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Gabriel Aubry

She's Not Heavy ...

She's His Daughter

1/31/2012 10:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0131_gabriel_aubry_nahla_SPLASHGabriel Aubry kept a tight grip on 3-year-old Nahla today in West Hollywood.

Gabriel and baby mama Halle Berry are waiting for the judge's ruling in their child custody war. TMZ broke the story ... everyone is going to counseling and the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services has recommended that the judge implement more than a dozen recommendations to lower the volume.

And before you get pissed off at the headline, CHECK THE HOLLIES GREATEST HITS ON YOUTUBE.


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Great story. Wait, was there a story?

994 days ago


Paps terrorizing children. Lovely.

994 days ago


Out of curiosity, if you can acknowledge that your headlines are ambiguous and occasionally go over our heads, why do you insist on them? Are they that clever and imaginative that you just can't resist, even if it irritates members of the site?

994 days ago


Who knows what the real story is about this guy, but Halle Berry seems more than a little bit demented.

Beautiful girl, great actress, but cuckoo for cocoa puffs when it comes to relationships.

994 days ago

Best Mom    

I was not going to comment - but this story is heartbreaking and sickening. If these 2 egotistical parents would put their selfish desires aside and concentrate on the CHILD, life would be a whole lot better! Halle should give up on relationships because it is so obvious she is not cut out for the role. I think she's vindictive and is using her child to lash out at Aubry. This child is only 3, but all this crap going on will have a lasting negative effect on her. Wise up, parents! And I use that term loosely.

994 days ago

bring back recent posts    

....TMZ..might me nice for that poor little girl if you left her least until the dust settles with these two parents..

994 days ago


That poor girl I feel so sorry for her

994 days ago


In less than a WEEK L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services managed to prescribe more than a dozen recommendations. I'm certain that they're all aimed at HIM. I'd be interested in their recommendation concerning the Nanny with a Mission.

Here I have a couple recommendation for the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services.

- Investigate the welfare of the children in your custody. Why does the agency take a Don't ask don't tell position on inquiring to all children if they have been placed in foster homes with children how have violated them sexually.

- California Legislators: Create an INDEPDENT oversight committee with FANGS to investigate collusion between the courts and the agency.

- Investigate erroneous reports by social workers and prosecute agency administrators who participate and cover up wrong doing.

- Allow an independent, non-California, star struck professional to conduct a separate [male lead] investigation and recommendation of this situation... then compare the two

It'll never happen and you know why? Because foster kids and their "parents" don't vote---

Is California a family friendly or celebrity friendly state?

994 days ago


He is clearly poising for the paps. Pure pr damage control

994 days ago


It's one thing to take shots of her parents but seriously, the papping of minor children needs to end. This cannot be healthy. Let her parents sort this mess out without all of the media attention. Nahla doesn't need to see all of these horrible stories about her parents when she grows up. Let her parents and the courts sort it out privately. Besides, her parents need to grow up and solve their differences like mature, responsible adults.

994 days ago


The little girl looks exhausted probably from all the drama around her

994 days ago


clearly the child is ok...i'd be pissed off alot too if my ex was trying to Alienate me from MY child....she's just mean...the court will probly just tell them to split the child in two...and i bet SHE would....not him..look what she;s already doing to her and she's only 3

994 days ago

fuck tmz    

Headline should be "She AIN'T heavy, she's his daughter"

994 days ago


Saw some other pictures of Nahla with Halle this morning, and really, seriously, Nahla looks happier with her daddy. He may have a temper, (none of us know for sure, cause we're not there), but there is something about a child that changes you.
I just dont see this man getting angry, and yelling at his beautiful little girl. The photo's always show otherwise.
As far as the photos of Nahla, with Halle & Oliver, it looks more like a PR stunt, and more like Halle is forcing a relationship with Oliver on Nahla. Im betting Nahla, gets every ounce of attention from her daddy when she is with him, and doesnt have to share him with another person, which she has to do with Halle.

I still bet 10 to 1 Halle set out to find the best looking donor she could find, and she probably figured he'd go away after the baby was born. Little did she expect that Gabriel would fight to have joint custody of his child, and be a part of her life.

Im still on TEAM GABRIEL !!

994 days ago


Team Gabriel. Halle is NOT a nice person to say the least. She once thought he was worthy enough to open her legs (using that quote loosely)and make a baby with, now she want to make his life hell. She should just move on to the next guy and leave Nahla with Gabriel.

994 days ago
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