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Ex-Kardashian Nanny

Shopping Tell-All Book --

Trashes the Kids

12/29/2011 1:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pam Behan
The help is turning on the Kardashian clan ... TMZ has learned a former family nanny is shopping a tell-all book about her time with the K-squad before they were famous ... and it's clear she HATED some of the kids.

Sources tell us ... the woman behind the book, Pam Behan, served as a nanny, personal assistant and cook for Bruce and Kris Jenner for years ... and spent all sorts of time with the Kardashian girls AND the Jenner boys, Brody and Brandon.

We're told ... in the book, Pam makes it clear -- she couldn't stand Bruce's sons ... calling the two kids, "extremely spoiled and disrespectful."

In the book, we're told Pam also claims she almost lost her job after slapping Brandon one day.

As for the Kardashians -- we're told Pam describes her relationship with Kris as a "love/hate" thing ... but she seems fond of Bruce, claiming he helped her avoid prosecution when she was busted for DUI a while back.

We're told Pam also promises to reveal some "intimate details" about Kourtney and Kim --  surprising, because we're told the girls were very fond of her.

Sources tell us the book has been pitched to several major literary agents -- but it's unclear if a deal has been struck.


Kardashian Former Nanny

I Love Those Kids

The former Kardashian nanny who is shopping a juicy book about the family tells TMZ ... although she felt some of the kids were spoiled rotten and disrespectful when she signed on, things ultimately turned around and she now loves those children.

TMZ broke the story ... Pam Behan has been shopping a treatment to book agents, in which she claims Brandon and Brody Jenner were "spoiled and disrespectful."  She even admits ... things got so bad, she actually slapped Brandon and almost got fired as a result.

Pam tells us ... it's true ... Brandon and Brody were "spoiled rotten" when she began working as their nanny, but after a few months, she got them in line by standing up to them, adding, "I love those kids, to this day I love them." 

As for slapping Brandon, she says it happened after he called her "a very bad name," and she "slipped up" and struck him.   Pam reiterates everything turned around and she developed a strong bond with the boys.

Pam says she worked as a nanny for the Kardashians until Kim turned 17.  According to the book treatment, Pam says she will reveal "intimate details" about Kim and Kourtney.  As for what those details are ... she simply says, "Buy the book."

"Intimate details" notwithstanding, Pam insists it's not a "tell-all book" and "it does not bash anyone."

Hot Lips from 'M*A*S*H'


120811_memba_hot_lips_launchLoretta Swit is best known for her character Maj. Margaret 'Hot Lips' Houlihan on the TV hit "M*A*S*H." Guess what she looks like now!

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There's also a photo of John Stamos hiding somewhere in the gallery.

Consider it an early Xmas gift.

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"Baywatch" stars Pam Anderson and Brooke Burns hit the beach over the holidays -- and proved they still have the bodies to pull off those infamous red bathing suits from the '90s!

Steven Tyler

Dude Looks Like a Fiance

1227_steven_tyler_ring_launch_EXSteven Tyler is domesticating himself  ... because his longtime GF was sporting a huge rock on her finger this weekend ... and sources close to the rocker tell us it's an ENGAGEMENT RING! 

63-year-old Tyler and 38-year-old Erin Brady hit Maui on Xmas day ... along with a massive new diamond. It's unclear if Tyler proposed before or during the tropical vacay.

The two have been dating since 2006.  Tyler has been married twice before ... he married a model in 1978 and a clothing designer in 1988.

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No Avatar


Peo[ple keep saying if you don't like the
K's don'*****ch them and I don't but I pay a lot for cable and plus the little fat pig that looks like a K. on another channel that I pay for and don'*****ch along with all the so called reality shows, that are far from real!!! I am about to drop cable . 98 percent is reruns and reality shows.

996 days ago


I can't think of any other distinctive words to describe the K-family except dysfunctional. They're all in it for the publicity. What have you got here...bad plastic surgery, stage mom, drama queens for daughters, and BIG butts. It's time to get rid of reality television and let these wannabe's look for work like everyone else.

996 days ago


Kardashians, the most disgusting family in the world. I guess it's time for another swine to make money off these pigs.

996 days ago


She likes Bruce since he helped her avoid prosecution for a DUI? Nice. Then she'll talk badly about the rest of the clan? They are all trash and the assistant is no different.

996 days ago


I think if you have a position as this nanny did she should be loyal and respectful of her employers and the children and if she doesn't that just means she's a goldigging bitch and is exposing the family just like all the other lousy opportunist! SHAME ON HER!!!!!

996 days ago


I don't want to know their secrets. Please just make them go the F**K away.

996 days ago


Santa must have been mad at me, I asked him for the Kardashian"s to go away but...damn.

996 days ago


What in the world is there left to find out. It can't be naked sex pictures of the K's....Those are already on the internet. It can't be their foul language skills.....We have heard plenty of that already. It can't be about the possibility that almost the entire family has been hacked upon by plastic surgeons.....We aren't blind. It can't be about the K's being self-centered, self-loving or egotistical......We aren't deaf.....So, enough already! Don't waste the paper to print a tell all book.....No one will buy it, and no one will read it.

996 days ago


Maybe the book will finally tell the true story of how their maggot father helped set a murderer free.

995 days ago

non ya business    

The Kardashians are pure trash!! and nothing any of them do is worth the page telling it takes up.......

995 days ago


"Buy the book."
Which translates to gime me money, give me money. I remember years ago seeing an interview with Jessica Hahn. She was saying she could NOT remember the things that Jim Baker had done to her, but buy Playboy and read the story. Funny how she remembered all the things he did when she was getting paid for it. Same here.

995 days ago

Sam Lupowitz    

Horribly disgusting, low-class family. A gang of shallow whores. Disgraceful.

995 days ago


Why do people want to read about a family's trash ? Dont we have enough trash in our own family to be concerned over? The nanny should be spanked and sent home,

995 days ago


Ths family is as disfunctional as any and really of no interest to us here in this household. You can suck up to them! There are idiots everywhere!

995 days ago


Re: The K-Klan.....Major league jerks who earn megabucks off poor fools who follow their lives instead of leading their own. Wake up America....this is the kind of attitude that is destroying any creative spirit in the U.S. Try investing in yourselves instead of parasites who sap your time and money. You are worth it and they are not!

995 days ago
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