahahahahaha, not in a million years.

1031 days ago


I know for sure 100 percent, she never paid for her hair or beauty treatments. There was always a story "i have to go to the bank, I forgot my wallet, my mother is going to call with the card" I know this first hand.

1031 days ago


Orange tranny vs tubby manchild.

1031 days ago


Michaele has lied about everything. I can bet that she and Schon dont know each other for 15 yrs.

1031 days ago


Mr Salahi, it seems you're well rid of her! I'm just surprised Neal Schon wanted her...isn't she in her 40's. It seems most old rock stars want to screw their daughter's friends...they've got to have a 20-30 year old girlfriend.

1031 days ago


No !

1031 days ago

why is she there ?    

Karma to the fools

1030 days ago

There's a problem here    

You know, I'm thinking if this Salahi guy wasn't a famewhore himself or wasn't so vindictive towards that whore who he married and whose schemes he seemed to go along with quite willingly, if he had an ounce of brains he's simply turn his back on her like she didn't exist. He still wants his vindication and her attention. Here's your clue Tariq, soon enough the bitch will come crawling back to you as soon as her little boyfriend's Viagra isn't quite as effective as it is now or when his wife sues him into the poorhouse. Your best bet is to be a man about it, turn your back and make her dead to you. I'm guessing when she crawls back you'll be there.

1030 days ago
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