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Dr. Conrad Murray

Back to Court to Prove

MJ Partly Caused His Own Death

1/10/2012 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Murray
Dr. Conrad Murray
is asking the judge in his criminal case to deny Michael Jackson's family full restitution, on grounds MJ caused his own death.

Murray filed legal docs yesterday -- obtained by TMZ -- asking for evidence the defense never received during the trial ... evidence that could show Michael self-administered the fatal dose of Propofol.

Murray's lawyer, Michael Flanagan, argues that in deciding how much restitution the family gets, it's appropriate to consider the victim's responsibility for his own demise.

So Murray will concede he's partly to blame -- he can't argue otherwise because of the conviction -- but he still wants to prove that MJ ultimately caused his own death.

The prosecution is asking for around $100 million in restitution, but the judge hasn't decided on a figure.  But once the figure is set, if Flanagan gets his way and the judge were to decide MJ was 50% responsible for his death, the judge would reduce the restitution award by 50%.

So the fat lady hasn't sung ... yet.


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I see he keeps blaming the victim.
He is a disgrace, and I am seriously beginning to think that he is insane. What I saw of him in the courtroom wasn´t a normal person. No emotion except when his defence team were talking about how brilliant he was, then he would bawl away.
His nose picking and eating the buggers (at least once he ate it!) points to a man who is not in touch with reality. He knew that the whole world was watching, and he kept picking away - and eating it!!! EWWWWWWW, what a person!!! :-O

980 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Of course... jackson ordered and administered drugs all by himself.

980 days ago


oh, and another thing. Your ass kept Michael druged up more so towards the end of his life. Michael coudn't even find his ass with both hands, than find the needle to give him the one that killed him. You're not fooling me. You are a poor excuse for a doctor, and more so.. a human-being. AGAIN, IF YOU WERE ANY KIND OF A "GOOD DOCTOR", YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER.

980 days ago


97. OhWell: 11 minutes ago

Te Hehe
No More

980 days ago



980 days ago

Melanie Zarth    

Now how much fun would this be without TROLLS. I have learned I must take joy in realizing how much better my life is than theirs. So Haters, just keep it coming I guess. We all just laugh at you. Next time you sell a billion ANYTHING, someone might actually be affected by you.

980 days ago


he should have had insurance let the insurance pay.

980 days ago


Why does Conrad care? He can't afford any of it anyway. This man has mush for brains. He probably wants a new trial to try to get his baby momma an acting gig since the first didn't work.

980 days ago


Remember another thing? Michael´s chronic pneumonia? He got that as a direct result of Murray´s "treatment". When Michael was under almost every night on Propofol, he couldn´t breathe properly, so his lungs weren´t "aired out", just superficial breathing - hence the infection.
"Doctor"? What doctor does such an outrageous thing?

980 days ago


Flanagan and some other idiot were on Piers Morgan right after the sentencing and what they are whining about is the fact that they didn't get to drag in a bunch of stuff about AEG and the stress that had put on MJ to perform at the O2, etc. They also wanted to drag in his finances as if any of that has absolutely anything to do with the fact that it was Murray who purchased the 4 gallons of propofol and Murray who hooked Michael up to the IV and Murray who took off to talk on his 2 cell phones when Michael quit breathing and Murray who took one phone and called someone who works for Michael and left a message of all things and Murray who didn't call 911 and Murray who was caught hiding evidence. It doesn't matter what kind of do***ent he submits, it's absurd on its face! Whatever the Judge orders as restitution should be enough to keep Murray from cashing in on anything. You notice how Chernoff bailed immediately after the sentencing and hasn't been heard from since. I'm quite sure he wished he had never taken that mess on.

980 days ago

What I Think    

You hang in there, Doc. Your fans know you are innocent.

980 days ago


Siggisis: about an hour ago
I see he keeps blaming the victim. He is a disgrace, and I am seriously beginning to think that he is insane.
Conrad Murray is in fact insane. He think he is a messiah. Did you watch his do***entary when he said he dreamed about an angel of light? The angel told Murray he was going to be victorious after the trial. That proves Murray is a psychopath who thinks his mission on Earth was to pump Michael Jackson's body full of propofol. Judge Pastor was right when he said Murray was a danger to society. Poor Michael Jackson. It's sad to think that a bunch of maniacs that were attracted to Michael Jackson's fame(Dr. Chandler, Dr. Murray, Gavin Arvizo, Tom Sneddon) destroyed his life.

980 days ago


I am sick and tired of hearing about this sociopath Conrad Murray. And why is nobody kicking his butt yet in jail?

980 days ago

What I Think    

Do you know what the best part of this is? When Dr. Murray walks free in two years, MJ remains just as dead.

980 days ago


You have got to be kidding me!!!!!! Again he takes no responsibility for his actions and puts the blame on the victim!!!! So California has stripped his license I hope Nevada and Texas do the same in return. This man doesn't deserve to have DR in front of his name he is a mental case.

980 days ago
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