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Ashton Kutcher


After Demi Emergency

1/26/2012 8:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just one night after Demi Moore was rushed to the hospital for inhaling too much nitrous oxide -- Ashton Kutcher hit up a Bruno Mars concert in Brazil ... where he fist-pumped his brains out.

The video was shot the same night Ashton dropped by a nightclub in Sao Paulo with a mystery female companion in a red shirt -- the same girl is standing beside him at the Bruno Mars concert.

As we previously reported, Ashton gave a Brazilian photog the cold shoulder when asked if Demi was okay -- giving no answer.

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999 days ago


Why shouldn't he? He's out living life and she's at home huffing nitrous. Sad for her but good for Ashton!

999 days ago


Good for him what do you want him to do a whippet instead...
How do you feel bad for an old lady sucking back whippets its over he can move on...What do expect him to run into her arms its over...good for him.

999 days ago


he's an absolute ****bag... he spent 6 years with her and her kids...At the very least show some respect for her kids by caring alittle you ass.

999 days ago


Why do you keep reporting on what Ashton is doing after Demi's hospitalization? Does he owe her some kind of duty or something? He is a grown man, for Pete's sake! Cut it out.

999 days ago


Leave him alone....they are no longer together...

999 days ago


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999 days ago


Clearly, he's done with Demi. She needs to stop sniffing noxious fumes and move on with her life. Living well is the best revenge

999 days ago


lol tmz is still stuck on this.she filed for divorce.he isnt taking part in her pity party.good job ashton

999 days ago

Shane Hunter    

The direction in which you guys have been pushing these stories-that he is a cold, callous jerk for not rushing halfway around the world to be "by her side"- is absolutely ridiculous. SHE IS HIS SOON TO BE EX-WIFE. Who was huffing nitrous. He is not only NOT at all to blame, he has done NOTHING wrong since. What SHOULD he be doing? If someone called you and said your ex was in a huffing incident and is being well-taken care of by doctors, would you even drive across town, let alone fly home from f**kin' BRAZIL? Please. Find another angle.

999 days ago


So what? What is he supposed to do? She is not his concern anymore and it's really sad when a 50yr old woman acts like a teenage girl trying to get attention from her ex.

999 days ago


So what! If someone told me about husband after we broke up, I wouldn't care either. In fact I would have hoped for a good beating. THEY ARE EX'S FOR A REASON. Ashton dumped her for false advertisement. Aged 20 years in 7 years.

999 days ago

Montclair Grandma    

While I have never been a fan of Ashton's, in this instance I
don't see why you expect him to shut down his life because Demi has an overdose problem. Her drug dependency is probably something they both lived with throughout their marriage. Now the marriage is over and his life is moving on. They never had children together and her children have
snubbed him since Demi filed for divorce. I don't see that he is doing anything disrespectful toward Demi or her children by enjoying his vacation and a concert. To me Demi is coming across as someone with some serious emotional problems with which she needs professional help. A divorced husband hovering at her side is not going to help her.

999 days ago


I f he doesnt show atleast some concern there well be a bit of a bcklash. Hes immature seflhish young man.
Mybe he s the one who got her turned on to that fake crack.
Ahston hurt her with his cheating for that he is s***.

999 days ago


TerribleTim tune designating demise of Demi Moore.

999 days ago
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