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Gabriel Aubry

Agrees to Anger Management

1/28/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry
Halle Berry
and Gabriel Aubry met for hours Friday with representatives from the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services ... and social workers concluded Gabriel needed to work on his anger issues ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We're told DCFS recommended that Gabriel take anger management classes and our sources say he agreed to enroll.  

As one law enforcement source told us who is connected to the case, "Gabriel has a little bit of a temper, but the good news is that he realizes it."

The recommendation stems from an incident earlier this month in which Gabriel allegedly pushed the nanny while she was holding Nahla.  Our sources say Gabriel told social workers he never touched the nanny and she was making the story up to curry favor with Halle.

Our sources say DCFS is not making any recommendations on changing the custody arrangement.  That will be left to the judge on Monday morning ... when Halle and Gabriel square off
again in court.

As we first reported ... there's also a criminal investigation focusing on child endangerment and battery.  Our law enforcement sources tell us they are confident Gabriel will NOT be prosecuted because it's a "he said she said" case. We're told the matter will be referred to the L.A. City Attorney next week but it's expected the Office will decline to prosecute.


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Halle Berry is just as inconsequential as Kim Kardashian and their low-life manipulation is very tellin. Look at their mothers if you don't think so. I'm sooo sorry that Gabriel was roped in my this Ghetto Freck Mother who has a problem with sex and has no natural capacity to be real. Don't be suckered by this horrible person and, of course, we all feel so sorry for the child who will grow up just like her mother. God help her.

949 days ago


Mary P: 57 minutes ago
Nah, she's "Sincerity". The history of the user profile pretty much shows that! All those psycho quotes/caps...

Mary P, you're obviously "DUMBER THAN DIRT" because you don't know how to "READ" user profiles at all!!! Once you "UNDERSTAND" how they work, may be you'll make much more "ACCURATE" assumptions!!!

949 days ago


I've noticed that the most beautiful and talented people are the ones with the most problems. You would think that with all that and money too that they could keep it together. God gave them all that talent and looks and turned them loose to entertain us. They are the ones that abused those gifts. Our country is turning into a Sodom and Gomorrah with Celebrities leading the way and showing the young how to get attention, even if it is disgustingly in poor taste. Like taking their clothes off, sleeping around or putting all their dirty laundry out there for everyone to see. I just hope young girls don't emulate Halle thinking that the more guys the more popular, not! And if you have looks you can railroad anyone you want and get what you want.

949 days ago


It took all of this for Gabriel Aubry to ADMIT THAT HE HAD A PROBLEM. Aubry's ONGOING anger issues are the reason the court ordered supervised visitation. Aubry's friends and
former business parter gave depositions to the court regarding Aubry's behavior toward Halle and Nahla. Sorry folks the Dept of Children & Family Services, the judge and police are only concerned about [Aubry's BEHAVIOR AROUND HIS CHILD]and NOT the "self-hatered" and animosity some miserable, unhappy and evil people need to project on Halle Berry. DO SOME OF YOU HATEFUL FOOLS REALLY THINK THAT THE DCFS, THE POLICE AND THE JUDGE WHO ORDERED SUPERVISED VISITATION ARE LOOKIG AT PICTURES OF AUBRY HOLDING HIS CHILD

949 days ago


And racism runs rampant again at TMZ. Yeah, right, white men never beat or rage at women and kids. They just "have a little bit of a temper".

The overwhelming support here for Aubrey from people who don't have a clue as to what's going on (none of us was there), scares me. With no racism involved, it would be more even. And why do people think they have the right to call people the b-word? Nasty and rude.

949 days ago


Halle, keep up with the parental alienation. This site is going to need a druggy slut to put on here in a few years, along with Miley's kids. Oh, and btw, Nahla will hate you if she doesn't already.

949 days ago


Halle needs to go first.

949 days ago


Halle should be taking anger management as well. Trying to keep a child from a parent is enough to anger any loving parent! It's unfair, unnecessary and only succeeds in hurting the child. The courts when they see this is happening should go after the parent that is trying to alienate the other then it would solve alot of the anger issues that crop up from being pushed out of their child's life!

949 days ago


I'm sure he just agreed to the anger management because he goes to court Monday to determine if he loses visitation with his daughter. At this point he's probably desperate and will agree to anything. I think Halle needs psychiatric care - I guess the judge won't even be looking at her instability, tho. She does have all that money-right?

949 days ago


He wouldn't have been told to take anger management classes if he didn't have an anger problem. The court doesn't base its decision on only what Halle says. Maybe that is part of the reason they separated. Everyone seems to blame Halle although none of us know what really went on in their relationship. He needs to get his anger under control before he becomes explosive with his daughter if he hasn't already.

949 days ago


Any father in his position would be angry...maybe the classes will teach him how to cope with Halle's craziness. Too bad they don't order Halle to get a psychological evaluation.

949 days ago


Halle Berry is a notorious difficult B***H!It's her that has deep rooted issues.

949 days ago


I feel so bad for the little girl.... D:
Seriously, I used to like Hally but now shes just a b-tch to me.

949 days ago


white girls always doing this to black men weird to see it the other way around

949 days ago


How will the anti-Halle, pro-Gabriel stans accept this truth. Gabriel is not just a poor, innocent victim.

949 days ago
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