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Madonna's Super Bowl Show

Bring On the HATERS!!

2/1/2012 12:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna is a condescending, out-of-touch megalomaniac ... and that's exactly why she might be the PERFECT act for the Super Bowl Halftime show.


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------------------------------------------------------------MADONNA is from the Midwest, MICHIGAN. She must have learned NOTHING about RESPECT, VALUES, MORALS.
MADONNA has puffed her face like a BLOWFISH. MADONNA'S arms look like a Late Stage Cancer Patient. Her speech is from the back alleys of England or alleys somewhere (Michigan?). Her NEED for male attention screams "I'm OLD, WRINKLED, NEED SOFT LIGHTING and I'm starting to look like the old actress from decades past BETTE DAVIS" (Google her, am I right?)
We don't need MADONNA to SOUR the SUPERBOWL! MADONNA is DECADES too late for this appearance and is not relevant except as a HISTORY LESSON how not to lead a valued life.

933 days ago


Dear Roger Goodell,
Please hire the Foo Fighters for next year's Super Bowl. Thanks xoxo

933 days ago


Damn, didn't think the NFL would be hurting on bringing in some up to date talent. Wonder why they signed a senior citizen to do the show and dance around the stage with her walker.

933 days ago


That's always been Madonna. Even before she was famous. She's an American icon. Bring it on baby!

933 days ago


First off very sexist attitudes. Everyone complaining she is an old has been then states the Stones and Springsteen are awesome...same age range there people! Plus has been look at her record and concert sales from the last ten years compared to Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen. This isn't a popularity issue you have it is her style of music...just say I want rock at the Superbowl not pop music rather than calling her old and wishing she would die. You would look less like a 300 pound hypocrite you has no life outside of complaining about everything on the Internet comment section. I am a Madonna fan of course but I get why people want the Foo Fighters over her at the Superbowl.

933 days ago


Madonna condescending? Say it isn't so.

I'm sure she's PLENTY condescending to the paparazzi photographer/stalkers and TMZ owner Harvey Levin.

I suspect she would characterize the paps as "THE lowest, foulest smelling excrement on the very bottom of the ocean" ... and she'd be correct. Hell, even Harvey might agree with it.

933 days ago


Let's all pray she doesn't have a wardrobe malfunction...

933 days ago


Sister girl needs to kick it down a few notches! First of all heffa, you ain't from England.. You are from PONTIAC MICHIGAN... Which is a burb of DETROIT! Yes Folks... she needs to get over the bangers and mash and get back in touch with some Lafayette Coney Dogs and some Faygo Pop!

933 days ago


It's not about her age. She's that arrogant, foul, and negative. I'd rather see the Boss, Roger Waters, someone with real talent than someone trying to feed their ego by remaining in the spotlight in whatever manner she can. The Superbowl booked her because she added a layer of people that will watch and boost their ratings. I've seen her from the beginning and I've never purchased her music, don't like her.

933 days ago

Jill Conway    

I hope she gets booed. What kind of idiot(s) thought Madonna was a good choice for the Superbowl? Well, at least it will give everyone time to pee and get a snack...

933 days ago


Why is this old BAG at the game ? Go back to England you phony.

933 days ago


I like her looks and I like her attitude. And I think she's very smart in the business side of her career.

933 days ago


Love her, but she hasn't really done anything special music wise in a long time...also think she needs to get a lil meat on those bones. You're Italian girl, mangia mangia!

933 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

They should invite Justin Timberboob to Undress her as he did Janet Jackass???? Of ALL the decent people in this country- They pick a DECADENT HASBEEN!!!I'll be going to the TOILET during Half Time-Nowonder this country is going to the TOILET!!!

933 days ago


Now if SHE has a wardrobe malfunction, most of the country will throw up!!!!!!! How about having the Air Force, Marine, Navy and Army bands play some GOOD music at halftime??? How about military personel singing patrotic songs at halftime???? NO, let's drag out some dried up crusty ole BROAD and have her cackle for 15 minuntes.

933 days ago
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