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Warren Buffett

What's a Kardashian?

1/14/2012 6:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Warren Buffett has more important things to worry about than who Kim Kardashian is -- so it should come as no surprise that he really doesn't know what it is she, you know ... does for a living.

How Warren got asked about his feelings on Kim is rather interesting. Buffett, the world's third richest man, is an advocate of increasing taxes on the wealthy. Kim has found herself the target of a group that claims she doesn't pay her fair share of income taxes.

So TIME magazine asked Buffett what he thought about Kim K. His reply: "I've seen her name, but I wouldn't be able to tell what she does but put her name in the paper."

What else is there?


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You don't wanna kno-o-o-ow!

1009 days ago


i laugh so hard

1004 days ago


Holy.. - wait ... What an amazing piece of journalism! I've never read such a well written, thoughtfully edited piece of hard-nosed investigation in my entire life. Oh wait, I did read the instructions on the back of a bottle of Pert Plus once, while taking a monster **** at church... but I must concede that the depth of investigation in this piece goes much deeper than any kernel of truth or corn has ever been detected in any piece of feces I've ever given birth to. Bravo, TMZ

1003 days ago

Sally DiDonato    

That's ok Warren, we don't know what she really does either, lol. But we do know what she did to become popular.....

1001 days ago

pow wow    

---MEANWHILE, Buffet is shipping 80% of our Alaskan oil
past our country ---and to 'EUGENICS friendly' --RED China.

994 days ago


A Kardashian is a fat, media fame whore with no talent who is famous only because of her personally leaked X-rated sex tape

994 days ago

Laer Carroll    

"Warren Buffett ... doesn't know what it is she ... does for a living."

Nobody else does either!

992 days ago

Beth Harbin    

I have never appreciated this man's arrogance and egotistical rants about paying more taxes than his due. It's his to do without boasting. Buffett could endow the U,S Treasury with 98% of all his personal net worth and still be an infinitely wealthy man.

Is he as Karl Marx-- believing the common people are too stupid to use logic and reason?

He destroyed any respect from decent people when in Communist China, he applauded the dictatorial state leaders for the "wonderful success" of the godless Commie regime.

Maybe it is simply Buffett's age and resulting senility that allowed him to forget those crimes of 70,000,000 murdered Chinese dissidents-- upon whose bodies this evil regime was founded.

992 days ago
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