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Nick Carter

Nobody Told Me About

My Sister's Funeral

2/6/2012 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Carter
tells TMZ ... he WANTED to attend his sister's funeral in NY this weekend, but his own family made it impossible for him to be there.

25-year-old Leslie Carter was laid to rest at a small ceremony in Upstate New York this weekend after a suspected prescription drug overdose. Several family members were present at the funeral, including Aaron Carter, but Nick was not.

Nick -- who was on the road performing at a concert at the time of the ceremony -- tells TMZ, “I wanted to be at my sister’s funeral, but my family has always had a complicated dynamic."

Nick would not get specific about the circumstances ... but sources close to the singer tell TMZ ... he feels family members went out of their way to make sure he was not included. 

Nick adds, "There are so many emotions for me surrounding the loss of my sister. I am trying to stay healthy, positive, and focused.” 

1:25 PM PT: We called Nick's sister Ginger Carter for comment -- she replied, "That's not true," and immediately hung up on us.


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Fat Mike    

I can't believe you're harassing her family so that you can make money. Pathetic!

957 days ago


Ginger is the drugged up Step Mom who was too strung out on Xanax to properly give the Police Report when Leslie died under her care. What a messed up family...wouldn't be surprised if none of them told Nick about funeral arrangements. Those kids were only ever good for being a means of support...once they stopped handing over fat paychecks the family seemed to have no use for them :-(

957 days ago


Come on you guys....we really don't know what is happening here. I don't think we should judge him without more info.

957 days ago



Where does Harvey find these bozos that work at TMZ? Someone needs to come and flush out the illiterate frat boys from TMZ. It is getting downright embarrassing.

You guys only have about 6-8 stories a day and you can't manage to get the correct facts? This is shameful, Harvey. Stop hiring hot guys and find someone with an IQ over their shoe size, geesh.

957 days ago


Actually, you can read at his brother Aaron's twitter how they don't consider Nick part of the Carter Family. Here:!/AARONCARTER/status/164980203876130816

They could have all sort of problems but they need to hold on to each other in moments like this. Also, Aaron just remembers Nick's his big brother when Nick gives him publicity, whenever Nick asks his followers to support whatever Aaron's doing, Aaron claims Nick is the best brother ever. Indeed a messed family.

957 days ago

you people make me sick    

From the little I know there was drama between Leslie and Nick's troll of a girlfriend. I can understand them telling him to leave the narcissistic bitch at home but not to tell him is cold man.

957 days ago


UR FAMILY HATES YOU....just a guess

957 days ago

Mary P    

Or you could look at Aaron Carters Twitter:

The truth will reveal itself. I Love you Leslie soo very very very very very much!! virtually no words. You will always be my best friend.

My heart is completely broken.. #signingoff 1 hr ago

Frankly, I don't follow the family but anyone saying "JUST GO!" doesn't have dysfunctional families. Part of the reason I didn't go to my grandmother's funeral because of the crazy antics of my aunts would have pulled, playing victim, trash talking and disrespecting her.

Her funeral would have been a circus just because of them two and since it would have been the issue with me and them, I let the others whom I did love and respect mourn her in peace. Even though the other 200 people I love and would see, it takes one psycho to ruin it. I let her go in peace and mourn her myself.

Given some of what this family has done in the spotlight - it's not entirely impossible they would have been having him arrested (or told him outright he would be or something like that) and created a scene at his sister's funeral. So he might have chosen not to force his way so she would go in peace.

957 days ago


my hear is seriously breaking for Nick right now, its pretty ****ed up when his family can't put aside their differences and tell him about his little sisters funeral.

Nick does have a sister named Ginger, its from his dad's very first marriage.

957 days ago


So, if no one tells you, you do whatever is In your power to find out the information yourself. What jack wagon of a brother would use such a poor excuse not to attend his sister's memorial ceremony? Instead of "touring" maybe he should have sent some time with his family.

957 days ago


Just cut out the BS... you were all about YOUR concert and the almighty dollar bill and clinging on what's left of your "celebrity" and as per TMZ, could you possibly be more fvck-up and insensitive.... You do know that Karma is a bitch and you bastards are not looking at a future of peace and harmony.

957 days ago


Your Sister dies, You cancel what your doing, for everything else is unimportant, and you go home, and pay your respects. Finding out funeral arrangements is easy, all this is just an excuse from a loser.

957 days ago


Who is Ginger? Is that BJ?

957 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Maybe he did or he didn't want to go, and whatever his reasons, they're really none of TMZ's damn business.

957 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I would hang up you too. Could you be any more insensitive?

957 days ago
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