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Mel Gibson

Trip and Fall Incident with Freelance Photog

1/25/2012 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


One of Mel Gibson's dinner companions had a violent collision with a still photographer last night that ended with a call to police.

TMZ's camera guy was nearby and rolling when the incident went down in Agoura Hills ... near Malibu. Mel and his friends were standing outside a restaurant when the freelance photographer started sprinting around a corner ... near to Mel.

Mel's friend makes the next move ... jumping in front of the photographer and colliding with him. The friend definitely gets the worst of it -- landing square on his ass.

Law enforcement sources tell us someone in Mel's party called police ... who went to the scene. So far, no report of a crime has been filed.


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Johnny Carcinoma    

Mel's pal clearly tried to block him. Moron. Police time wasted on filing a false report.

Mel, you're an idiot -- again.

1000 days ago



1000 days ago


LoL. Mel's friend knocked himself down. If you look, you see Mel's friend stick his foot out to try & trip the photog and that's when he fell. Scott, Mel's an idiot for saying the photog assaulted his friend when it was the other way around.

1000 days ago

northern gypsy    

mel's a big boy...his friend should have let him handle it...
M.G friend is a twit for even trying to intervene...

1000 days ago


So Harvey I hope your gonna make good with this video as evidence for the photographer especially it happening out in Malibu where Mel Gibson thinks he is BraveHeart, The photog is innocent and the video shows it, Mel G your a retard your reputation as a** really shows, Protect your photogs that's how you get these stories TMZ remember that.........

1000 days ago


Mel's hired thug. Go away, lil Mel.

1000 days ago


That guy kept running around like he was looking for a good spot to shoot to kill Mel at the best angle. That's why Mel turned around like he was scared. Harvey wouldn't let his crew run around like that. The guys lucky he didn't get shot for his shady actions. Then the pap has the nerve to complain about what he got because of it? I understand if the comments are against Mel but when you're raised in the ghetto and see shootings all the time, you recognize how dangerous people go about it.

1000 days ago


You are all idiots. The photographer was running around like an idiot - one could argue he was harassing and stalking Mel. Even if Mel's friend stepped right in front of the photog, if he was looking where he was going and not so obsessed with Mel, it probably wouldn't have happened. Yes they are all idiots for accusing the photog of assault, but i say good for them for trying to prevent a photog from snapping a picture - it seems the photog didn't care too much though as he still snapped away. But his facial expression was PRICELESS - he looks scared ****less

1000 days ago

Jay W.     

Clearly Mel's friend stuck his leg out in an attempt to trip the photographer.

The friend is the a..hole !

1000 days ago


Misleading headline. Should have been ‘ When celebrities’ friends get involved ‘. I bet this happens often, but we just never get to see it. My question would be what if it wasn’t Mel’s friend in that same spot on the sidewalk but an innocent passerby, would the photog have barrelled through that person anyway? Yes Mel’s friend acted a bit irrationally in the heat of the moment, but why didn’t the photog stop. Notice how the photog from TMZ kept a respectful distance and didn’t go all commando on Mel.

Also there is a break this video. What happened in that break that made Mel turn around and get really involved? We see Mel walking to his car and then it cuts to Mel walking back telling his friend to call the police to make a report.

1000 days ago


I can't stand liars! Listen to Mel Gibson lying threw his teeth ...."I SAW you attack him" and "I saw you assault him". Mel, want don't you at least be a man and tell the truth? (since we have all now SEEN the truth!)

1000 days ago

charlie partana    

let' not forget the a holes at tmz, who are no different than this a hole pap photog constantly harrassing people to no difference. no wonder why celebs snap. these paps are the biggest losers on the planet. slugs.

1000 days ago


So, how did it end? Were there handshakes and apologies by all concerned. From the photographer for running at Mel, scary. From Mel's good friend Sean for risking life and limb to protect Mel from someone who could have potentially been out to do Mel some harm. And from Mel for accusing the photographer of assaulting his friend.
It looks like one of those moments in life when we have to say, Ooops! Sorry, I over-reacted.
You are a lucky man Mel, to have someone who would potentially risk his life for you.
Not so lucky that you have to live in a fish bowl.

Maya 28

1000 days ago


Is there any chance that TMZ set the stage for this to happen. It doesn't make sense. If all the guy wanted was a shot of Mel, why did he need to run at Mel?

Maya 28

1000 days ago


AAAAAHAHAHAH! It was NOT the photog's fault at all - the "friend" RAN in front of him (the photog) and Fell down (because HE *photog* caused the collision).
Mel, is one the who starts with the "YOU assaulted HIM" BS. It was CLEARLY the friends fault and Mel just turned into a big whiney baby about it!
Hey MEL did you take the "you assaulted him" move outta the OG "DV" playbook?

1000 days ago
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