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Ellen Barkin

I Was Shoved by an NYPD Officer

for No Reason!

1/1/2012 9:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Actress Ellen Barkin went on a Twitter rampage early this morning after she claims she was pushed by an NYPD officer just for walking down the street ... and the incident was shot on video.

Barkin -- perhaps best known for her roles in "Sea of Love" and "Switch" -- claimed to have seen people being arrested for no reason, as the cops dealt with Occupy Wall Street protestors in the area. 

Barkin then had a run-in with an officer of her own, which she described by saying, "Just threatened on my street by NYPD,cop shoved me,both hands,onto sidewalk..Is it a crime 2 stand in the street in NY?WTF is going on here?"

Barkin was with her rumored boyfriend, director Sam Levinson, who caught the incident on video.

We reached out to the local police precinct, who said they would review the video. So far, no word back.


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What a pansie. That was nothing. A little shove does not hurt.

989 days ago


Another has-been trying to keep her name in the news. A lame attempt to keep her name relevent. Twitter, an online outlet to make people seem way more important than they really are.

989 days ago


I saw this women on tv commenting on how police were dealing with potesters. I doubt she saw this officer do anything wrong but still found the need to give him a piece of her mind. Only an extremist would have the nerve to lecture a policeman while on duty. Who does that?? No normal person wastes a cops time with there political nonsense. The cop knew she was either drunk, crazy or both. He just wanted to get her out of the street so he could do his job. And I know she said something pretty demeaning to deserve that final little shove. He was annoyed with that crazy bitch!!

989 days ago


I don't see anything wrong in the video. Ellen was obviously running her mouth and I think the cop did the right thing by turning away. Obviously Ellen is just looking for publicity which is the reason why filming was taking place. NYC police deal with all kinds of people every day. There is no way they initiated contact with this woman without reason.

989 days ago


Okay, so where was the shove? And what was she saying to them that led up to them wanting her to step back? Pretty one-sided video.

989 days ago


It appears that this is "nothing" major, move forward!

989 days ago


Let's put this in perspective. She is a small woman who is presumably trying to cross the street. In the video, I see no less than four uniformed officers advancing towards her in an aggressive manner and placing hands on her at least twice. I wish I could see more video, but I have serious doubts that she was breaking any law that required such a response.

What I did see though on other video was at least 10 people arrested (not cited, ARRESTED) for walking down the sidewalk and/or the street in close proximity to the sidewalk (since there were so many people). Since this is a long holiday weekend, these people may be jailed until Tuesday before they can see a judge or post bail. That's three DAYS of jail time for stepping off the sidewalk, chanting anti-government slogans, civilly questioning authority or maybe even nothing at all. I saw another officer respond to a verbal insult (don't know what provoked it) by shoving a barricade in a guy's face.

Bravo to this woman for at least questioning the cops as to why she was being pushed. I can tell you from experience, that if you give this unchecked authority an inch, they will take a mile. Many of the people I see commenting about these types of confrontations do not understand that the NYPD are being told by very high up people to "send a message" to anyone who dares to speak against the people in charge. These same people bitch about "the system," or getting screwed from time to time by banks, the IRS, their local government, corporations, etc, yet they have the balls to call other people "prima donna's" for questioning authority.

These people also bash the current protesters for "not accomplishing anything." Wow. Do these people think that somebody is going to snap their fingers and the abusers of power will all of a sudden go "you know what, they're right." No. Just the fact that the protesters have brought many very important issues (such as corporate personhood and a corrupted electorate) to the forefront of discussion is HUGE. This accomplishment is nothing short of a job well done.

All in all, they NYPD's actions last night are overkill and serve as a power play. After the **** they have pulled the last few months (beating up protesters and reporters, illegal spying operations, etc), they do not get the benefit of the doubt anymore.

989 days ago


I saw the cop kinda nudge her along and then waited for the actual PUSH and never saw it. If this is what she finds to be police brutality she needs a lesson in reality. What an absolute joke and for TMZ to even report it shows what a slow news day it is.

989 days ago


I'm surprised Ellen Barkin can still walk to a curb without a walker. Quite impressive actually. Maybe the cop was offering her a hand, seeing she's probably going to break a hip soon.

989 days ago


Ellen Barkin is filthy rich and she's somehow an #Occupy supporter? What a joke. Well at least Ellen earned her money the old-fashioned way, she ***** the right ****.

989 days ago


She's a pest looking for attention with some dumb ass boyfriend who can't get a woman his own age ... she's nuts .. the cops spend their lives looking after us while they put their very own lives on the line with nuts killing them all the time .. she's a freak .. never will see another old moive of hers .. done b*tch .. finished ... get over yourself and stop seeking attention .. he should have beaten you up .. moving your ass out of the way was doing you a favor

989 days ago


you know your career has officially hit rock bottom when the only way you can get on TMZ is by defending a bunch of spoiled, smelly losers.

989 days ago


People have to also realize that if you keep swearing at cops, and questioning them, they can make your life miserable with a breach of peace charge or something similar. Just shut the fck up, and comply.
God, I would have cited her for that stupid quaffed hair and her lippy attitude. She is just a big ole bitch. Period.

989 days ago


This woman is so full of herself. I guess the cop didn't fall for her notoriety, and as usual cleavage display, so she got pissed off.

989 days ago


Who cares...

989 days ago
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