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Jay-Z's 40/40 Club

Busted Fridge

Led to Health Code Violations

1/21/2012 5:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It was merely a case of bad luck that led to Jay-Z's 40/40 Club racking up a slew of health code violations ... a rep for the club tells TMZ.

As we previously reported, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene cited the club big time Thursday night for a litany of violations ... which included several different instances of food being stored at improper temperatures.

But Ron Berkowitz, a rep for the club, tells TMZ the motor in one of the refrigerators blew just moments before the health inspector arrived ... causing the temperature in the fridge to rise. Berkowtiz says the staff identified the problem immediately and had no intention of serving the food from that fridge.

Berkowitz says the fridge was fixed by noon the next day and the club was permitted to re-open.

He adds ... the club lost no business as a result of the issue and their health code grade is currently pending review.


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I thought Jay-Z was supposed to be a great guy--turns out he's a selfish liar--endangering people's health and then won't do the right thing by taking responsibility--can't move on once you start lying.

1005 days ago


Can't he man up and stop lying about it?

1005 days ago

you know who    

once again this scab jz decided that his financial bottom line was more important than your health, they should shut him down permanently. and the rep must truly think that people are stupid to think that we believe that the motor blew just minutes before. please jz go back to your old job you remember it don't you , it was the one were you cleaned up after they were done on the porno set. you never had problems with that job.

1005 days ago


The 69 violations they racked up are due to more than a fridge that "just died". Hot food as well as the cold was improperly stored. And someone was mixing salsa with their bare hands? That's disgusting and unsanitary. You wouldn't catch me eating there.

1005 days ago


WTH is Mental Hygiene? And why does it need a department? So confused...

1005 days ago


yea I to would have use the same excuse to "The motor blow out just before the health inspectors show up" these people think they are smarter then the average american. They live in a fantasy world which only they know how it works

1005 days ago


What about the guy "mixing salsa with his bare hands"! Eeeew!
J-Z should stick to music.

1005 days ago


i call lie - in a case like that the health department would give a warning and come back the next day - i bet they got a lot of warnings that never got fixed b4 it got shut down

1005 days ago

Jerry in Dallas    

A fridge does not lose its cool interior if it blew "just moments before." A fridge is similar to an ice chest in that it is insulated to maintain the interior temperature constant without regard to the exterior temperature for a limited time. The club's excuses are ridiculous! They just don't adhere to proper sanitation guidelines.

1005 days ago


How horribly disgusting...I hope his establishment is shut down permanently...I had also heard that he is/was a slumlord...and yes his music is garbage like his food!

1005 days ago


I am still gagging over the part where the worker was using his bare hands to prepare salsa... that is why I avoid eating in restaurants and clubs; that is why I avoid food prepared by latino workers; that is why I can't stand Cilantro, tortilla chips, burritos, tacos, etc.; that is why I throw out magazines and newspapers that feature mexican and thai, etc. food and get pissed off that everywhere - it is being rammed down my throat; that is why I love wholesome Americana-style cuisine; that is why I cook my delicious food in my crock-pot overnight and then fill my thermos food jar to bring my own lunch to work each day; and most important of all this is why lazy Americans buy into junk food and then blame EVERYONE else but themselves for the reasons they are obese and their kids are suffering from obesity and malnutrition. Of course, JayZ and Beyonce are affording nothing but the best for themselves and their child!

1005 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...screw jay-z(over-rated motherf***er) :)

1005 days ago

Nancy Perkinson    

They are a SLEEZY couple

1005 days ago


The Truth is the club was permitted to open the next day, yet Jay used the situation to remodel the whole place.

1004 days ago


Jay's a thug POS so is his "white" wifey

1004 days ago
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