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Heather Locklear Hospitalized

For Rx Drugs and Alcohol

1/13/2012 8:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

8:00 PM PT:
A hospital spokesperson tells TMZ, Heather was awake and responsive when she arrived today -- and she is currently responding well to treatment. According to the spokesperson, Heather is doing much better now and doctors are hopeful she will be released tomorrow.

We're also told Heather's parents are currently with the actress inside the hospital.


Heather Locklear
was taken to the hospital by ambulance Thursday afternoon after taking a dangerous mix of prescription drugs and alcohol ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We've learned ... Locklear's sister called 911 at 2:05 PM PT fearing Heather was in danger.

The fire department, along with the Ventura County Sheriff's Department responded. Paramedics examined Heather and determined she needed to be hospitalized.

This is not the first time Locklear has had a medical emergency where 911 responded. In 2008, her doctor was concerned she may have overdosed on prescription meds. He called 911 and the operator described the situation as a "suicide attempt." It turned out to be a false alarm.

Locklear recently called off her engagement to Jack Wagner.

Heather was at the Lakers game Tuesday night ... hanging with a friend, who was playfully trying to take away her beverage. It's unclear if the drink contained alcohol.


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Just wait til later today when the spin doctors wake up. They will be quick to let us know that was blown way out of proportion and that is was simply a "bad reaction" to a prescription - *wink wink*" They might even go so far to call it an "allergic reaction" if they are desperate enough.

952 days ago


And she had the nerve to berade Sambora for drinking? She's pathetic

952 days ago


Those around her need to stop enabling her. Threaten to take her child away if she does not clean up her act.

She is a mother, that should be first priority to be a good parental role model for your child, not the histrionics and pill taking and booze chugging for camera attention.

Imagine how she made her child feel with her reckless stung, her little girl is probably worried and afraid, and probably wonders why she is not enough for her mother to stop her addiction. She probably wonders why her mother would not put her daughter's needs first and foremost above her drinking and pill taking.

You do not teach a child to cope with stressors in life by overdosing on pills and booze to escape.

Her little girl deserves a better role model right now, and maybe Heather should be taken to court to lose custody rights until she cleans up her act.

Don't spiral and turn into a Courtney Love. Addicts hurt those closest to them with their reckless and selfish behavior. They try to pull their loved ones into their histrionics and drama and drag them through h.e.l.l. with them.

Time her family and loved ones have an intervention and set up some boundaries, looks like Mommy is being the child and Ava the parent to care and worry about her Mommy.

Get it together, put your child first above your addiction!

952 days ago


There is always a lot of drama when a party girl gets older and loses her looks and "friends".

It's a shame how many beautiful people don't start building substantial and hard-earned relationships and friendships until they get old...or they die lonely and miserable. The decision is up to her.

952 days ago


Whatever happened to doctor..patient confidentiality?

952 days ago


She's setting herself up to destroy her image and embarrass her family and fit in with the reputations of the likes of Charlie Sheen, Courtney Love, David Hasselhoff.

All for that next escape from a pain pill and drinking it down with some booze.

Addicts allow their addiction to rob their lives of everything with meaning and hurt loved ones to the point of ill repair.

952 days ago

Oval Beach    

Jesus H. Christ Heather GROW UP!!! Just how old is 55?...I mean...people typically work their dramas out WAY before 55...If this were Lindsey Lohan (this time) I would not be surprised but this is 55YO Heather Locklear...give me a break...go find some comfort in a senior's canasta game or something but quit acting like you're some young, self abusive Hollywood starlet.

952 days ago

Dr. M    

Vanity / Vanity - all is vanity
every human goes thru crap down here
it's too bad she's hooked on pills and drinks
she seems nice = but who really knows
hope she finds some real peace
Shalom Aleichem Heather
Dr. M

952 days ago


are we supposed to feel sorry for this poor excuse of a woman...I think not....go have a another drink ya drunk

952 days ago

Studley Buck    

Heather needs to start jogging & stop being depressed about her age. Nobody except Sarah Palin stays hot forever.

952 days ago


if for no other reason, this photo's content is disturbing with Heather's past history with DUI, etc.... She has a child that no doubt with see this..

952 days ago


To Oval Beach... PLEASE do not take the Lord's name in vain on a public forum.. there's other ways to express yourself.. It is offensive to me and I am sure, others. Thank you.

952 days ago


I am shocked and upset that posters on here are telling her to go away and die and call her names like hag and skank. If that was your mother or sister, would you say that??? NO, you wouldn't. It's easy to say that to a person that you don't know who lives in a different part of the country than you do.
Heather hasn't done a thing to deserve all this venom on here. It's just like most everybody says on here, she is having trouble with adjusting to getting older and her lack of career. She deserves our sympathy not venom. At least she has family around her and Jack Wagner who still must love her to stay with her through this. Most celebrities don't have that. They have minions. She needs to get away from Hollywood for a long while. Maybe she should try going to New York and doing a play or something.

952 days ago


Agree with Palermo's comment.

952 days ago


LEt me start by saying your website has some of the rudest, hateful, and non educated people I've ever seen. Heather, hope all is well. You are a great lady, I too had the pleasure of meeting you. Thoughtful, pretty, and so on. You are still beautiful, talented, and most of all you have a great family. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

952 days ago
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