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Don Cornelius' Son

He Called Me Before He Died

2/2/2012 10:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Don Cornelius
' son claims the late "Soul Train" creator phoned him just hours before he shot himself in the head -- describing the last-minute outreach as a "call of urgency."

Don's son Tony Cornelius wouldn't specify what the call was about -- telling Gayle King on "CBS This Morning," his dad's health was failing and he was "unhappy about some things" in his life.

Tony told Gayle, "You have to be in a person's shoes really to understand. Obviously, me being extremely close to him, I could tell that he was uncomfortable."

Tony added, "But our family could never know that he would -- how uncomfortable he really was."



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Separated at birth: Don Cornelius and that Ted Golden Voice homeless guy!

993 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Again, my condolences and prayers for Mr. Tony Cornelius and Family.

Hopefully, this years Scammy Award show will do a proper and fitting tribute, for Mr. Cornelius. They could bump
the long-awaited Van Halen surprise-opening, and open the show with Mr. Cornelius introducing an -performance by- artist (s) from
the 70's, then the 80's, and then, the 90's, in tribute to his vast musical contributions.

Of course, his interview/exchanges with the late Rick James,
are CLASSIC. Thank-you again, Mr. Cornelius!

The American REVELATION (3;7), is NOW.
Psalm2_012, is NOW, The Most Blessed Christ King YESHUA, reigns!

993 days ago

Delaware D    

Still so sad. RIP, brother.

993 days ago


is that the son?? he looks judt like his dad

993 days ago



993 days ago


He started off black history month with a bang....

993 days ago


Uncomfortable? How about depressed; distraught; hopeless.....

993 days ago


I have worked on the lot where Soul Train used to be taped in Hollywood for 14 years, and as much as I can appreciate his act of bringing a black dance show into the mainstream of entertainment, he wasn't the nicest guy in the world. I must have said hi to him a dozen times and not once did he say hi back. He just brushed me aside as if I was asking him for spare change. I didn't take it too seriously, in fact I used to say hi just to see if would speak. I figured either it was because I was white, or he was just an a-hole or both. I'll never know the real answer for sure, but I do realize that his show brought a whole new sound and amazing dance steps to a white, American Bandstand watching group of people. I for one was thrilled with the show and the acts he introduced, I just wasn't that crazy about him, and he could care even less about me. Anyway, RIP DC. I hope you are in a more peaceful place.

993 days ago


I feel bad that someone died, BUT, suicide is a cowards way out. Plus according to, he did it to make sure his wife didnt get any money. Now to kill yourself so that your son can find your dead body with a gunshot hole to the head, is pretty classless. Sorry, but it is ! And he admitted beating his wife. Doesn't sound like too many nice qualities about this guy. For anyone who doesnt agree with me, picture yourself finding your parent dead of a suidice. That is exactly the trama that he put on his kid.

993 days ago


we will always remember you
Peace Love and Soulllll

993 days ago


What hes saying in that picture. "My ex-wife had big breast and I used to grab them just like this"

993 days ago


RIP; thanks for the great TV memories Sir.

992 days ago


such a nice father..calling before
you blow your head off. how touching.

992 days ago

mr criz    

he will be missed ...........

992 days ago


I am heart broken by the loss of this Great Trailblazing Renaissance Man! He changed and enriched American culture with the introduction of Soul Train. Prior to that music and dance were completely segrated.His impact with the longest running dance show in syndication, expands well beyond R&B and Soul music. Popular music, Rock, even country music would not be the same. There would not have been Disco, MTV, VH1, music videos,etc. I doubt the knew how important he was in so many peoples lives.
My sincere condolences to his son and rest of his family. I hope the son realizes there is not anything he could have said or done, once a person is determine to commit suicide. GOD REST HIS SOUL & GOD BLESS HIS SON,FAMILY,& ALL THE SOUL TRAIN PERFORMERS,DANCERS AND FANS!

992 days ago
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