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Ashton Kutcher

Parties On

After Demi's 911 Emergency

1/25/2012 6:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ashton Kutcher partyingAshton Kutcher's style wasn't cramped at all in the wake of Demi Moore's health crisis -- he was partying Tuesday in Sao Paulo, Brazil at a Bruno Mars concert and a nightclub.

We put a call in yesterday to Ashton's rep for comment on Demi's situation, but so far ... radio silence.


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Mumra the Ever Living    

What's he supposed to do, hang around the hospital and wait until one of her entourage tells him he's not welcome. In case you missed it, she told him to get lost. PARTY ON ASHTON!!!

898 days ago


I think the person that wrote this report needs to respect more both of them. You say like if he was celebrating and it's not what is happening!

Okay, everyone knows about the break up reasons, but does anyone ever considerate his side of story? No one knows what was on Ashton's mind when everything happened.
I'm sure he got miserable after the divorce, you can see that he's not smiling as he used to in pictures.
But here's what I think about what just happened this week: First of all, Demi should be taking care of herself and not doing drugs - a break up is not an excuse do use drugs. Second of all: Ashton worries and cares about her - EVERYONE knows that. He's in Brazil doing a lot of events to Colcci. He's attending parties because they're on Colcci's contract. I'm sure that IF he really didn't return Demi's daughter calls it's because he never receive them. He's in Brazil and maybe his phone isn't working. It's not easy take a plane and fly 20 hours til' Los Angeles to be with Demi. He's in Brazil WORKING and I'm sure he'll keep in touch as soon as he can. He's a good person. As he said, marriage is one os most difficult things is life and sometimes it fails - everyone who is in a long-term relationship knows the meaning of this phrase.
I hope you guys have more respect when you're saying things about famous people - it's easy to criticise

898 days ago


Oh please, they are getting divorced!! Why shouldn't he be at a party and if you were in the mist of a divorce, would you want him there? He's moved on and she needs to deal with it. It happens all the time!

898 days ago


I think its great demi decided to do good drugs . prob would have got a tank from the doc before i did a wipit , but she is now our tim leroy of the fashion world

898 days ago


Ashton's biggest problem = NO TALENT! I no longer watch 2.5 Men.

898 days ago


It's not the fighting Illini dumbass, it's for Iowa, where he is from. Just like how IOWA stand for Idiots Out Wandering Around. Fighting Illini colors are orange and blue....

898 days ago


Lets face it he's already done the worst thing by screwing around instead of just divorcing her. I think the 2nd worst would be to go to her for the "show" just to please U then hurt her again. I wish her the best.

898 days ago


What a putz!

898 days ago


I wish Demi well but am disappointed that she would lower herself to over dosing over the break up of her marriage with Kutcher..I can't believe she didn't know deep down this would happen sooner or later..She married a child..wasn't he around the same age or close to her oldest child Rumor?

She needs to grow up..She is a wonderful person, mother, friend, and get on with her life..Find someone closer to her age and have a lasting and meaningful life..

If she over dosed because she thought Kutcher would come running back, professing his love, asking her forgiveness and they would live happily ever after she isn't the woman or as smart a woman as I bleive she is..As I have told young girls, my own daughter's when they had their first loss of a boyfriend..YOU CAN'T MAKE SOMEONE LOVE YOU!

898 days ago


Ashton kutcher is a piece of ****. He was nobody until he married her, he got his fame, he got money, and now look? he dumps her? what a piece of ****, i hope he loses everything

898 days ago


Why is it that some are blaming Ashton? Demi &Ashton have been living separate lives for awhile, a good long while. Demi is upset and hurt cause she has been secretly been seeing a NFL football player, I know I saw them a few months back at a concert. They have spent a great deal of time together and she has been very happy. He even bought her a car for her birthday gift. He just broke up with her and she's heart broken, and doing this thinking it will get him back. trust me. That's why there are so many lies out about what happened to her, yes she upset cause as pretty as she is she's not the only one, and this NFL star is african american, Her and Chelsea Handler loves some black me. This NFL was her rebound, she quickly got over AShton, and fell for this hunk of a NFL star. she didn't even want the birthday gift ashoton offered her which was a car. She has been secretly dipping with the NFL star for awhile, when she announced her split with ASHton a few months ago, she really spent a great deal of time secretly with the NFL star, but now it's over, and she's taking it really hard.. Demi all I have to say is pull yourself together girl, you wanted to play the game. Now it's over. life does go on. so really people need to use some common sense and stop blaming Ashton for real, Think about it, she has been happy kicking on the low and now all of a sudden this, I know the real deal. and she know's that I know. Demi Get it together girl, their plenty fish in the sea, But you know and I know once you go black, you don't go back.. Ain't that right Chelsea Handler, and Kim K. lmao..

898 days ago


One good thing on the picture: Heineken from Holland! Joehoe!

898 days ago


Well, Demi needed a man more her age. Not one that looks like he will never grow up.

897 days ago

Margarita Ponce    

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897 days ago

Taira Landa    

A bruno mars concert... Well then I don't blame him for staying ;)

897 days ago
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