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Gabriel Aubry

Custody in Jeopardy

2/10/2012 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Gabriel Aubry has been orderd to appear in Dependency Court because authorities are concerned about his ability to safely care for his child ... TMZ has learned.

Aubry is in court right now and the appearance was triggered by the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services' investigation into allegations that Aubry is guilty of child endangerment.

Sources tell TMZ ... the DCFS investigation goes beyond an incident in which Gabriel allegedly pushed the nanny who was holding 3-year-old Nahla.

We're told DCFS is concerned about Nahla's safety in the care of Gabriel and that is why he was ordered to appear in Dependency Court.

We're told no ruling has been handed down ... yet.

10:48 AM PST -- TMZ has learned ... Nahla now has legal counsel that has been appointed by the court to represent her in the hearing.


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There is a rumor going around that Nyala Aubry might be a special needs child and they have to be sure that Gabriel is able to safely take care of her because of his temper. This makes perfect sense now.

985 days ago


WOW!!! Halle Barry decided to have a baby with him because of his good looks? LOL! I didn't realize that Ms. Berry was so unattractive or that she lacked the financial means to buy sperm from an attractive donor....You guys and gals are rather simple in your judgement. Some of these comments are blatantly racist as far as substance is concerned. She's dated all types of men from Wesley Snipes to Mr. get over your jealousy. At the end of the day this is a terrible situation for the little girl involved, and I hope everything works out for all parties. Pretty soon they'll both have to pull their heads out their ass and realize what this bickering is doing to her(Nahla). No need in wishing harm on anyone...LOL! You say Halle is crazy but judging from these comments some of you aren't too far behind. Why so emotionally invested in a situation you really know absolutely nothing about other than what's being reported by the media?

Peace and Love

985 days ago


Poor Nahla.

985 days ago


Halle, he is not like your father. Gabriel Aubry will fight for his daughter, even though you don't like it.

985 days ago


Halle will stop at nothing. I wonder if Nahla hates her already.

985 days ago


Radaronline says DCFS is not concerned with Nahla's safety when with her father. Nahla has been appointed her own attorney to protect her best interests and not the warring parents.

985 days ago


He wants custody of the baby bc as long as he has part custody he can get halle's money. That's why he had a baby with her in the first place bc she is rich. She pays for his fancy house and travel nice hotels ect. So he is living it up right now & he wants to appear to be a loving father infront of the paparazzi bc he dosn't want to give that up, free money and rent. He is a racist user, abuser and he does not work so when he meant her even though she was black he saw money signs, this baby is his cash cow to get everything free from halle. A model career is short and he already looks old. I never thought he was good looking to begin with. I know halle used him to have a baby bc she liked his looks but he probably did not show his true colors until she got pregnant and then he thought he was set for life. This happens to a lot of woman.

985 days ago


Dependency court should be looking at both parents to remove the child from both. With the appointment of an attorney for the child, this means a serious conflict exists where neither parent may be fit. Neither is acting in the best interest of the child.

985 days ago


Mmmm looks like TMZ is Pro Halle. And it isn't telling this:

"DCFS has found no signs of physical or verbal abuse regarding Gabriel. They just want the judge to formally order Aubry to attend parenting classes with Halle and take the anger management classes. He has been resisting that because he feels like he has been railroaded unfairly. Gabriel wants the nanny to be held accountable for lying because he says he never even touched her,""

985 days ago


You posters are the ones who are going to Hades not Halle. How can you call for that and the other things you are saying if you are not as racists and hypocritical as Gabriel Aubry himself who friends called him a "borderline" racist" and were shocked that he began dating Halle, but evidently he saw her as a financial opportunity to finance his failed LA restaurant and stop working as model, he hasn't work since before Halle threw him out of her house.

Halle is paying Gabriel's legal fees because he refuses to work which is unfair, as not only he's constantly on monitored supervised visits to Nahla because he's a danger to her. These people in the courts, social services, and law enforcement know better than any of you who are blasting Halle for trying to keep her kid safe.

If I were Halle I'd want to leave this country too for a while. Perhaps then Gabriel will take the courts orders more seriously and certainly to get away from judgmental posters on these boards WHO KNOW NOTHING OF THE TRUE DETAILS OF THE CASE, and yes that includes me, but I accept the authority's determination that something is wrong with Gabriel Aubry. Don't judge a book by its cover, just because he's good looking, so what? That doesn't mean he's not a different person behind closed doors.

What are you posters going to say if he injures Nahla or she is injured because of his behavior?

985 days ago


This story is false. He's back in court today because he's contesting anger management classes. DCFS has already released do***ents stating they found no proof of abuse by Aubry.

985 days ago


From radaronline:
"The hearing being conducted right now is a child detention hearing, which is standard operating procedure when the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services becomes involved.

"A child detention hearing is always held when child protective services become involved in a case,” a source close to the situation tells “It's held to determine if the child should be removed from custody from one or both of the parents. In this case, DCFS hasn't recommended or found anything to remove Nahla from either parent's custody. Gabriel is fighting going to the anger management classes, and DCFS wants the judge to formally order him to attend the classes.”"

985 days ago


Most girls like their fathers than their mothers. Just wait Halle and see. Aubry will be walking her on Aisle,but you will be sitting like other guests.

985 days ago


The gates to hell are wide open for Halle

985 days ago


Halle Berry is typical of a bitter, ego-maniac parent involved in custody issues. Kinda like the Bassinger-Baldwin fiasco. The welfare of the child is the last thing on her mind. It's all about Halle.

985 days ago
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