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'Fear Factor' Staffers

Killing Donkey Semen Episode

Was an Expensive Mistake

2/4/2012 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0126-fearfactor-ex-tmz-01"Fear Factor" staffers aren't just pissed NBC execs pulled the plug on their donkey semen episode because it's hilarious -- they're pissed because ANOTHER stunt on the show was extremely expensive to stage ... and now it's going to waste.

Sources connected with the show tell TMZ, in addition to the donkey semen stunt -- contestants had to jump a car through a moving train ... a stunt that cost roughly $150,000 to put together ... and now, will never see the light of day.

On top of the train disappointment -- we're told some staffers were baffled by NBC's decision to yank the episode ... because the semen challenge was "hands down the nastiest concept" out of the bunch of other stunts that were killed BEFORE coming to fruition.

As one source put it, "There's lots of other gross stuff, but how do you top donkey semen?" A good question.


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Jay W.     

It's the Decline of Western Civilization They still should have aired it.

990 days ago


They should have double checked with NBC before shooting the episode

990 days ago


You TMZ folks are absolutely obsessed with this story aren't you? I guess that's what happens when you staff your company with a bunch of 12 year olds.

990 days ago


NBC should can the entire show.

990 days ago


The problem is, TV producers are incredible stupid. No, really, they are. I've worked with many of them, and they all lacked common sense and tended to do things without thinking.

The fact that a broadcast network would allow the consumption of semen or urine is ridiculous. Even Fox wouldn't air a stunt like that.


990 days ago


"hands down the nastiest concept"

It's called "Fear Factor" not "Gross Factor". What does a stunt being nasty have to do with anything.

990 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

"There's lots of other gross stuff, but how do you top donkey semen?"

Easy! Let them drink it straight from the tap. Those two girls would do it, no doubt about it.

990 days ago


I really dont care why its not going to be on ,I cant believe we are back to this subject again ,what I would like to know is how did they get the semen in the first place ?did the contestants have to get it from the donkey themselves ?either way its gross ,when will this subject come to a end?how long have we been discussing this matter?Im running out of questions here,I cant believe Ive made comments on this subject ,no more donkey talk,leave the poor animals alone.

990 days ago


It should have been aired. I don't get why NBC didn't air it - the show is controversial, which is why people watch it! A few years back - contestants had to eat cow intestines. It was two girls at the end and it was like a foot long.

I would rather drink donkey semen, than eat cow intestines!

NBC was seriously stupid to pull it. I bet the ratings would have been through the roof on it, because it had so much hype. I know I was excited to watch it.

990 days ago


TMZ, you keep wanting to post your articles about this donkey spew stuff, why not change your site's name to

990 days ago


This was so 5 days ago.

990 days ago


For people wanting NBC to can the show; how about you just don't watch it? I love this show - I was so upset when they cancelled it a few years back. I was so happy that they decided to renew the series.

If you don't like it - don't watch.. How hard is that?

990 days ago


A better question would be, WHY would you WANT to?

990 days ago


Whoever even thought of this idea and thought it would be okay for any reason. I cannot believe that anyone involved has not yet been arrested for cruelty to animals and/or bestiality charges. It is a VERY fine line and not a conversation I would want to have to have with my children if this were aired. It absolutely crosses all decency boundaries.

990 days ago

Fat Mike    

You just wanted to show that photo again. If that was served in a bar it'd be called a Harvey Wallbanger

990 days ago
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