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'Fear Factor' Donkey Chicks

It's NOT Animal Porn!

1/31/2012 8:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The chick who chugged donkey baby batter on "Fear Factor" tells TMZ ... the act DOES NOT constitute bestiality ... despite the sexual manner in which the elixir was harvested.

TMZ spoke with Claire -- the smokin' hot chick at the heart of the donkey controversy ... who tells us she and her twin sister Brynne are "proud" they rose to the challenge on the show, even though NBC pulled the episode. 

We asked if there's a difference between the FF stunt and bestiality porn, to which they replied, "There's a large difference ... no sexual acts involved."

When we asked Claire (who drank the semen) and Brynne (who drank urine) if they would do it again ... they answered, "Probably, we are proud of what we did." 


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Imagine how much real semen they can guzzle down. Steve Hirsch anybody?

963 days ago

Melinda Reyes    

****en gross! Ugh! I would be like straight up I did it for the money not that It was a great experience and proud of it ugh! I would not be proud to say I drank donkey piss and drank donkey semen! I bet the felt all the semen swimming inside of them lol These girls do no look to happy about it.

963 days ago

Mr Money N Bank    

You all are a bunch of self righteous hypocrits. What these women do is their perogative. You all are a bunch of ... *wait for it* ... "JACKA$$ES"! [ROFLMAO]

963 days ago

Ernest De Brew    


Years ago, I would never imagine any beautiful women doing something so disgusting.

That is a huge turn off.

963 days ago


I am sure they are both quite adept at swallowing seamen - to be proud of doing something so nasty on national TV - must have IQ's of donkies.

963 days ago


"Proud of what you did?" I can only imagine the things you aren't proud of!

BTW, when is the next space ship off of this planet?

963 days ago


This story is unbelieveable , how much worse can it get?

963 days ago


People eat animal testicles and it is not a sexual act; there are restaurants that specialize in animal genitalia and it is a delicacy. Ever have a French Dip sandwich? The juice is made from blood that circulated through the penis. These girls will not have a problem finding a mate - trust me.

963 days ago


DAMN THEY ARE HOT AS HELL!!!! i didnt want to watch it before but now that i see how hot they are i wish nbc didnt pull the show!!!!

963 days ago


I hear there is a clerks 3 coming out. looks like we have 2 girls down for the donky show

963 days ago


A seriously lame attempt at fame and fortune. Both women will live with this stigma for the rest of their lives ala Monica Lewinsky and her semen stained blue dress. But wait, Monica while she's never been able to regroup from her public humiliation with semen at least was dealing with human semen and presidential semen at that! Nontheless she was never able to recover from the stigma.
Who in their right mind would drink donkey semen and donkey urine? Even if bestiality is your thing why on earth would anyone sign a release to have it televised? A better route would have been via Vivid entertainment. But, I suppose I answered my own question, they cannot be in their right minds.
This current school of thought we're in, where all one needs to do or say something outrageous because all publicity is good publicity has been taken to effin assinign extremes.
Rappers with insane lyrics aka that idiot solja boy who thought "f**k the troups" might be a catchy phrase and spark a little controversy and the consistent flow of "leaked sex tapes" are all publicity stunts of many hoping to market their brand via the shock factor. Publicity is free and clearly the bar to make it on a TMZ survey is quite high. I shudder to think what new lows people will sink to in hopes of making it to the big leagues.
We can do so much better America. Non?

963 days ago


Poor Claire is never going to get away with "I don't swallow".

963 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

What idiots. Seriously.. these two girls are the perfect example of how dumb our society is becoming. Morons.
I hope they get some kind of disease from it.

963 days ago


btw, i bet the biggest criticizers are the biggest hypocrites, doing even nastier stuff behind closed doors lol

963 days ago



963 days ago
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