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'Pawn Stars'

WAAAAHHH Me a River!!!

1/11/2012 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The fellas from "Pawn Stars" are bawlin' mad at the fact no one told them the new 'Cajun' spin-off of their hit show was coming out. Ummm ... "Waaaahhh!!!"


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BOTH those shows are why I dropped Dish and just went "over the air" for TV! History Channel no longer showing history, MTV/VH1 no longer music, AMC stopped classic movies, went commercial, OWN raping Discovery Health, no more Dr G Medical Examiner... etc

1014 days ago

H Calahan    

I didn't care much for the Cajun version. Most people will probably check the show out once and never tune in again. The guys in Vegas have nothing to worry about.

1014 days ago


I thought this item ran yesterday. Is this a do-over item?

1014 days ago


To Rick and his gang just get over it because it was time for
Louisiana to have a T V show of their own pawn shop. I live
in Louisiana and I like the show and I also watch your show
all the time. so just smile and stop been ugly. take it like a man.

1014 days ago


Hey rick, chill out guys. I watched that lame show in Louisiana last week. I won't be watching it again, and I live in Louisiana. You guys have nothing to worry about. Relax

1014 days ago


Pawn Stars guys are making a **** load of money and have a huge fan base, I bet they don't give a **** about this other pawn star show but of course tmz has to stir **** up by making a big deal out of nothing.

I bet when tmz asked pawn star people if they knew of this other knock off pawn star show they where like no we had no idea, and then tmz made it sound like a bid deal..

1014 days ago


The word "star" just doesn't carry the same weight as it did 30 years ago thanks to "reality" TV.

1014 days ago

Mike L    

You know TMZ, you guys are real ********. Making fun of guys who have been perfectly cordial to you. Always willing to talk to your leeches. If I was them I wouldn't say another word to your people, except to tell them where to stick their cameras..... up Harveys ass (he enjoys stuff up his butt, so it shouldn't bother him much).

Anyway, the Cajun show is awful. The brokers are awful, the Pawn Shop is a ****hole, and the whole show takes place in Bubble **** USA. Who cares?

1013 days ago

david d    

Pawn stars are the bomb man, you guys have nothing to worry about it's no different then hardcore those people are ******** and I would love to smack the son in the mouth, keep on keeping on!!!

1013 days ago


I haven'*****ched that garbage in over a year. That fat tattooed kid is one of the biggest body openings on TV.

1013 days ago


Harvey, please do something about your ******* spammers. They're out of control.

1013 days ago


That Corey, is one of the dumbest guys on TV, he is telling his dad that old glass runs.

He complains about the interior of an old car not being vinyl, has not a clue that was the way the car came from the factory.

ChumLee, is way smarter then Corey. I bet Corey, didn’t finish High School.

1013 days ago


if the network told them that they would be the ONLY pawn show....then they have every right to be angry
hopefully they will search whatever they have in writing and find something that said that....
sadly you can't take anyone's word for anything it seems
no more of the "my word is my bond" in this society where deals could be done honorably on a handshake

1013 days ago


Am I wrong, or is this a repeat of yesterday's same story?

1013 days ago

There's a problem here    

Can'*****ch Pawn Stars anyhow. Everytime that one guy laughs and I hear all of the congestion and junk in his lungs from his smoking habit I hyperventilate trying to breathe for him. Give it up, man.

1013 days ago
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