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Beyonce Had Miscarriage

Before Blue Ivy

1/9/2012 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay-Z just revealed ... Beyonce suffered a miscarriage before conceiving their daughter Blue Ivy.

The rapper dropped the bombshell in his newest song "Glory" -- which he released today in honor of Blue Ivy's birth this weekend -- rapping, "Last time the miscarriage was so tragic/We was afraid you'd disappear/But nah baby you magic."

The song was produced by Pharrell -- and even includes an audio sample of Blue Ivy crying just moments after she was born.

Among the proud fatherly lyrics -- "The most amazing feeling I feel, words can’t describe what I’m feeling for real / Baby, I paint the sky blue, my greatest creation was you."


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Maybe Beyoche had a previous miscarriage, but everyone knows she wasn't pregnant this time and a surrogate birthed that child. I wish these two posers would just admit that they used a surrogate and move on. This charade of theirs is old and tired.

984 days ago


why am i even surprised that the people that visit this site believe gossip site over factual info ?

" Jay Z has another child"

really, do you know anyone who can show you DNA proof ? jay Z has never claimed to be a saint, and he has plenty of money, if he had another kid, why would he hide it ? it makes no sense

the only "source" that said Jay Z was the father of that other kid DIDNT EVEN SAY JAY Z WAS THE FATHER.

he said " my son found out he wasnt the father of the kid, and i know a bunch of people, including Jay Z had sex with her, i just want my son to get his money back that he spent on the kid all these years, so the real father should pay up"

thats it.

984 days ago


" bagladey: about a minute ago
Is this baby more important than Jay z's first born child? His son, and natural heir? Did Jay Z make a song about him too? "

i wish people like you would stop talking about gossip sites, jay Z is worth half a billion,he never lied and said he was a saint or anything like that, so if he did have another child, why would he hide it.
the fact that he has no reason to shows those gossip site have no merit.

984 days ago


I used to be a big fan, but between taking money to perform at a private Ghadaffi event and now this episode where she prevents parents from being with their kids in an ICU it just seems like this woman has an outrageous sense of entitlement. I can't help but be reminded of it when I hear her voice now and it just makes me uncomfortable. It's a shame her success has gone to her head, but I'm just going to avoid her when I can from now on.

984 days ago


The baby was only born yesterday and I am already sick of hearing about her.

984 days ago


You guys are so rude and mean. why cant people be happy that they have a healthy baby girl? and just because jay-z has another child doesnt mean he loves him less because he has a new child now. hes excited and happy that he has this baby. and its great to see a man be so happy about this. people are so hurtful and mean. why do you even care to comment on this is its not like she did something wrong or he go sent to jail. congrats to the new family!!!

984 days ago


There is no way that she had this baby already!! Wasn't it just a couple months ago that she said she was pregnant? Even all of the baby bump pics look so fake..surrogate all the way, just be honest.

984 days ago


What a yaawwner... so does Jay-Z's first child in Trinidad doesnt count?? Gee, wonder he and his first babymama think of being 2nd best, smfh. Next... no wonder they used a surrogate. Even Mariah Carey didnt use all this security bull**** and she had her twins naturally.. yet no one saw the twins for a month. Beyaawwnce and Jay-Z are just fake pompous a$$e$. #Truth!!

984 days ago


Give me a break

984 days ago


so many of us do... lost 5 myself. congrats to them. babies are a blessing and a miracle.

984 days ago


Tacky tacky tacky!

984 days ago


I love it When Men make songs. About how happy there are. When their women give them a child a wonderful Song Nice song/Rap.

984 days ago


I'm sorry, but that song is TERRIBLE!!! It's laughable it's so bad!!

984 days ago


Sounds a bit suspicious...but if it's real, it's sad but it's too many coincidences.

984 days ago


Who cares.

984 days ago
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