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'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans

Arrested ... Again

1/16/2012 7:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans mug shot
"Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans has just been arrested ... for the second time in a week, TMZ has learned.

A rep for the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office tells TMZ, she was arrested moments ago in North Carolina for violating a domestic violence protective order. She is still in custody.

Details surrounding the arrest are unclear -- though as we previously reported, Jenelle was busted just last week for allegedly making harassing phone calls and threatening her ex-roommate.

Jenelle's still on probation for beating up some chick in a nasty street fight last year -- so this arrest could mean even more serious trouble.



No Avatar


The reason she is smiling is she is in the news again!!! That's all these stupid little bitches see. Kim the slut puppy making it famous for doing nothing but being a slut. So they think they can do it too!!

1011 days ago


Doesn't seem like she's taking any of this too seriously. Never seen anyone so happy to be going to jail. Throw away the key, I say ...

1011 days ago


this ugly fu*king slut is really ****** now. She looks pretty happy to be in fu*king jail.

1011 days ago

Joan K    

She is just a teenager and she already is looking old for her age. Can you imagine what this POS is going to look like in another 5 years. Keep it up girl and you are headed for an early grave.

1011 days ago


You can count on US--the honest earning taxpayer are gonna support this waste of space one day. How does a teen mom w/ NO job to speak of carry an Iphone? Only in America do we subsidize the lazy non contributors!~~

1011 days ago


I hear they are thinking about changing the name of Teen Mom to Future Felon.

1011 days ago

just over it     

Wow ! I thought jennell ur mom was to hard on u being apart of ur sons life... But now I c why she is the way she z. U think its so dam funny ur in jail and mugged shot 2 times n a week. Little girl its not funny . ur wasting vauble cop time and tax dollars. as well as hurting ur son ur mom. get off the pot lose the attitude get a dam life we r sick of teen mom and wait it repersent... MTV PULL THIS SO AND ALL LIKE IT . JENNEL SHOULD GO UP AGAINST A MOB WIFE . THEN WE WILL C HOW TUFF THE DUMB LITTLE BITCH IS LOL

1011 days ago


it bugs me that there are parents out there who allow their children to watch this crap. the kardashian's nonsense reality show as well...all that kind of garbage. is this dimwit above really how you'd like your child to turn out like? if your kids see these whores as an idol or hero or if they are inspired to turn out like these nitwits, YOU ARE FAILING HORRIBLY AS A PARENT!!

1011 days ago


and society cries for more! What kind of place do we live in when people are paid because they are white trash teen moms? And this girl is smiling AGAIN in her mugshot. WTF?!

1011 days ago


No surprise to here, and shes goes to Church, that's interesting, never heard her do that before!

1011 days ago


I think she needs to go to boot camp. That'll smack the smile right off of her.

1011 days ago


I dont understand how society makes people like this famous. This girl got famous for having a baby as a kid and now has a TV shows. The sad thing is kids in school look up to her. Shame on MTV. They need to dump shows like this and try something new like for example MTV you should trying putting something on like Music Videos.....

1011 days ago


Please give her some time.

1011 days ago

Barbara A.    

The look on her face tells everyone she's not taking anything serious. The courts need to just get her off the streets. Her mother is part of the problem, she needs to wash her hands of this kid and let her hit rock bottom. One thing Jenelle does know how to do is say whatever it takes to get her what she wants at the time. AND she needs to be kept away from her child, give him a chance at a normal life. I'm sure when she gets out of jail she'll add her mug shot to her facebook account.

1011 days ago


ahhhh! white tra***** its finest hour!

1011 days ago
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