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Kim Kardashian

Moving After Trespasser Scare

2/4/2012 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian mad
Kim Kardashian
was so freaked after a strange man rang the doorbell at her Beverly Hills home last weekend -- she has decided to dump the property entirely ... and find a new house ... in a gated community.

Sources tell TMZ, Kim's currently house shopping in several exclusive gated communities in the L.A. area -- including Bel Air ... and Mulholland Estates, where both Charlie Sheen and Paris Hilton own houses.

She hasn't made up her mind yet -- but we're told Kim now refuses to live in any house that doesn't have round-the-clock gated security.

TMZ broke the story -- cops were called to Kim's home late Saturday night, when a man showed up on her property with a bunch of luggage and rang the doorbell ... insisting Kim invited him to stay with her.


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Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

Love that picture of Kim. Mouth wide open.. waiting for some black athlete to pee in it. Nice!

902 days ago


She likes to keep her mouth in emergency stand-by position, in case she trips and falls down onto a penis.

902 days ago


Yes! Spend! Spend! Spend! Cuz it's going to dry up soon and then you'll be working at walmart because you blew all your money on stupid sht.

902 days ago

Pittsburgh's Finest    

I guess this is another one of their dumb episodes. Kim relocates???? COme on Kim please, nobody wants to f*ck plastic. Youre not fooling anyone with your injected booty! Why didnt you just let him come in to give you a golden shower? You know you wouldve loved that!

902 days ago

Kev the Realist    

PATHETIC. She probably paid some homeless bum to camp out near her homw. These loser KRAPDASHIANS will do anything to stay in the news ( media whores) and to try and prove that they are relevant. NEWS FLASH.. The entire family is a pathetic, ugly, talentless, bunch of ignorant media whore tramps who will do anything to get publicity. Thge marriage is a shaw, the whole family is a laughing stock and phony doesnt begin to describe them. Only in LA LA land would anybody care about these pathetic losers.

Go away. You are done and NOBODY CARES

902 days ago


No one cares about her TMZ, no one cares. She's just a middle-aged woman with no morals and no soul.

902 days ago


This useless piece of crap has cried (literally!) wolf so many damn times no one believes her b.s. drama anymore -- nor do we care!!! Just move the f**k off this planet -- and DON'T ever return to New York!!!!

TMZ, enough with pandering to this cesspool with the "sympathy-for-Kimmie" articles. It's painfully obvious how you ignore the real negative (read true) news about her.

902 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Whew, man I'm glad they didn't catch me!! lol... I wouldn't stalk that broad if they paid me to do it, you could just sit and home and follow her azz on the net from Google Earth/

902 days ago


Wow...another tresspasser?...the mailman?

How is she in Maimi, Florida...claiming the Kar 'D-A-S-H' ian. (Note the 'DASH') DASH boutique, has so many customers they need a bigger store. NO. Yet, she's back in LA just in time for a 'tresspasser'?

Seems like her Q score rating of Negitive 53, beyond horrible. Companys pay close attention at this. That is base on likeability, beleavable, sinceraty which Kim and Kar'dash'ians still don't have.

Mattel scraped the 'Kardashian Barbi Dolls' (major loss). Kardashian theamed magazine also scrapped.

The endorsements aren't rolling in. What a surprise.

Kim Kardashians lawsuite against Old Navy (The Gap, parent company) for $20 million dollars in damages over a commercial that had nothing to do with her in anyway.

Kim claims her 'likeness', sound familiar, (Lindsay Lohan) was used and she is sueing for $20 million dollars for damages. Of course The Gap comes back and say's wait a does a commercial that never had anything to do with Kim Kardashian, sue for $20 million dollars. The Gaps lawayers are diving into her finances... Kardashian has to proove how a commercial that had nothing to do with her cost her $20 million dollars. She can't. Want to bet the lawsuite is dropped.

Lawyers consider Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian(s) "LIBEL PROOF", meaning they have DONE SO MUCH DAMAGE TO THIER OWN REPUTATION, IMAGE, LIKENESS, CREDIBILITY AND SO ON TO THEMSELVES. Sueing somebody else for thier own self-damages? Proove the claims, lawsuites.

902 days ago


wow, she craves attention.

902 days ago


I say put a big brick wall around her place and lock it from the outside so we never have to see her again.

902 days ago


More fake drama.

Move to Gilligans Island and play the role of a monkey in a tree even though she would still need acting lessons.

902 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

Gated with around-the-clock security? How about the L.A. Zoo?

902 days ago


Drama Queen.....Kim K should save her money because the gravy train days are over..between her and her chubby sister...they don't seem to understand nobody cares...America finally sobered up and we realize it was all much to do about nothing. Kim K has acheived Lindsay L status....congrats babe!

902 days ago

No comment    

I was driving in my car the other night and the radio station played sound bites of her last show. My goodness, her voice is so whiny. I know men want to sleep with her, but she reminds me of the woman in the movie Airplane who wouldn't stop talking to other passengers. The passengers killed themselves to get away from her.

902 days ago
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