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Kim Kardashian

I Heard What Ricky Gervais

Said About Me ...

1/16/2012 11:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
was watching when Ricky Gervais unloaded on her at the Golden Globes last night -- and KK thought it was "hilarious."

Ricky called Kim a trashier version of Kate Middleton -- someone who can be more easily bought.

Kim is telling friends she gets the joke.  As for joking about her 72-day marriage -- that he's sat through longer James Cameron acceptance speeches -- Kim simply said she has a sense of humor, and she "thought it was funny."

And when Ricky used Kim to explain how the Golden Globes were a little bit "drunker" than the Oscars ... Kim said it was funny but inaccurate, because she hardly drinks.


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Every time someone trashes the Karsashians, they go on television and say they thought it was's like clockwork with them. Every time. I'm not buying it.

1011 days ago


Her skin looks awful in this photo. Is this how she looks without all the airbrushing? Normal!!!

1011 days ago


She can think?

1011 days ago


How much do the Kardashians pay TMZ to constantly blather about them? This is so tiring. Of course she didn't mind Ricky talking about her, because it was her favorite subject. It's not ours. And of course TMZ follows suit. Enough already!

1011 days ago


1011 days ago


you knew this was coming. What else is she going to say. Kardashians are nothing but jokes.

1011 days ago


OK so Kim hardly drinks, I think Ricky meant the viewers need a few to toss back in order to watch that drivel

1011 days ago


The KarTRASHians are finally falling?? Just read that Kim just did a shoot for UK Cosmo. Also US mags aren't selling with them on the cover.
So the spider is going to other countries to get whatever $$ is left to be had by them?

1011 days ago


Harvey, EXACTLY HOW MUCH MONEY ARE YOU GETTING FROM THE kkk klan??? I swear you are the only deluded website that posts anything non-derogatory which translates to who is paying you to not bash these totally immoral, greedy, selfish skanks?? Well, enough is enough, get a grip and then get a life, cause these folks the KKK's are pure poison. The B y a t c h got replaced by A DOG for the Superbowl...which I am glad for cause I love animals, but nonetheless, even Skechers got the memo...the W h o r e t r a s h i a n s are REALLY REALLY BAD NEWS...and btw, KIm exactly how stupid are you, those were insults you dumb ass hopeless skank.

1011 days ago

joe joe    

please just leave and take others like you from our tv and media . the country has serious problems that we need to face and tackle

1011 days ago


At this time next year no one will be talking about Kim Kardashian, her ship is sinking fast. The Kardashians are done, the empire is crumbling! The Kardashian collection is not selling for Sears, it looks like Sears will dump them. Magazine sales with the Kardashians on the cover are down and their E show is a total joke after a 10 million dollar fake wedding. The Kardashian's are basically greedy grifters and the public is done with them. Just go away Kim and take your disgusting family with you

1011 days ago

voice of reason    

Kim comments with a valley accent: "I get it", everyone else replies with a pity in their voice..."no you don't"

1011 days ago


"And when Ricky used Kim to explain how the Golden Globes were a little bit "drunker" than the Oscars ... Kim said it was funny but inaccurate, because she hardly drinks." - it's hard to believe she is that stupid - but she is, way to many examples - her momager needs to buy her a clue!

1011 days ago


And on this day not one **** was givin .

1011 days ago


She is starting to look as old as her mommy.

1011 days ago
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