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Beyonce Had Miscarriage

Before Blue Ivy

1/9/2012 11:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay-Z just revealed ... Beyonce suffered a miscarriage before conceiving their daughter Blue Ivy.

The rapper dropped the bombshell in his newest song "Glory" -- which he released today in honor of Blue Ivy's birth this weekend -- rapping, "Last time the miscarriage was so tragic/We was afraid you'd disappear/But nah baby you magic."

The song was produced by Pharrell -- and even includes an audio sample of Blue Ivy crying just moments after she was born.

Among the proud fatherly lyrics -- "The most amazing feeling I feel, words can’t describe what I’m feeling for real / Baby, I paint the sky blue, my greatest creation was you."


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This shouldn't Have been posted on this website.
You already know the internet racist get off on leaving negative comments.

But what else can you expect from a group of people that scared to say that racist **** to a black person's face.

981 days ago


no wonder she didn't want to reveal her pregnancy at first it's normal to react like that after a miscarriage which sadly are all too common. like I said in another thread this song reminds me of Stevie Wonder's Isn't She Lovely which was written for his daughter Aisha when she was a baby

981 days ago


I'm not gonna lie, even though I am completely done with Beyonce and her bull**** lies (and was never of fan of Gay-z to begin with) I almost shed a tear when hearing little Blue cry. Congrats to a healthy baby! I just wanna know what kind of excuses Bey's stans are going to come up with when the truth finally comes out. I'm sure Bey has lost a very large majority of her fanbase, at least all the sane fans anyway who aren't brainwashed by her *****-poppin stage routines...

981 days ago


What about His 1st song...Jay-Z makes is a no good as man.

981 days ago


Doesn't he have and boy thats almost a teenager? Wow I bet he feels real special!!!!!!!!

981 days ago


Eh **** the two of these ********! They are pure garbage for what they did to ALL of the other parents having babies. Believe me honey your child is NO more special then ANY of the other babies that are born each and every day. Get over your self.

981 days ago


Omg I truley have heart felt feelings for this little baby girl. Beyonce is amazing. I hope she lives an amazing life. I hope she isn't with the nanny 24/7 and gets to spend her time with her amazing mother, and father. She dosen't know how lucky she is. She has no clue. She undoubidbly will be a georgeous female.

981 days ago


"We was afraid you'd disappear/But nah baby you magic"

Awesome grammar! No wonder fools that listen to this music work at burger king.

981 days ago


The song is beautiful but this whole pregnancy thing is very fishy. It'll soon come out until then congrats Carter family.

981 days ago


Blue Ivy? Sounds like comic book character! Will never understand why celebs feel the need to name their children such weird and ridiculous names.

981 days ago

S. in Colorado    

Doesn't even come close to being as great as "Isn't She Lovely" The Aaliyah reference "Just make sure the plane you on bigger than your carry on baggage" is disrespectful. This child is not the Second Coming. Keeping other families away from their babies is disgusting. Why does sooooo many people kiss Beyonce & Jay-Z's ass. I'm so sick of them. Is their no intelligent life left on this Earth

981 days ago


this guy is proof of coat tail riders. this "SONG" is horid. he had one good song in his whole career and you all act like he is god. he cant rhyme for his life. Hey ill rhyme the word rhyme with rhyme in time with rhyme and rhyme about time again. its gibberish. ive heard better rhymes in dr seus books. heres a clue, its not rhyming when you rhyme off the same word over and over again and make words up. if this dude was white you'd all say he sucked. get off his nuts and call it like it is. he was one of the first black guys to make it big so you all dont wanna see him fall. he SUCKS!!!! christ, 98% of what he says is gibberish. get a life people and get off his ****.. its ridiculous how ridiculous this ridiculous dudes ridiculous rhymes make ridiculous ridiculous <- look Im the next jay-z... HOV!!! dudes a punk too that acts like he's hard cause he can afford to pay people to be hard for him... what a joke. and a punk.

981 days ago



981 days ago


Well at least we know the child was "made" in Paris. I'm sure the baby would like to know details about that night when she gets older.

981 days ago


LIES LIES LIES!! i read that blind that says a couple **cough** jayzoo and beyfakeapregnancy are upset at the unexpected backlash there getn so there publicist suggested they play sympathy card and makeup something tragic to get haters off their scent!! sorry NOT falling for it! go AAAAAWWWWWAAAAAAAYY b&j and take your pillowcase baby with you.....

981 days ago
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