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Gabriel Aubry

Keeps Nahla Close

1/27/2012 10:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry Spends Time with NahlaGabriel Aubry kept a tight grip on his daughter Nahla this AM, in the midst of his battle royale with baby mama Halle Berry.

We're told Gabriel left his house to take Nahla to her pre-school.

TMZ broke the story ... Halle is trying to temporarily strip Gabriel of all contact with Nahla while police investigate a criminal child endangerment complaint against him ... for allegedly pushing the nanny while she was holding the child. Gabriel is also being investigated for battery.



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Like some of you said, "who knows what goes on behind the scenes"? My mom use to say everything that shines isn't gold. I only hope they try and work it out for the child. He needs to get his own job and leaver her money along and she need to think of her child instead of herself.

966 days ago



URSilly: 3 minutes ago

Sincerity, you sound too personally invested. Step away, go get some fresh air, or find a doctor to help you with your aggression.


What are "YOU" afraid of??? Being "FIRED" for "INCOMPETENCE" because it a "DOESN'T" take a "ROCK SCIENTIST" to rip your rather "WEAK" arguments to "SHREDS"!!! I guess your "RENT" is due and you really need this GIG!!!

966 days ago


Halle Berry has a reputation in Hollywood for being a crazy lady. No surprise what she is doing to this guy. Sincerity, did you forget to take your meds today?

966 days ago


Well, maybe Halle just figures if she makes him spend every last dollar he has, fighting her in court, he will run out of child support money??? Dads that don't pay either land in jail or get their parental rights revoked. Not to mention the reputation he will end up with if some believe he's a bad guy, by believing the **** she's spewing or a deadbeat dad that can't pay for his kid any longer.

I have no patience for any parent that doesn't realize that when you tell your ex that can't see their kid, they are also telling their kid that they can't see their parent.

966 days ago


Olivier, keep your eyes WIDE OPEN BABE, you are next!! She has tried to ruin the reputation of every one of her famous ex's. And she's done a pretty good job of it. She's still A-List and they are not!

966 days ago


A good dad...and he is hot!!! With his own $$$$ it.

966 days ago


if u read the police report the nanny said berry told her the child was not at school but at home with her father. So how come the nanny uses her key to enter his house gets up in his face about why the kid was not at school and where does and unemployed nanny get the money to hire a lawyer to file a report 2 days after the supposed altercation.

If u read the police report then it all stinks and sounds like a trumped up charge against him.

966 days ago


Looks like Halle's abuse and pulling the race card claims aren't working.

She really is sinking to an all time low.

966 days ago


She seems to smile more when she is around her daddy. Kids can sense tension, and Halle appears to have lots of it... She's positioning herself for sole custody to take Nahla to France, anytime she wants w/o ole Gabe in the picture.

966 days ago


I don't understand why Halle Berry hates this guy so much. Gabriel Aubry obviously loves his daughter and would never do anything to harm her.

966 days ago


This little girl with growup to hate her mother if she continues to try and hurt her father who clearly loves her and her him. Very sad how people with money and power abuse it. In the end everyone will lose!!!

966 days ago


Halle has a history of being a bitch. She will lose when this young girl gets to teens she will go sideways if she does not get a brain and get this worked out. She made this baby with him so suck it up Halle. Gabriel a good guy. I hope the judge sees right thru her. She makes Leona Hemsley look like a saint.

966 days ago


63. Rena: 38 minutes ago

Like some of you said, "who knows what goes on behind the scenes"? My mom use to say everything that shines isn't gold. I only hope they try and work it out for the child. He needs to get his own job and leaver her money along and she need to think of her child instead of herself.

Nahla is far too young to act "being happy" with her father. If she was feeling uncomfortable or worse we would see it in her body language.

As for how much he earns as opposed to Berry, I fail to see the relevance at all. When the situation is the other way round, i.e. a rich actor with a stay-at-home with little money, no one questions her rights to support. I have no doubt that he earns a LOT of money in comparison to any of us but, of course, he is not an over-paid actor like the mother. The salaries of the so-called stars, Halle Berry, being one of them is obscene and this is the frightening part. The law system in California sucks up to these rich people and she certainly has the power to drive the father out of her daughter's life by her manipulation. And for how long is her lover going to stay with her? Now she is "happy" but he has not been faithful to any woman in his life and I doubt if it will start now. Halle Berry is undoubtedly very successful, building an amazing career with a very modest acting talent, and good luck to her. However it is obvious that she has serious issues and I just hope that the judge will see through all this manipulation of the court and the PR on sites such as TMZ. How much money is she paying TMZ anyway?

966 days ago


An odd modeling gig here and there does not a career make Alex. Just ask all the actors and musicians and models who are waitresses and taxi drivers to pay their rent.
Again, I agree he's photogenic and should work but I doubt he ever will put much effort in a career other than bilking Halle for years to come. She indeed created a monster by underwriting that failed restaurant endeavor for him and certainly made things worse by indulging him a luxurious lifestyle earned by her. He's eye candy and nothing more.
If he had any integrity he would NOT be demanding financial support. If the the roles were reversed and he were the A list celebrity and provider, she would no doubt be labeled a gold digger. Such a double standard here and one that saddens me particularly because there are racial undertones.

966 days ago


Miss Berry needs to see a psychiatrist soon. Most Dads just go away but this Dad wants to be a Dad, I say more power to him. The one that should have less time with the child is the one that continues to try and find a new husband around every corner and continues to try and dig up anything against this man. Grow up Halle, get married again, and let Nahla have her real Daddy.

966 days ago
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