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Nick Carter

Nobody Told Me About

My Sister's Funeral

2/6/2012 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Carter
tells TMZ ... he WANTED to attend his sister's funeral in NY this weekend, but his own family made it impossible for him to be there.

25-year-old Leslie Carter was laid to rest at a small ceremony in Upstate New York this weekend after a suspected prescription drug overdose. Several family members were present at the funeral, including Aaron Carter, but Nick was not.

Nick -- who was on the road performing at a concert at the time of the ceremony -- tells TMZ, “I wanted to be at my sister’s funeral, but my family has always had a complicated dynamic."

Nick would not get specific about the circumstances ... but sources close to the singer tell TMZ ... he feels family members went out of their way to make sure he was not included. 

Nick adds, "There are so many emotions for me surrounding the loss of my sister. I am trying to stay healthy, positive, and focused.” 

1:25 PM PT: We called Nick's sister Ginger Carter for comment -- she replied, "That's not true," and immediately hung up on us.


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Tina He was so sad when singing this song he dedicated to Leslie Carter. He broke down backstage and was captured on film here. His fans are amazing! They chanted WE LOVE YOU WE LOVE YOU.

992 days ago


I don't believe for ONE minute that Nick contacted TMZ. He can't stand you guys, why would he run to you to spill anything? LMAO

992 days ago


I had nearly the same problme in my family!! When my grandfather died, my grandma und their children didn't inform my dad. he got informed by his aunt when she saw him working like it was a normal day... my grandma and my fathers sister und brother doesen't inform him about the funeral... his aunt told him again.. this was a very hard time for my dad because family is for him the most important..

992 days ago


Ginger isn't even his sister. That's his HALF sister that he has never had a relationship with. She's not a reliable source.

992 days ago


Any normal person would hang up on u. That's was pretty sh!tty of u guys to call her during a time like this.

992 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

First things first: There's no way this lose could not know about the funeral. He doesn't live in a vacuum, there must have been plenty of people who would have told him.
Second: The funeral was in NY - He played Baltimore on Friday and Philly on Saturday. He could of drove to the damn service, well he could of if he wasn't wasted. Or he could have hired a limo or a cab - or even a bus for God's sake.
This loser should be ashamed of himself. HIs own sister dies and he makes excuses about other family members. I guess those people know of which they speak, cause this guy is a waste.

992 days ago


Aaron Carter
My "Family" Appreciates your love and prayers, My Father (Bob Carter) My mother (Jane) (Angel) (Bobbie Jean) & her husband (Mike Ashton)

REally Aaron you cut Nick out of your "Family" Everybody who says Nick should know about the furnal should read Aarons Message its obvious that they didn't see Nick as family

992 days ago


Ginger is Nick Carter's step-mother, not sister!

992 days ago


This is not just any family we are talking about here. Nick's family has leeched off of him, his emotions, his money his entire life. He has finally gotten himself clean, fit and is in a loving relationship with a woman with a NORMAL family and he seems to be bonding with THEM. Dynamics? I can hear them now blaming Nick for his sister's death somehow, getting on his case for something like they did in that reality show years ago. I don't blame Nick at all if he stayed away for his own sanity AND to stay clean. Being with the family certainly didn't help Leslie get clean. Poor Nick.

992 days ago


Actually, to everyone who is making comments about Ginger Carter being Nick's stepmother and calling TMZ morons, he DOES have both a stepmother AND half sister named Ginger. The sister belongs to his father, Bob from before he and Jane (Nick's mother) were married. Ironically in 2004, Bob re-married another woman who happened to be named Ginger.

992 days ago

Nick J    

Nick, you have become an A** HOLE.

992 days ago


He is selfish. You don't need your family in order to find out when her funeral is. I could've found it on Google. What kind of person misses their sisters funeral to put on a concert? That's so selfish and insensitive. At least Aaron canceled his performances.

992 days ago

Nick J    

i hope you can look yourself in the mirror

992 days ago


I've been a fan of Aaron/Nick for the past 15 years-ish, so I'm well familiar with all the Carter family drama. I'm sorry, I don't care WHAT kind of issues you have with other people.....the fact of the matter is your sister died, and you should be at her funeral. LESLIE'S funeral wasn't about Nick, and it wasn't about whoever he had feuds with- it was about Leslie. And if anything, death should bring them together and make them all appreciate family. Holding grudges like this are horrible, because you never know what could happen to somebody.....

Rest in peace, Leslie.

992 days ago


There;s a device called the cell phone. You can talk to anyone anywhere.

992 days ago
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