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'Fear Factor' Donkey Chicks

It's NOT Animal Porn!

1/31/2012 8:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The chick who chugged donkey baby batter on "Fear Factor" tells TMZ ... the act DOES NOT constitute bestiality ... despite the sexual manner in which the elixir was harvested.

TMZ spoke with Claire -- the smokin' hot chick at the heart of the donkey controversy ... who tells us she and her twin sister Brynne are "proud" they rose to the challenge on the show, even though NBC pulled the episode. 

We asked if there's a difference between the FF stunt and bestiality porn, to which they replied, "There's a large difference ... no sexual acts involved."

When we asked Claire (who drank the semen) and Brynne (who drank urine) if they would do it again ... they answered, "Probably, we are proud of what we did." 


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I want to marry her!

994 days ago


FYI girls, drinking donkey semen and urine is pretty much the definition of shameful behavior. The point of the show you appeared on was to test how much people were willing to humiliate themselves for money. You gals chose to humiliate yourselves almost beyond the comprehension of the average person. Do not be proud of this. The proper behavior for drinkers of donkey semen and urine is hiding their faces in shame.

994 days ago


They are proud of drinking animal urine and animal semen?


Well that says volumes about their lack of moral fiber and character. They should set their standards in life higher then to lower themselves to such a level in life for money and attention on TV? Sick.

No boundaries, no class, no morals, keep selling your souls to the devil.

994 days ago

Jeffrey Seltzer    

C'mon!!!!!! I can't wait to see the reality show with these two geniuses. I'm guessing it will be called. Donkey Shake, Shake, Shake

994 days ago


It is animal porn. If you drank a glass of men's semen, porn. Animal semen, sick porn.

Explain it away but you two lowered yourselves to the lowest life form to do this for money. Not something to be proud of or brag about. It is as disgusting as those who have sex with dogs and animals.

Sick individuals. Sick NBC executives, Sick FF producers. All of you who were adults who chose to promote or be a part of such a sick vile act, are disgusting individuals with deviant minds.

994 days ago

Trevis Miho    

Ugh...I think it'd be more acceptable if they were ugly as sh**. The fact that they look kinda hot makes it worse. You drank a mug of semen and urine..from a donkey...are they hypnotized or something?? And you're gonna kiss your men wit that mouth?? WTF. That sh** is traveling thru their bodies...I'm done.

994 days ago

Joan K    

Two dip ****s and that is even too good for these losers. Nasty, s***bags.

994 days ago

Silly TMZ    

Hahahaha Proud of what? That you are such a disgusting pig you would guzzle donkey spunk to get yourself on tv? In order to feel pride in yourself, you would have had to accomplish something or achieve something- all you did was prove yourself to be the lowest of the low. You can never come back from something like this. You may have once been a hot chick but now you're just "that chick". Good luck getting a guy to ever kiss that mouth. Ick. Your mom and dad must be beaming with pride.

994 days ago

Chuck in Sacramento    

Wow, I was on a call earlier and not able to watch the video. How creepy is this camera guy? They obviously didn't want to talk about it, couldn't talk about it, and had the contract coached answer about whether they enjoyed the experience or would do it again. A still pic would have been so much more appropriate.

994 days ago


You swallowed animal semen. No matter what you do in life, cure cancer, put out a fire and rescue 100 orphans, you will always be known as a drinker of donkey jism.

994 days ago


This is so absolutely vile it makes me sick. These are two of the most disgusting, empty, vapid women I've ever seen. Their attitude is absolute bull**** -- obviously they're the ultimate attention whores, but then they get all "uncomfortable" and offended when given the attention they crave. Yeah right. The one on the left is especially disgusting with her nasally whining voice. Ugh people like this literally make me wanna puke!! Good job to these girls' parents, you raised two very classy and intelligent women! Lol.

994 days ago

Jeff Portlance    

Sorry, it is beastility!! You swallowed donkey sperm. You showed millions just how far you would go for the all-mighty dollar. How much was it again? I am sure you will now have no takers for any dates and surely no marriage proposals. What man in his right mind would marry a donkey sperm swallower??? You are a gross human with no pride.

994 days ago


TMZ, this is sick! I will not be back to this site, I will not watch your show, and I am writing your sponsers this morning. Boycott! Boycott! Boycott!

Good Riddance!

994 days ago


I'm sure they have chugged more than just donkey juice.

994 days ago


Why is everyone so offended? I love whores like these....Down for whatever..lololol

994 days ago
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