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Urinating Marines Identified

7 Battalion Members

Had Been Killed in Action

1/13/2012 5:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The U.S. Marines Corps has identified all four of the men seen urinating on the corpses of insurgent fighters in a viral video that emerged this week ... and they are all part of a sniper team based in North Carolina.

According to reports, all four members belong to the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, which returned to the U.S. last fall after a tour in Afghanistan ... after 7 members of the 1,000-person battalion were killed in action.

So far, the names of the men have not been released. reports the men had been showing off the video as a "war trophy" at their home base in Camp Lejeune in NC.

At least two of the Marines have been interviewed by USMC officials -- but are not being detained.

A rep for the White House says President Barack Obama is aware of the video -- but would not say if he has actually seen it yet.

Hillary Clinton has condemned the video -- calling the action "deplorable behavior."


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Really Ms. Hilary??? What they are doing is disgusting, but hey, you seem to approve of them peeing worse than killing? Does anyone else see the irony spouting out of these crazy politicians? Bless our soldiers and don't forget what they are doing for OUR country.

983 days ago

mark medina    

If these were black army guys pissing on them. everybody would be mad at them. But because they're white is ok for them to do this.

982 days ago


Sorry Hillary..Dispicable is what these Muslim terrorists have done..Remember 911 girl friend? Have you noted our soldiers are dead, coming home blind, without limbs and you think pissing on these evil bas...ds is bad?

982 days ago

Ed Arambasich, Jr.    

Great information!

982 days ago


Considering what the Taliban have done to our soldiers, our son’s, fathers, husbands, daughters, and mothers etc., can’t say that I would blame them if they did. they did it. Besides what do you expect…train them to be warriors, make them put away some of their human compassion for the sake of self preservation and then condemn them for what they are trained to do…yeah right makes sense to me…get over it…move on, it’s a war for God sake!! Or maybe after losing my 22 year old son in Afghanistan 2yrs ago, I just don’t give a sh*t if they did or not. Right now I just have way to much pain, sorrow and hatred in my heart to really much give a damn what is done to them. In all honesty…I can only hope that one of them was the one that killed my son. Like it or not, agree or not..this is how I feel…whether you think it is right or wrong I don’t care…walk a mile in my shoes then judge me.

982 days ago



981 days ago


They are heros!!!! Oohah..S/F brothers!

981 days ago


Anyone who doesn't like to see what these weary boys did in what was probably a very frustrating situation should google 2 things 1) General Patton peeing on the enemy and being cheered by Americans as a hero - with picture 2)terms - real naked islam and then search for the topic of the marines incident on the right - warning the videos of what the taliban do are GRAPHIC... and not for the weak. THIS is what these boys get to see... and we get mad at a tinkle that is done in every frat house in this country? Sorry - I wish they had done more.

981 days ago


um... how can it be a war crime, when the taliban don't fight under the geneva convention. If they did - our red cross would have access to the solider they took captive 7 years ago that no one has seen again... Oh wait - we don't yell and scream about that now do we. Our Sec of State just sides with the enemy to condemn our own troops over a tinkle. Oh wait - she was screaming that this was going to harm peace talks - all while she and pinetta were planning the targeting and death of the head taliban dude over in pakistan that that blew to pieces this weekend. talk about confusing man. Thanks tmz for destroying four boys lives that we have stuck in h*ll for 10 years - at least you finally had the decency to post a little more of the conditions they have been in. I would be interested in seeing the count of how many arms, legs and other body parts were also lost by this unit as well. The deaths are actually the easier losses to take. Our boys are blown up 10 or more for every death, but they don't even merit a by-line in our news, except in

981 days ago


The bad guys can cut off heads, burn our soldiers, drag them behind trucks for miles and these are only the things that we in the States know of. We had some guys pee on some dead bad guys...what's the big deal????? Don't judge if you have never been in their shoes!!!!!!!

981 days ago


IMO, their crime was being caught on camera! I'm more interested in whether the military is investigating WHO released the movie to the internet.

980 days ago


How about charging Obama for the suicides he has caused? War isn't pretty, if you don't like it don't start wars. It's perfectly fine to blow woman and kids to smithereens, just don't piss on the body parts.

727 days ago
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