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Rumer Willis

At Demi's House

During 911 Emergency

1/27/2012 1:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rumer Willis
was at her mom's home when Demi Moore went into a semi-conscious, convulsive state.

If you listen to the 911 tape -- around the 00:54 mark -- you'll hear the caller ask, "What is the address Ru?"

What's interesting ... Demi was clearly smoking something and, we're told, inhaling nitrous oxide with her daughter right there.

Rumer, who is 23, was partying with Demi just 2 weeks ago in Hollywood.


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I bet since Demi's divorce from Ashton, she just wanted to escape from reality in a fog of drugs. I suppose if you stay high and drunk you won't feel the post-divorce depression as much.

In Hollywood they don't dive into a bottle when they're depressed as much as the used to. They have all sorts of other chemicals to play with nowadays! I bet only Demi and a few people close to her know all the stuff she's putting into her body. It could be painkillers like vicodin or oxycontin, valium, xanex, adderall, or whatever else is popular in Hollywood these days. She's obviously a caffeine addict as well because of all that "Red Bull" she drinks. If you drink Red Bull like crazy it will make you a nervous wreck and stress you out so bad that you end up having "burnout" ... lots of fatigue, weakness, depression, etc. You body basically says "I give up ... no more!"

Demi might also be mixing a bunch of prescription drugs with street drugs too ... pot, coke, meth, whip-its, etc. Who knows what bad stuff she's getting into. I bet Demi would take just about anything so that she could escape reality. Demi is a MESS. She needs to go to a long term rehab where they do a bunch of tests and then basically clean out all the bad stuff and put in the good stuff like high quality foods and purified water. Demi needs to get "un-polluted" ... do some "spring cleaning" of her whole body ... exercise a lot too.

945 days ago


As far as her looks, TMZ always seems to choose the most unflattering stills for everybody.

945 days ago


Ok how do two good looking people make such an ugly that chick is busted..

945 days ago


Kelly Osbourne looks a LOT like her father Ozzy. She should have been more a boy. I'm suspect a bunch of people have mentioned that to her.

Maybe we could have had Ozzy Osbourne Jr. as the frontman for a new super successful rock band ... he would even look a lot like the old man. Ozzy could live on through his son for another 50 years or so. :)

I wonder if Ozzy's son Jack has any plans to join a rock band. He might be okay as a singer. He doesn't look like Ozzy much, but he'll have to do.

945 days ago


....The damages that modern day Western mothers are causing their young daughters---far outweigh the damages that it took males to cause females in a thousand years.

Westernized mothers of today are not actually mothers---they prefer to be considered friends, and/or playmates to their young impressionable daughters.

In truth the mothers of today are so self involved in their never ending quest preservation of their own youth--- that they are most likely to be concerned in being able to fit into their teenage daughters jeans--- than rather be concerned about whom is trying to get into their daughters jeans.

Thus is the plight of the condition between Western mothers and their daughters of today.

However, what other outcome could be expected when corporations with something to sell--- whom shamelessly exploit feminine insecurities are mercilessly hammering women with--- 60 is the new 40, and 40 is the new 20, and that 20 is the new zygote....Artofwar

945 days ago


This all seems to fit. Demi so cannot accept getting older so she gets high with her daughter so can feel young and be a friend instead of a parental figure. It screams "Demi" to me. Maybe that is why Ashton left the scene. He was tire of it all. who really knows? What a role model she is!! Demi get yourself some help!!

945 days ago


No one should blame this on the split between her and Ashton. Evidently this is not her first time sniffing and inhaling different drugs. She is too old for this. This may be why Demi and Ashton split in the first place.

Another strange thing is you haven't heard a peek out of Bruce Willis, even though they are not married now they were married for a long time and is the father of their children.

945 days ago


Well that was a (not surprisingly) quick hospital stay...Headline News just said a blurb that she is already out of the hospital. So a la Locklear/every other recent celeb having alleged deadly addictons...we will now get to read nonstop "her family wants her to go to rehab but she refuses".

945 days ago


geez, Ithought the clinton's daughter was ugly but this kid is homely lookin ! ugh.

945 days ago


buggermyarse: about an hour ago
WOW, there is nothing attractive about this girl at ALL! just tragic. got nothing of any value from either parent. amazing. and sad.
Anybody ever thought that maybe, just maybe Rumor is NOT the bio child of Bruce.

945 days ago


i guess enough is enough. im not gonna trash the pooooooor girl

945 days ago

Who Cares    

Jeezuz. That is one potato-headed kid.

945 days ago


So we have ANGELINA JOLIE - whom everybody seems to hate on - who adopts children and tries to be a good mother to her young ones; plus she tries to do positive things for children around the world with her work at the U. N. and her charity. AND THEN we have Ms. (waa waa) I Don't Wanna Grow Old So I'll Act Like An Idiot DEMI MOORE. Many of you need to get your own priorities in order. And Moore should be involuntarily institutionalized and probably lobotomized.

945 days ago


Why the long face?

945 days ago


....Smoking something???? K2 perhaps??? Just saying.

945 days ago
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