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Beyonce's Hospital Suite

It Can be Yours ...

For Only $$$$

1/13/2012 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce hospital suiteThe lavish hospital executive suite where Beyonce gave birth is a lot cheaper than you think ... at least it's a lot cheaper than we thought.

An official at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC tells TMZ ... there are 7 suites in the VIP section where Beyonce gave birth. Each executive suite costs between $700 and $800 a night. 

We're told the suites have "reconfigurable designs." Translation -- the dividing walls are movable so the VIPs can expand into more than one suite. 

In Beyonce's case, the official wouldn't be specific, but we're told she had at least 4 suites -- which could explain the 4 flat-screen TVs. So Beyonce probably paid $3,200 a night -- she can afford it.

We're told any patient can use the rooms, provided it satisfies the needs and treatment of the patient.

The official indicated there has been intense interest in the suites, repeatedly telling us patients can book them subject to availability.


No Avatar


CONGRATULATIONS BEYONCE AND JAY-Z !!! You now have become the most disgusting couple in America!!! Your lavish and outlandish behavior will follow your little bundle from Heaven, for years!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!

1013 days ago


They only booked 5 of the rooms? What cheapskates.

1013 days ago

Over It    

Do these people really want us to believe that she had a baby? Because showing us a suite that she used really makes me believe she actually had a child and not paid someone to have it for her... or whatever... We don't care if you adopt or paid someone, just don't put on a show about it!

1013 days ago


Wow, our semi-private rooms around here cost almost that much.

1013 days ago


I can't believe how long TMZ is milking this ridiculous baby story.

1013 days ago


People on this post are so jealous. 1st they didnt pay a millon dollars thats why its news bc of the rumors were lies. Get a grip America. 2nd the supposed complaining parents are actually artist trying to break into the music industry. So no wonder they wanted to talk to Bey/Jay. But if you noticed there was no formal complaint. 3rd google Beyonce in swimsuit not the white one but the blue one. You can clearly she her stomach. She was pregnant. 4th they have donated most of there baby gifts to a home for needed mothers. People should be ashamed. They wanted security bc of people like the ones that are posting on these sites. You are hearing so many stories bc there were so many lies told about the birth. Now you all hear the truth. There good people who wanted and are excited to have a baby. They are not putting stores out, there not posting pictures or doing interviews. So why so much hate? Yea I know why.

1013 days ago


I heard she had a C-Section...if that is true, she did not deliver the baby in this room.

1013 days ago


I enjoy reading tmz for the headlines and the comments. Makes me forget my normal everyday problems. Next we'll read about secondary crib costing 50k, baby bath made out of krystal- wait that was on another rag and that her room is 2200square feet. You have to love this. It;s entertainment.

1013 days ago


$700 - $800 per night? I don't believe it. When can a normal person stay in a regular hospital room for less than $1,500 per night! Covering their a$$eS again with phony stories.

1013 days ago


Jesus could have been born there I still would pay that much cuz its DEFINITELY not worth that much

1013 days ago

I Agree...........    

I really don't know what all the hype is about. The room isn't all that great! Maybe big, but not worth all fuss it's getting!

1012 days ago


I don't care if she takes over an entire floor at a hospital if she is paying for it. The problem I have is the other mothers/fathers/families that wanted or needed to see their babies while she was there and were "not permitted", because apparently she is the bleeping queen. She is no better than any other family in that hospital. If my newborn was in ICU (or not), and I was not permitted to see them, I would have flipped the bleep out on somebody. What if, God forbid, those children would have died while this was going on?? Whatever....
I am officially done with Beyonce. I do not have many people on my list that I will absolutely not support in anything they do. She is now the 5th person on this list.... I will never buy/watch another movie or music video she does or has touched in any way. I will not buy another music album she ever touches either. It might not change anything about her life style, social status or wealth, BUT it will definitely make me feel like a better person.

1009 days ago

Ana Paula    

Um exageiro pra quem pode neh! pobre ganha filho em hospital publico e divide até o breço rsrsrs.

989 days ago

Ana Paula    

Um exageiro pra quem pode neh! pobre ganha filho em hospital publico e divide até o breço rsrsrs.

989 days ago


...LMAOOOOOO, guess I can go to bed now lolololol

983 days ago
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